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WHAT IS TWITCH? – History & Background Of Twitch



Twitch is a famous streaming platform for online entertainment. Here, people can broadcast themselves live playing video games, singing, dancing, or doing anything that can be filmed or captured by a camera. Twitch has also evolved into other categories. Those are where you can see people blogging live, cooking, creating art, gambling, making music, singing, and much more. This is one of the famous online entertainment platforms. The ‘Just Chatting’ section especially is the one that gains the most attention and traffic. In many cases, it is just the streamer casually sitting and talking to their twitch viewers.

Online live streaming is a new media genre that combines activity broadcast with cross-modal video-mediated communication. It lacked an analytical entry point, descriptions, and microanalysis of this type of interaction, which is rare. To boost your channel you can buy twitch followers.


History of Twitch logo:

The Twitch logo has gone through two effective changes since 2009. In 2012, more distinctive logotypes replaced the live streaming platform’s brand identity. An addition of a website icon was made to make the logo catchier. Twitch. tv is established as a separate gaming content section on Justin. tv. Twitch founders: Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt, Emmet Shear, and Michael Seibel were selected to develop the gaming content. Because it was the most demanded product.

When the founders launched the project, they used a logotype symbol featuring the light grey color wording “Twitch.” Due to the gradient, the emblem had some drops. The first “T” letter features an extended end. The letter appeared to be lying lower. The “H” also had the same effect, but it did not lay low like the “T” letter.


The symbol “TV” was next to the logo; a 3-dimensional square with rounded corners symbolizes a TV screen. A grayish-green, the most “colorful” part of the logo, fills the box. The Twitch logo or symbol was often placed above the dark grey background making a metallic shade.

At first, the live streaming service was launched as Justin. tv platform. When it was launched. It quickly had a symbol featuring the wording “” Then it changes the status. During the existence of Twitch, there have been three logo designs.

During the 2011-2012 year:

The first Twitch logo design had the wording “Twitch” in a light gray color. It is a mixed format. Most letters are in “all caps,” but the “i” letter is in lowercase characters. The first letter, “T,” has an extended leg, stretching beyond the margin and looking more extensive than the other letters. The same effect is used on the “H” letter, but the portion is relatively shorter than the “T” letter.

The “TV” symbol is on the right side of the wording. Inside there is a round square that depicts the TV screen. The color displayed is a dark gray color.

During the 2012-2019 year:

Twitch changed its name in 2012. Removing the part associated with tv. NX world designed the updated logo.

The symbol shows the company’s name in the shape of a mixture of text and graphics. Those are the prominent symbols that form the word “Twitch.” The emblem is of white lowercase characters with purple shadows. 

But the letters “t,” “c,” and “w” featured a bottom edge on the left. The letter “h” features a top-right corner. An unfamiliar shadow-like edge represents glitches and creates some 3D effect.

During the 2019-present year:

Twitch’s current logo is somewhat similar to the previous logo. The only difference is that the letters have narrow gaps—the color changes to light purple. Collins Studio has done the new design. It was introduced in September 2019.

Twitch Logo Elements:

Twitch Font

There are different kinds of fonts with similarities to Twitch wordings. For example, the font known as Dmitri features unique “cut” angles. Many differences show how it depicts the letters or graphics. In the entire design, customers can’t even know whether the logo creator had experience with this font type or not.

Color of Twitch Logo: 

The Twitch logo color is of a specific purple color shade against a white background.

The concept of Twitch (for more: came from Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. In 2007 they launched a website called Justin. tv. These allow people to stream themselves and chat with a live audience. Then it was renamed Twitch Interactive in 2014, with Amazon acquiring the company. came way before its time. It came during the infancy of Facebook and Twitter. Even for some social media platforms, live streaming is still in its infancy phase. Justin. tv was in the live streaming world in 2007. That was probably what led to the great success of Twitch years later. gave users the ability to air a wide range of content, from events to live streams and content. But there was something special in the gaming fraternity on the service. It was a gaming section on the website 2011 naming it 

Twitch and were rebranded in 2014. The new company shut down to work on Twitch.

Twitch gets more than 2 million different streamers every month now. It has also registered more than 17,000 streamers in its program. Half of Twitch users spend at least 15-20 hours on the platform each week. 

Twitch added new features. It includes Pulse, a kind of Twitter text of content, photos, and videos from Twitch users. A recent purchase feature lets viewers purchase games directly through a streamer’s channel.

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