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Reference and Education

What is Time and Motion Study Technique? How to Use It?

Do you work efficiently by keeping the time taken by a job in mind? If you do so, it is a good thing as it increases efficiency. A fascination with the word ‘productivity’ started in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Industries developed the concept of time and motion study to measure the efficiency of their human force. It also helped in estimating the time taken by a particular job or series of jobs. This study divides different operations of a job into measurable elements. The measurement scale, most of the time, is time itself. However, today’s discussion is all about time and motion study. There will be a description of all the techniques and tools that can help you increase the efficiency of your human force. Let’s start our discussion with the question given down below:

What Is The Time And Motion Study Technique?

Time and motion study is very easy to understand. Before discussing it in detail, a historical recap is also necessary. So, back in the early 20th century, most factories in the USA wanted to measure the efficiency of their human resource. They analysed the time spent going through a job or series of jobs. This analysis enabled the industries to make a time schedule for each job. Starting from the factories, it is now being used in every field.

After discussing the historical background, you may know this technique well. However, a formal definition of time and motion study is this. This technique is a business efficiency that employs different techniques to enhance the workability of the workers. Now, this technique has expanded to a number of other things. For example, along with efficiency in academic writing, the workforce’s health also comes under this study now.

How Do You Do Time And Motion Study?

Doing this study is very easy if you have the right set of tools and guidelines available. You do not worry, even if you do not have those guidelines. Below is a brief description of all the points you need to consider:

Identify the problem

The first step in doing time and motion study is the identification of the problem and your goals. The goals can also help you create or define the problem. For example, your goal is to cut the time taken by the factory’s production unit to produce a product. This is your goal and the problem at the same time. So, first define the problem.

Pay attention

The next step is paying attention to what you do and how you do it. It helps in analysing your methods of producing a product. You can also compare them with the market. By comparing, ask yourself, are they modern enough to produce efficiently? The world has now moved on to robotic production that takes minimum time and gives maximum production. So, paying attention to what you do and how you do it is very important in time and motion study.

Spot areas for improvement

After you have completed the above step, it is time to spot the potential areas for improvement. To do this, you can group time into some categories. The categories must contain a description of the time and the activities to be performed in that timeframe. The questions you can ask yourself to spot these areas are as follows:

  • Is it beneficial for the industry?
  • Is doing a particular task will improve the job description?
  • Will the boss give me a bonus for this?

Answering these questions can be very helpful in spotting the areas that require improvement. After performing this, you can see where you need to spend your time and where to not.

Make a change

The second last step in the time and motion study is making the actual change. It allows you to make the change in the area that you identified. For example, after using the study technique, you have decided to replace the old machinery with the new updated one in the production unit problem. So, it is time to make this change.

Evaluate the results

The last step in doing time and motion study is evaluating the results. You will have a look at the workforce’s efficiency after implementing the desired change. In the case of the production unit example, evaluate if the production time reduced or not.

How Many Techniques Are Involved In The Time And Motion Study?

Time and motion study involves different techniques and methods to make a schedule of a particular job. A brief description of those techniques is as below:

Pathway chart

It is the simplest technique that involves making a schedule. You make a schedule based on the time taken and hang it on the wall. For example, you make a pathway for the production unit. You mention that at 7:00 AM, all workforces should be on board. At 7:15 AM, the machines will start working. This type of schedule is a pathway chart.

The process chart

The process chart involves a step-by-step description of the methods involved in a task. It also helps a lot in time and motion study. Undoubtedly, each task requires a certain process to do it. For example, it could be the description of how to operate a particular machine in the production unit.

The operation chart

The operation chart is the third technique in time and motion study. This chart involves a description of all the possible operations that come under a work process. This chart tracks out all the unnecessary expenditures of time and energy. You should measure your efficiency in doing different jobs to make this chart. It could estimate how much time you take to make a toy in the industry. If you are facing any problem, you can hire best assignment writing services. Several other techniques that are not very common are as under:

  • Micro motion film analysis
  • Cyclegraph
  • Chronocyclegraph


Time and motion study is the best technique to measure the time taken by a particular job. It helps manage and reduce that time and increase the workforce’s efficiency. This study is mostly done in the industries where managers want to enhance the productivity of their workers.

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