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Why Studying Law Is the Best Option for UK Students?

The law or legal system is essential to the functioning of our society. You obtain a thorough understanding of one of the world’s most important institutions by studying law.

As a result, it’s no surprise that law is among the most popular courses to take. Over 26,000 overseas students decided to study law-related disciplines in the UK during the 2019/20 academic year, according to HESA data. So why should you pursue the topic in the first place, and why should you study law in the United Kingdom?

What is the point of studying law?

Any academic subject is studied by students to gain knowledge and build critical abilities. This holds true for law students as well. But, in legal practice, will a law student’s knowledge and talents are useful? (Virgo, G., 2011), let’s find out:

Develop a thorough understanding of the subject.

An undergrad law degree will include modules that cover a variety of legal topics, ensuring that you graduate with all of the skills you’ll need for a successful profession.

On the University of Aberdeen’s LLB Law degree, for example, you’ll study modules on:

  • The law of criminal justice
  • The law of property
  • In the field of family law,
  • Theoretical law
  • Liberties of the individual.

From the Bachelor Study Program in Humanities, Law & Social Science, a gateway program developed for international students, you can continue to a variety of undergraduate law degrees, including LLB Law. However, if students are stuck in any of these subjects they can hire assignment services to get their work done.

Skills that can be transferred

Studying law will provide you with not only the necessary academic knowledge but also the opportunity to build useful skills that you can apply in both your personal and professional. These are some of them:

  • Skills in communication and presentation
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Critical thinking and research
  • Sticking to deadlines
  • Writing in a long-form.

There are numerous employment options available.

Following a law degree, you can pursue challenges in a variety of legal professions. Pro bono assistance, consultation and advice, and solicitors are just a few of the possibilities available in the legal field. Law experts are also needed in a variety of other fields, such as the media, politics, and business and trade.

High pay and a secure financial future

There are numerous employment options available, and the majority of them will be very well compensated. Trainee solicitors, for example, can expect to start around £19,000, according to The Lawyer Portal, however, larger businesses may pay nearly triple that amount. Graduates can earn up to £25,000 in other paralegal positions. If you choose to pursue additional education, your income will rise to represent your new specialization. Because law professionals will always be needed, you may count on job security as a benefit of your chosen career.

Learn Your Legal rights And responsibilities

There are several legal rights that we are unaware of, and legal agents or lawyers can educate us on these rights. With an LLB degree, you will not only be able to assist others by informing them of their legal rights and responsibilities, but you will also be able to utilize these resources for your gain. It is one of the advantages of the LLB that no other profession can match. It also explains what our obligations are to our country and how we must behave in society.

Opportunities for further research

To advance in particular disciplines of law, you will need to take up further study in addition to an undergraduate and postgraduate degree. Fortunately, there are well-defined paths to professional achievement. Once you’ve decided on a field of law to specialize in, you’ll need to take the appropriate exam. To become a lawyer, for example, you must pass the Solicitors Certification Exam.

Nowadays, law assignment help is easily available online for students.

The advantages of studying law in the UK

The benefits of studying law are obvious, but why should you study law in the United Kingdom in particular?

The legal system in the United Kingdom

You will learn about the legal system utilized not only in Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland but also in many other nations throughout the world if you pursue a law degree in the United Kingdom. Common law originated in the United Kingdom, and now a third of the world’s population lives in countries that use it as their legal system.

Renowned worldwide

The University of Aberdeen is one of the top 180 universities in the world (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021) so you can be confident that your degree will be recognized globally. Law firms in the UK and around the world will value a degree from a reputable British institution, providing you an advantage in the job market.

Improve your English language skills.

Choosing to study in the United Kingdom is an excellent effort to enhance your English language skills. You will be instructed and assessed in English while you are with us in Aberdeen, and you will be challenged to communicate in English while you are in the International Study Centre.

When you get to university, you’ll have a mix of domestic and international students as classmates and peers. On-campus, the University of Aberdeen is fortunate to welcome students from 130 different countries. Sharing classrooms and community areas with native English speakers is a fantastic way to improve your English language skills and use what you’ve learned in lectures and seminars.

The quickest way to become a lawyer

In comparison to countries such as the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom has one of the fastest paths to becoming a lawyer. A three-year degree is normal, followed by a one-year Legal Practice Course. After that, you can seek a trainee position with a legal firm. Typically, this portion of your schooling lasts two years.

What is the best way to study law in the United Kingdom?

To pursue a profession in law in the United Kingdom, you must first get an undergraduate law degree. From here, you have a variety of postgraduate options:

  • LLM – you might choose to pursue a Master of Laws degree to further your education.
  • LPC – A Legal Practice Course can help you become a solicitor.
  • BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course)- Another alternative for barristers.

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