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News and Society

What Role Does a Women Play in the Society – Appreciating Women’s Efforts!

Women’s empowerment has become the most famous slogan in the world today. Not only do feminists support it, but it appears like everyone is talking about it, or should we say, promoting revolutionary debate. However, when it comes to girls’ education and its importance, we frequently hear clichéd statements from the same people who were formerly seen championing “gender equality.”

Unfortunately, patriarchal men and women both oppose women’s education. Not only that but many women are denied the chance to work and make a living. Due to societal and cultural restraints, as well as intrinsic gender prejudice in the labor market, their vocational options are limited. The formal labor market also lacks supportive services like daycare, transportation, and housing. Because of the employer’s preconceived perception of women’s primary position as homemakers, women’s labor power is seen as inferior. As a result of prejudice, their job is low-paying, and they have limited opportunities for advancement.

Even though women aren’t getting their merit level of respect, they are still enroll in higher degree programs. They are even working as online essay service providers who provide services like assignment writing, i.e., Social sciences assignment help UK-based.

Many women have proved their name to society and are role models for others. One famous name is Joanne Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. She has garnered international acclaim for her literary works. Although her life has been a succession of challenges, J.K. Rowling continued and is now the author of one of the best-selling series of all time (dissertationproposal, 2020).

Women in our society play multiple roles pushing the wheel of their family and community. Women have had an impact in various disciplines, achieving success and recognition as a result of their abilities. They are mothers and sisters and wives along with teachers, nurses, office assistants, physicians, engineers, attorneys, social workers, and the military forces and police forces; these all fields have employed educated women. Previously, these positions were thought to be only for male members. Women have risen to an essential role in contemporary, modern civilization, and there have been many female leaders on this globe.

Some of the roles of women are discussing below:

Role of women in education:

Women as an educator play a vital role in society. They inspire many through their posts. Studies prove that many girls are driven to school if their teacher is a female, and some parents feel secure if their children’s teacher is a female, especially in rural areas. It is a fact that for years teachers have been considering role models and advisors. Having female teachers in schools is beneficial as they can provide motherly care to kids. Because females are naturally good at understanding children than males. 

Having said that, it is a fact that female educators positively impact their students, especially girl students. Female educators provide education and are a source of moral support for young boys and girls. Girls, as well as boys both, share their concerns more confidently with female teachers than with male ones. Females also work as academic writers. In fact, females are in every field of education. Suppose if a student needs philosophy assignment help, female educators will be available for their assistance. 

While considering the women’s role and status at every level of education, very few educated women want to bring change to society. In the current period, many claims that institutes employ a limited number of women for each department. It is sad but true that invoking legal action is the only way for women educators to secure equal wages for similar work or to be given consideration as full working members of their educational systems (Greenleaf, 1973). 

Role of women in I.T. and different fields:

Women have risen to prominence in information technology, specifically women from South Asia. Because South Asian women have strong communication skills with one another, they are compatible with the difficulty of producing a complex product, which necessitates collaboration. In the office, they don’t talk much. They finish their work on schedule and leave. Because of their creativity and intellect, women will play a crucial part in multimedia. In its annual report, one of IBM’s divisions indicated that women had adapted to new technologies more quickly than males in recent years.

Role of women in politics:

The political empowerment of women is critical to their advancement. The cornerstone of a gender-equal society is political empowerment. Although nearly invisible in representing women in the political arena, women’s engagement in politics is an essential instrument of charge in the role and decision-making of society. Because of their immunity in decision-making, women’s interests are overlook owing to potential and priorities, and no policy shows that enough sports have been producing by the women’s movement for decades. Still, such advantages are not effectively represent in representation. The global average for women in politics is around 13 to 15% of women in legislative bodies, with other nations having as much as 30% or more women in decision-making positions.

Women as Entrepreneurs:

These are some of the attributes necessary for women to become entrepreneurs: courage, ambition, awareness, drive, education, enthusiasm, determination to achieve, hard work, desire to learn and restraint, patience, experience, hardworking, clever, inspirational, and accepting obstacles. Women entrepreneurs have the most challenges in terms of finances. Because money is the lifeblood of every business, it must be made available at the appropriate moment. Anyone can take out a loan from a bank or another financial institution. The most challenging aspect of obtaining credit is that she lacks collateral security. Women, on the other hand, rarely have any assets in their names. Most of the time, the house or property is in the name of the father, brother, or husband.


Women’s contribution to a society’s transformation from pre-literacy to the literacy period is unquestionable. Even though women are becoming more involved in several aspects of life, such as politics, culture, and economic standing, their population percentage is still relatively small. There is little question that giving women more freedom would help achieve gender equality. Moving toward women’s spending business gives them financial assistance, which increases their authority and social standing.


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