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What Would Be The Cost To Hiring ReactJS Developers

If you are building an app that interacts with the user, you need to think about how it should work. You need to decide what kind of data it will have, what kind of interactions it will have and how your app should react when the user interacts with it. React is a framework for building these kinds of applications. If you want to build such an application then hire Reactjs developers, click here for more information.

React is based on the concept of components, which can be manipulated and combined to build a UI. It provides us with a simple way to build complex web applications. It simplifies the process of creating complex user interfaces and allows us to focus on the logic behind our code instead of worrying about how we are going to display it on screen.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the cost of hiring React developers, but before moving, let’s have a look at an introduction to ReactJS.

What Is React

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is used in many websites, applications, and mobile applications. It offers a way to build user interfaces with minimal code. It works on top of HTML and JavaScript. It is an open-source library from Facebook that makes it easy to create beautiful and interactive web interfaces. It provides a set of classes that allow you to build your own components, which are defined by classes and inserted into HTML form.

It allows you to build large-scale apps without having to worry about the details of the underlying technology stack. The application can be built in one or more languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It can be used for creating single-page applications, single-page web applications (SPA), multi-page web applications (MPWA), and mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms.

Why Should You Hire React js Developer

React has been used to develop the UI for large-scale applications ranging from websites, mobile apps, and desktop apps. It is well known among developers that React is a framework that helps you build complex user interfaces quickly. React is used by large companies to develop the front-end of their web applications.
For example, Facebook uses it to have a very rich user interface on its website. Also, Airbnb uses React to develop a rich and intuitive user interface on their website.

Factor Affecting Cost Of Hiring React Developers

Since you are looking to hire a React developer, you must know what variables affect the cost of hiring ReactJS developers:

Engagement Model

The engagement model refers to how you calculate the compensation of a react developer. The following are types of engagement models:

Dedicated Remote Reactjs Developer

In-house developers are the ones whom you hire against a fixed monthly remuneration, and they are working your payroll. These developers are a bit costlier than dedicated remote developers.

Dedicated Remote Reactjs Developer

As the name suggests, dedicated developers work exclusively for you against a fixed monthly remuneration, but they work on third-party payroll, and you are free to drop their service, and there are no contractual bindings.

Fixed Price Reactjs Developer

As opposed to former engagement models, here, remuneration is calculated against the unit of work successfully delivered. If you are hiring React developers under this engagement model, then make sure that the scope of the project is defined in detail; otherwise, it would be difficult to make changes.

Scale Of The Project

The scale of the project has an impact on the total cost of the project. Let’s understand how it affects and what are the other variables involved in it.

Small-scale Project

A small-scale project consists of fewer features and a few integrations and takes less time to get developed; hence costs will be lesser. Here are the some of the examples of small-scale React project

  • Memory games
  • Calculator
  • Dice game
  • Tic Tac Toe

Medium-scale Project

Medium-scale React project requires more features, integrations, and time required to get it to develop. Thus, the cost of these projects is higher than small-scale projects, and a developer with more skills is required. E-commerce applications are examples of medium-scale projects.

Large-scale Project

A large-scale or enterprise-grade project consists of more features, integrations, and offers with stealth security which takes more time for development. In order to develop these kinds of projects, a team of developers, project managers, and quality analysts is required.

The example of large-scale projects are the following:

  • ERP software
  • Social media platform
  • Video streaming platform

Desirable Features In Your Project

Features are the life of an app and this is what differentiate one app from another. Let’s understand with an example. Twitter and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms on the internet. Though both are social media still people use both, why so? Because both have different features.

What features you apps based on that costing is determined. Because, it takes less time and skill to incorporate a simple feature and vice versa.

Difficulties In Hiring React Developers

Hiring a ReactJS developer is a very important task in the development of React apps. Following are the challenges that you may face while hiring ReactJS developers:

Cut-throat Competition With Large-scale Companies

Looking from the perspective of a developer, they prefer to work in large tech corporations due to higher remuneration, work satisfaction, work-life balance, and employee-friendly policy. These are the reasons why they don’t prefer to work in a start-up or small or medium scale tech company.

Higher Salary Demand

You must know that there is a shortage of talented React JS developers in the market, and the demand is high. Hence candidates are taking advantage of this scenario and asking for higher salaries.

High Overhead Costs

When you hire ReactJS developers, overhead costs come along with them, such as office rent, salaries of HR managers/executives, electricity bills, professional taxes, property tax, and salaries of accountants and lawyers. All these costs are additional to the salary of a developer.

Lack Of Qualified Developers In Your City

It is challenging to find a qualified React JS developer, especially in small towns. It is recommended to move to megacities and set up your business there to access a large pool of talented developers.

Boasted CVs/Resume

In order to crack a job, candidates may project false information on their CVs to inflate their skills and experience and get hired. It is difficult for a recruiter to validate candidates’ information.

Not acquainted with the latest tools

You may find a developer with a desirable experience, but they may not use the latest tools that automate repetitive tasks of a developer; as a result, the development process takes more time than it should.

Approximate Cost To Hire React js Developers

Following are the details of cost of hiring ReactJS on various parameters:

  • Approximate hourly rate of dedicated ReactJS developers: 
Country  Hourly rate 
United States  $ 55
United Kingdom $ 45
Canada  $ 35
India  $ 20 
  • Approximate hourly rate of React development agency


Hourly rate 

United States 

$ 70 


$ 45 

Western Europe 

$ 30 

Eastern Europe 

$ 40 


$ 20 

  • Approximate hourly rate of freelance ReactJS developers 

Country/ Continent 

Hourly rate 

$ 50


$ 70 


$ 70 


$ 60 

Final Verdict

So this was all about the cost of hiring ReactJS developers. We are hoping you have got an idea about the project expenses and what factors affect the same. If you have a project and are looking forward to getting it developed, then hire a reactjs developer from EnProwess.

Chirayu Joshi

Chirayu Joshi is the CEO of EnProwess - an emerging software development company that offers mobile development, web app development, dedicated developers, and software testing service at a competitive price. His bold leadership and foresight have taken the company to great heights. He loves to read and share his insights on the tech industry.

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