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What Makes Suzuki Carry Best Option For Mini trucks

The importation of used Kei vehicles also known as mini trucks is now permitted in several states with certain regulations and steps to take.

As a result, there is a growing demand for these small-sized compact trucks. How well-versed are you in the practical yet little Kei Truck? Here is all you need to know and more to aid in your buying decision!

What Are Mini Trucks?

Mini trucks are well-known for their adaptability, excellent engine performance, capability for heavy loads, and affordability.

Additionally, it may be used by businesses involved in agriculture, fishing, construction, manufacturing, warehousing, mining, transportation, and other industries. It’s hardly surprising that pre-owned Kei trucks have gained popularity in many parts of the world. They are trustworthy in a variety of ways.

A Kei truck is a Japanese micro vehicle made only for the domestic market in Japan. However, due to its solid features, it also became well-liked outside the local market. It is a little right-hand-drive car that was introduced in 1949.

Although there are many manufacturers of mini trucks, in this blog, we will explore why Suzuki-manufactured Suzuki minitruck is a famous and reliable option for mini truck users.

Suzuki Carry

Going anywhere in Japan (city or rural) without encountering a Kei truck would be difficult. They are incredibly competent, tiny, affordable, and well-suited for various purposes. You may learn more about Kei here, but let’s move on to assessing the Suzuki minitruck for the moment.

One of the most well-known Kei trucks is the Suzuki Carry, and the DA63T version of the Suzuki Carry truck is the focus of this article.

In 1961, the Carry line was created and is still in use today. The model code is DA63T. (the first part of the chassis number). The DA63T version I’m discussing was first released in 2002 and operated until 2013.

Suzuki Carry Engine

The engine will be located behind the seats as you can probably assume from the photographs because there isn’t enough room for it upfront.

Both seat bases have a hinge at the rear that allows them to be raised, making it simple to reach the engine compartment for tasks like changing the oil.

Despite where the engine is located, the Carry still has a bonnet, albeit it is the tiniest one I’ve ever seen on a four-wheeled vehicle.

The coolant expansion tank, washer fluid tank, and brake reservoir are all located there. It’s also important to note that, in contrast to one of Carry’s main rivals, the Daihatsu Hijet, which has similar components beneath, the radiator and AC condenser are also located under the hood.

The Suzuki Carry Truck used a single engine from 1991 to 1999, the F6A. (657cc). This engine was launched by Suzuki in 1990.

They used the F5B as a model but extended the stroke to 66 mm. The maximum power and torque for this engine are 36–64 PS and 50–90 Nm. It has a 660 cc engine and a 40 mpg fuel economy.

Suzuki Carry Truck Transmission & 4WD Options

The following section of our Suzuki Carry truck review looks at various possible options, beginning with the transmission.

It is available with either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 3-speed automatic gearbox, both of which have the option of 4-wheel drive in addition to the normal two/rear wheel drive.

Suzuki Carry’s major strength is its 4WD system, especially when paired with the manual transmission. This claim comes after the fact, that the manual transmission’s 4WD system offers high and low ratio 4WD choices. These are not offered for automatic transmissions, which only have a 2WD/4WD option.


The Suzuki Carry’s tires are frequently changed. It comes with 145R12 tires as standard. The aspect ratio is typically either 80 or 82 when it is not mentioned; hence the entire specification of the tires is 145/80 R12. The Carry’s small weight makes it possible to still achieve some rather outstanding 4WD performance despite its somewhat narrow design.

However, very few Suzuki Carry’s we see at Japanese auctions have tires that perform well in mud.



The pickup is only available in a 2-door body configuration. The Suzuki Every Van is an alternative if someone prefers the Carry but requires a different body type. There are five doors on this vehicle.


The vehicle’s measurements for the ninth generation were 3295 mm in length, 1395 mm in width, and 1715 – 1865 mm in height. The Suzuki Carry DD51T and the DC51T shared the same dimensions.


Similar to regular trucks, micro trucks come in a variety of body shapes. Flat bodies are more common for Suzuki Carry Trucks than dump bodies.


There are three classifications for carrying trucks. “KU” denotes the lowest grade, “KA” denotes the intermediate grade, and “KC” indicates the highest degree.

The distinction between those models is that every grade contains a square halogen headlight in addition to the “KU” model.

The only grade with a circular headlamp is “KU.” The Suzuki Carry Truck market’s most popular and least expensive model is called the KU. The selection of the headlamp form would be one consideration when determining which grade to purchase.



As you may anticipate, the suspension is very much appropriate for commercial vehicles. This refers to an uneven surface when empty and resistant to heavy cornering while nevertheless being more than sufficient for the Carry’s intended usage.

Fuel Consumption

There are several body styles and versions of the Suzuki Carry that run on ULP gasoline (s). For the most recent year, the model was produced, and its estimated fuel consumption for Commercial /ULP vehicles starts at 7.6L/100km.


Suzuki Carry are known as popular mini trucks for all the right reasons. Being a compact vehicle the support it offers for transportation is beyond comparison. Apart from the strong make and smooth drive, the cost that it comes for is amazing too.

However, looking for a reliable seller is always recommended for a good experience. If you are looking forward to buying a professionally cleaned and evaluated minitruck for sale, Mini Truck Imports is the place to go.

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