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Computers and Technology

What is ODC (Offshore Development Center) in IT Industry?

Offshore Development Center (ODC) is an integral part of the outsourcing industry. ODC is a software development company that supplies a team of developers or services to companies in other countries. The company developers provide a number of services, like

  • Creates a developers’ team based on the need and requirements
  • Complete projects
  • Can develop a different development center for you that will serve under the name of your company. The development company will supply you with HRs, Product Managers, recruiters, and a marketing team.
  • Provides QA services 

It is a well-known fact that successful companies shifts from their in-house development process to offshore software developer center. This perception allows you to save budget and speed up the services when you found a separate team in a different country with the help of a vendor. 

Different kinds of specialists you need to execute the program:

  • QA Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Copywriters 
  • UX/UI Specialists 
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Marketing Specialist 

The vendor you appoint manages the management, tax, and bookkeeping-related issues. You have to go through a less tumultuous process while building a company or team.

What is the right time to set up your own business center?

When you initiate working with offshore IT professionals, you have the power to select the best developer or team. You may get professionals available to some extent at your locality, but outsourcing the offshore developers will enable you to choose a developer with proper training and skillset. Experienced developers are also available at your demand. 

Offshore outsourcing gives you enough to focus on the other essential aspects of your business. Their country vendor will execute the recruitment process successfully as they know their business practices and work ethics. 

In case you cannot spend a large amount of money on a project. The offshore software development services save your fund by spending every single coin effectively. If you cannot create larger office space for your employees, you can communicate with them remotely. There you don’t need to think about space, people and equipment. The work procedure will be simpler and easier. 

When you are exposed to the global market, you will learn many things from experienced professionals and knowledgeable people, allowing you to reach your targeted goals easily. 

If you can save your energy and time managing the developers’ team, you have ample scope to focus on your core business. You will get devoted to creating your brand name. The team manager takes care of all the processes and services. The primary function of a team manager is to maintain clear communication with you throughout the process of your project. 

You will be benefitted from choosing this model as you will continue to receive different types of technical support during the project. The function of the vendor is very crucial here, as he is responsible for bringing the project to completion successfully. 


  • Contractor ODC Model
  • Customer ODC Model 

The models consist:

  • Allocated Dedicated Team

In this model, the company focuses on the full developers’ team according to the need of the project in the offshore development centre. The company manages the office and the projects. The team carries out all analytics and system designs with coding. 

  • Private ODC (Full Form)

The customers get access to their development centres in foreign countries. Here, the vendor appoints a team based on the need and requirements of the project in cooperation with the head office. The office can serve as a branch of the main office, fulfilling a similar responsibility with care and dedication. In this case, the task of the vendor is to set up the office and recruit developers and specialists.

  • Turnkey ODC 

In this model, a vendor opens an offshore development on your behalf, makes the office ready for work, and then hands it over to you. 

The Benefits of ODC

  • Legal Permit in a Foreign Country

The companies often initiate to be present in their targeted market which reduces their logistic cost. If you are close to your customers, it will be easier for you to understand their needs.

  • The hiring of Different Specialists

Your vendor will set up an office for you, including the equipment and the team. The team will consist of developers, QAs, PMs, and various marketing specialists. 

  • Cost Reduction

It is better to set up your office in a location where the development and maintenance costs are lower than in your homeland. 

  • Stronger Security System

In the Offshore Development Center model, the vendor is always ready to serve you. If you need more security and safety to protect confidential data, the vendor will supply an additional security system.

  • Access to New Talents

You will get to know the new talents of the country. Hiring a full-time developer is always wiser than hiring freelancers. When the candidates get to know about your company office, they will be interested in filling up the vacancy.

  • Plenty of Facilities

You can select the location of your choice where the office rent, internet cost, and maintenance cost will be lesser than in other places.

  • Localization of Products 

It is better to localize your products in your local office rather than being done by the specialists in the headquarters. 

Risks are also there in ODC

All the advantageous factors that are discussed above can be overturned if executed wrongly. The problems mentioned below can arise out of even a tiny mistake. 

  • Wrong Choice of Location
  • Hardship in the Registration Process
  • Challenges in Remote Team Management
  • Security Risks
  • Communication Gap

Some Beneficial Tips to manage ODC 

  • Selection of the right vendor.
  • Keep a record of references 
  • Ask for customer feedback
  • Set up the Organizational Structure 
  • Create Job vacancies for Recruitment 
  • Maintain security measures 
  • Begin with the development projects
  • Set up your team with various experts

If you can rightly conceptualize and execute the activities mentioned above, you will become a successful offshore development company. The selection of the vendor is the crux of this business model. They can help you to solve any issue that you face during your business set-up and development processes.

The Major Features of ODC

  • A dedicated Core Team
  • An Office to localize the brand
  • A Good Infrastructure 
  • Strong Security Policy
  • Training Program
  • Flexibility of Team
  • Customized HR Program 

The Key Specialists of an ODC Team (on the end of the Contractor)

  • Account Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Research Analyst 

The Key Specialists of an ODC Team (on the end of Customer)

  • IT Manager
  • A Development Manager
  • An Exploitation Manager 


The blog discusses the characteristics, benefits, risks, and specialists of an ODC (Offshore Development Center) company. If you wish to start with an Offshore Software Development Center, You can Hire Offshore Developers and have a consultation with our expert team of CMARIX. 

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