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Why Big Organizations Are Using React Native?

Facebook’s creators laid the foundation for React Native – an amazingly powerful and effective program that developers around the world swear by. React Native provided products like Instagram, Airbnb, Skype, Walmart, Wix, Tesla, SoundCloud, and many other wings it needed to fly. These products have released the world-famous apps that everyone uses these days. React Native is an exciting open-source framework that is a popular choice in the development of Android and iOS apps.

Do you hope to see your business company advance like Instagram, Facebook, Walmart, Wix, SoundCloud, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, and more? You will need a key that goes by the name React Native to open the doors to immeasurable success. Facebook Inc. laid the foundation for this open-source mobile app development framework. With it, developers of a responsive native app developer can build iOS, Android, web, and UWP applications with native platform capabilities. They can write applications from the comfort of the JavaScript Library, but it will have the look and feel of a traditional app. It comes from React, the JavaScript Library for Facebook, which is used to create a visual interface. However, instead of the web, it will build applications for mobile devices and platforms.

Besides all the convenience and ease, it allows you to share codes between different platforms, helping you to create Android and iOS apps simultaneously. So, if you have plans to start and start a business or have an already established business and wish to leave a significant impact on the web world, you should start searching for a reputable application development company. It will also speed up the process of creating applications using various platforms. After all, a developer will not have to use more than one platform. He can also apply codes throughout the forum. As a result, the app development team can build your app using the mobile components of the UI. It will appear just like any other mobile app you can think of. Alternatively, it allows you to use your mobile camera or location in the app.

The reasons

So, what are some of the reasons why some of the most famous business giants sing praises in the name of React Native? Why should you hire native app developers to respond?

1. Faster development while saving more

React Native is an open-source application development framework that can beat all competitors in terms of deliveries. It can give you more than you need without much effort. As mentioned earlier, React Native allows developers to use the same code for Android, iOS, and the web. Understandably, it can shorten the overall development cycle by half, which also allows your product manager to save time and money on improving the app without compromising on quality.

2. The UX of a native app

Another important advantage of cross-platform applications is that the user experience will be far from that of the traditional application. It always sounds like you are using a web application. If you hire React Native application developers they respond, then they will take the blocks to build the native user experience and integrate them with their JavaScript to build as much user experience with the native apps as possible. Since they will be using the same building blocks on Android and iOS, they will achieve the same look that is expected of users. Of course, developers will always have the option to write a mix of native code and React to achieve the same functionality. The best thing about React Native is that developers can do all of these things while maintaining the knowledge of native apps.  

3. Cross-platform

Typically, a Mobile application development agency using React Native can create Android and iOS apps separately. It often leads to the divergence of user information between different platforms. However, with React Native, developers can create Android and iOS applications simultaneously while adding fluid to user information consistently.

4. Adding personalization

When you select React Native, you get the opportunity to push the personal UX of your users into the same app. By sticking to the function of Clean Architecture, React Native professionals can distinguish native code, JavaScript code, framework code, and CSS style. It allows them to easily bring various styles to the application from the server side. The functionality of this facility allows developers to define the personal style of the entire user group on the server-side. Each user will be able to see his or her UX. It is worth mentioning here that personalization is a key requirement for digital transformation.

5. Adding new features within a short time

Usually, after you publish an app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you hope to add new features to your user base. This process always involves continuing the rebuilding process. Only then can you download the updated version of the app to the appropriate store. Also, it will take time for Google or Apple to approve the update. In addition, users need to install the updated applications manually. In React Native, however, you will not need to worry about these problems. Due to the presence of plug-ins like CodePush, every new update will appear automatically during operation. As a result, you will see changes that occur without launching the app from the beginning again.

6. The presence of third-party plug-ins

In any business, laying the foundation for an authentic app can be time-consuming and expensive. To reduce costs, you must use the recycling method. For that purpose, you can use the online tools or resort to the services of a mobile app development company in New York.  There is already a large collection of reusable libraries available for React Native. Also, young people are coming in every day, thanks to the hard work of developing communities

7. Writing code only once

In the normal case of mobile app development, developers have to write code separately for Android, iOS, and the web. On the other hand, with React Native, developers should only do it once. The same code will apply to almost all platforms. There will be no need to code from the beginning. It is possible to share about 70% of code between Android, iOS, and the web. Developers should configure non-essential components of the application on specific platforms.

8. Detecting bugs with ease

Due to the React Native code reuse feature, you will need only one update for multiple forums. It makes distraction detection between codebases much easier. Your team will not have to spend hours looking for bugs in two different codes. One decision will be more than enough to repair and update a mobile app.

9. Online community support

Since there are no specific Android or iOS programming languages ​​you will need in React Native, your advanced developers with extensive knowledge of JavaScript can easily work on it. It is one of the main factors contributing to the popularity of this framework. Over time, React Native has managed to mobilize a large number of online communities. If you encounter a problem at some point in the development phase, you can dive into this lake for help. Those who love React Native are always quick to help fix problems and share the skills needed to succeed in the field.

10. Building MVPs faster

When you work with React Native development agencies, your development cycles and costs are reduced by 50%. It means you will be able to take great risks while examining your business models. You can launch the first ready-to-use version of your app with minimal functionality. This is what developers see as an MVP or a small functional product. You can save all aspects of future development. After you have identified the need for additional features, you can start investing. By doing so, you will not spend even one minute of your time developing detailed communications and named projects. Instead, you will use the previous version of the app. It will help you to avoid failure over time. React Native also keeps the number of bugs low due to the use of a single code that speeds up even the testing process and reduces repair costs.


It is safe to say here that React Native can be one place where you will find a solution to all your problems. In addition to all the features mentioned here, a New York mobile application development company can use React Native to build AI-based solutions. It can deliver high performance and make things easier for developers and investors. Aside from being an amateur platform, React Native has managed to become one of the best app frameworks of all time.

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