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Why do you actually need laptop cooling pads?

laptop cooling pads

Technology has now become an integral part of our everyday day life, we spend most of our time using gadgets. Laptops or computers or phones are one of the most used gadgets in everyday life.

Mainly due to the large amount of work, professionally or personally, performed on these devices. If you use laptops for your daily office work, you might have noticed heating. Often laptops get heated when you work continuously on these devices.

The heating can cause an impact on their performance or chances they can stop working abruptly. That’s why laptop users use various tools to cool down the temperature. Devices such as a cooling pad, laptop stand, laptop cooler, external fans, etc. Many people use an external fan, but there is always a constant question: does external fan help laptop? The laptop needs to reduce temperature whether it is through a cooling pad or a laptop cooler.

Understanding Cooling pads

First things first, you need to know what cooling pads are. How to use laptop cooling pad? Laptops are inherently disadvantageous in terms of cooling compared to traditional PCs. Using hardware of approximately the same power in a smaller size, it will generate more heat.

When your laptop produces heat, you will experience throttling which means reduced performance to stay cool. Another major problem with laptops is their thin size. They are thin and have the same power as PCs which leads to more heat. If your laptop is thermal throttling, you won’t be able to make the most out of your CPU.

Laptop and heating- is it compatible?

One of the major concerns of laptop users is the heating issue. The heat generated due to the load on a laptop can cause serious damage to the hardware system. Moreover, people use laptops in places with high temperatures such as cars, beaches, beds, blankets, etc. These places are not ideal, they cause damage to hardware. One of the best solutions to resolve this issue is a cooling pad. So, if you are thinking does a laptop need a cooling pad, then Yes.

Putting cooling pads to test

You might be thinking, do laptop cooling pads work for gaming or generally? So here you can understand if it works for you. When you put your GPU under heavy load, measure temperature. Sometimes you can know with a touch that it needs to cool down. Place a cooling pad under the laptop and you will see it dropping temperature. Similarly, with CPU load. These cooling pads are effective for laptops for work or gaming. It’s a basic thing, when you see anything heating, you use ice or something cool to reduce the temperature. Similarly, laptop cooling pads will reduce temperature.

Clean your laptop

Sometimes your laptop needs cleaning. The dust particles and overuse of background apps create a load. Thus your laptop feels overused, they get heated up. Once in a while, you need to clean your laptop and keep it away from dust. Reduce unnecessary software and background apps. If you are still facing the issue, you can try laptop cooler online to help you reduce overheating.

Does cooling pads for laptop work?

If you are thinking, are cooling pads bad for laptops, or does it work? Then Yes! They actually work to some extent. Using laptop cooling pads for thermal throttling will help you reduce the temperature by several degrees. An average cooling pad can decrease by 14 degrees.

However, there are many good quality cooling pads that can reduce temperatures up to 30 degrees. You can buy top-quality cooling pads online at Desertcart. Laptops ranging from low performance to mid-range to heavy graphics, and cooling pads work great. When you work on power workstations using heavy software for hours, cooling pads are handy.

Quality of Cooling pad matters: If you are contemplating between a laptop stand vs cooling pad. Cooling pads are the best option, laptop stands will not help you reduce temperature. They have different utilities when it comes to overheating. However, If you are planning to buy laptop cooling pads, quality is the major factor that will impact 10%.

There are many laptop coolers that decrease temperature up to one degree or two. while there are coolers that can help you decrease temperature up to 14 degrees.  There are high-end and high-performing laptop cooling pads that can even decrease temperatures up to 30 degrees. The impact of using a cooling pad for overheating laptops will depend on the quality you are going to use.

Therefore, if you work for power stations or often experience thermal throttling, use quality laptop coolers. Buy the best laptop cooling pad that can decrease temperatures by more than 20 degrees. They can be slightly expensive compared to low-performance cooling pads.

Find the best cooling pad brands: There are several laptop cooler brands, but not all give adequate results. These tools are essential to prevent your laptop from overheating, but you need to find the right brand. Investing in laptop accessories is as important as a laptop. So, the way you choose a laptop brand, choose accessories. Quality laptop brands will provide the best performance and can last for years.

Use the laptop on a flat surface: One of the best ways to prevent overheating apart from cooling pads is a flat surface. The majority of laptops have air vents at the side or bottom. Placing your laptop on uneven places like pillows, or beds can block the airflow. Thus, causing laptops to overheat. You might notice how your laptop overheats quickly in uneven places. Therefore, use a flat surface when using a laptop. You can use laptop stands to raise the laptop at a certain height to cross the air. After some time or on some days use cooling pads.


These are some of the reasons you need a cooling pad. Cooling pads are useful and essential laptop accessories that can help you. Overheating is a common concern, using some tips and tools you can prevent it. The above-mentioned guide about the usage of laptop cooling pads can help you prevent overheating.

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