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What Makes NodeJS Preferred Choice for Enterprise App Development?

Quick and effective action is the key to business success. It is therefore recommended that the decisions you make as an entrepreneur remains to the point and prompt. How you may ask? Through an enterprise app.

The next question you may want to ask here is, what do these apps do? In other words, what tasks do these apps perform? So, the answer to this is that the solutions assist in maintaining data confidentiality, boosting employee productivity, and in upholding business performance.

It is important to add here that since these solutions are designed for the enterprise, it demands the use of a technology stack that can ensure the achievement of the aspects mentioned above. Therefore, when you ask developers, most of them choose NodeJS as the preferred platform for this.

Why you may ask? In this article, I will give you a fully detailed overview of the technology stack, understand the reasons for its growing popularity and get knowledge of the factors that make it a recommended choice for enterprise app development.

So, let us begin.

What is NodeJS?

A JavaScript runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, NodeJS provides support in building scalable network applications.

In addition to this, the open-source runtime environment also aids in delivering an excellent performance when used during app development. Also since using it accelerates the overall pace of app development, therefore, it is recommended by startups to the maximum.

Knowing now the basics of the tech stack, the next question you may want to ask is regardless of these benefits, is it recommended for enterprises when they set out to build apps for their employees? If yes, why?

Continue reading to get a detailed answer on this.

Why is NodeJS Recommended for Enterprise App Development?

As mentioned earlier, NodeJS assist in the creation of apps that can run in real-time. Simultaneously, due to the support, the tech stack provides to the server to offer responses in a non-blocking way, hence, the overall scalability and efficiency get impacted in an altogether positive way. Therefore, coming back to the question of whether using it is a good idea for the task of building enterprise apps, the answer is yes.

Here are the reasons why.

Nil Learning Curves

With NodeJS having its base on JavaScript, therefore it does not have much of a learning curve. This means, that getting a hold over the runtime environment is easy. Therefore, it is easy for programmers to learn it, use it for their app development purposes and deploy it for building scalable apps.

Hence, in a nutshell, development experts who may be beginners would not take time to learn to use it when they set out to create apps that can work on the web platform at an altogether accelerated pace. This is a blessing in disguise for the startups. This is because it helps ascertain that the app buildup will take place at a fast speed despite the hiring taking place at entry-level.

Delivers High Performance

NodeJS runs on the V8 runtime. Hence, when you use it for app development, it can work on multiple systems seamlessly. Also, it will ascertain that the loading speed is fast always.

This ensures when you use the tech stack, zero compromises occur in areas such as performance and security.

Therefore, when used for building apps for the enterprise, you can be sure that the end-solution will deliver extremely high performance and ensure the task of multiple connection management becomes effective.

Focuses on RESTful APIs

One of the prime reasons that make the tech stack a recommended choice for developing apps for the venture, is the focus it places on RESTful APIs. This means it becomes easy to develop software systems at an altogether large scale.

Connecting the API to the back-end, the software system development performance takes place. This allows the overall process to remain efficient and ensures data handling in large volumes becomes a convenient task.

Therefore, it becomes a vital factor why most developers recommend the use of this tech stack when they are performing app development for the business setup.

Helps Achieve Scalability

Being scalable and possessing features like cluster module, tasks like load balancing becomes easy to perform.

Also, with the presence of another element in it, namely, PM2, the tasks of monitoring, optimization, and deployment becomes easy to perform.

Presence of Node Package Manager

NPM is also known as Node Package Manager has a significant role to play in web development. Being a default program that comes with the NodeJS package installer, therefore areas such as security and performance is of the highest quality.

Also, with features within that allow developers to use the modules without having to write them from scratch, therefore, it becomes best to use the same for the task of building an app for the enterprise.


Being a single-threaded platform, NodeJS carries out I/O operations with utmost ease using callbacks and event lockup.

Therefore, it becomes easy to manage multiple connections simultaneously, and handle a large number of connection requests with utmost efficiency.

Less Time Consumed to Process Incoming Data Streams

With NodeJS development services, it is easy to ensure less time spent processing incoming data streams. This efficiently modifies the stream. This allows sufficient memory saving to take place.

This is done by using the TCP or the Transfer Control Protocol streams. Using it helps to seamlessly work with binary data. Therefore, it becomes ideal for developing apps for the enterprise since it becomes easy to deliver outputs in chunks or a really large percentage.

Ending Words

By reading this article, you can understand the reasons for NodeJS development services recommended for building enterprise apps. With a focus on scalability and extremely easy to learn, you can use it for app development for an employee productivity boost. Thus, if not done yet, use the tech stack to your business advantage. You can alternatively hire NodeJS developers for this task. They will channel their expertise in using the tech stack to your business’s advantage. This will guarantee you get an app that empowers your business and gives it a competitive edge.

Anita Shah

I am a project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies, a reputed mobile application development company. I love to write informative articles and share my knowledge through content marketing.

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