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What Is Laravel: What All Things It Can Do

Laravel is a PHP framework that is open-source, easy, and robust to understand, following a design pattern for model-view-controller. Laravel reutilizes the current features of various frameworks, which helps create an application for the web; the design and development are more pragmatic and structured.

Laravel focuses on offering a rich set of functionalities that contains and incorporates the essential features of PHP frameworks like Yii, CodeIgniter, and programming languages such as Rails in Ruby. Laravel has a vibrant collection of components that will increase the pace of the development of the web. If the individual is familiar with Advanced PHP and Core PHP, Laravel will construct and manage the task more easily. It holds plenty of time if you plan to develop and design a website from scratch. Moreover, a website prevents several attacks on the web and has built-in secure Laravel.

What Is Laravel Used for?

Laravel is used primarily to build custom web applications utilizing PHP. A web framework that addresses and manages numerous things that are irritating to create yourself. Such as templating HTML, routing, and authentication. Laravel is server-side entirely due to operating on PHP. And heavily focusing on sticking to a Model-View-Controller and data manipulation design. A framework such as React might focus on shiny features and user interaction. But Laravel offers a solid foundation for an individual in building off simply—and accomplishes it right.

Laravel an Ideal PHP Web Framework

Laravel is an ideal PHP web framework, but numerous frameworks exist in several languages. Rails is another framework for server-side renders but based on Ruby, similar to Laravel. React, Angular and Vue are all frameworks that are client-side JavaScript but can be configured to server-side render as well. Alternatively, if the application with multiple text-based posts relies upon a blog style, the individual could base it on WordPress as it also runs on PHP, but Laravel does not accomplish force the user to utilize features they don’t want; it solely provides the tools for building something like WordPress by yourself.

Top Features of the Laravel Framework

Now the question is how the Laravel features make it better, and why do developers consider utilizing Laravel? Let’s explore

The Innovative Engine Template

The framework of Laravel is highly recognized for its amazing built-in templates that are lightweight and come in use with dynamic content seeding for building excellent layouts. It further supplies numerous essential widgets integrating JS and CSS code with the help of robust structures. Laravel templates are designed and developed smartly to build straightforward as well as composite layouts with sections that ease a developer’s efforts.

Architecture MVC Support via Built-In Functions

Laravel backs the architecture MVC pattern that concentrates on making sure to separate the significant presentation layers and critical business logic. Laravel’s MVC pattern has several built-in components that boost the levels of security along with scalability and enhance application performance for developers.

Authorization Coding Technique

The authentication and authorization part is the most crucial element when an individual delivers code for building an application and evaluates the time any developer or programmer will make sure to construct something new. The logical framework technique assists in controlling admittance to various resources by reforming authorization logic. With the validation code for computers integrated into Laravel, the coding time has been trimmed down to an adequate extent. The application logic feature delivers liberty and flexibility to work flexibly to the coders on any sizes of software.

Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and Implementation

Laravel gives Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) that contains an Active and uncomplicated PHP Record implementation. The functionality assists in allowing the application for web developers to write database queries utilizing PHP syntax rather than writing code of SQL. Object Relational Mapping is quicker compared to former frameworks of PHP.

Strong Security For Application

The functions of security are the best Laravel components. The framework of Laravel enables the developers to deliver strong and advanced web appl security. The security features of Laravel utilize hashed effectively as well as salted password mechanisms so the password wouldn’t be preserved in the plain text form in the database of the user. It applies the “Algorithm of Bcrypt Hashing” to create a password that is encrypted. Besides, the web development PHP framework safeguards SQL injection attacks by utilizes SQL statements.

Artisan Tool for Automating Programming Tasks

The framework of Laravel gives the command-line built-in tool popularly known as Artisan that assists in automating the repetitive and tedious tasks of programming. The tool by artisan to build the skeleton code and database structure which also comes in use. It is further applied and accomplished for handling and managing the jobs for migration, so it is simple for managing the systems of diverse database. Further, it will originally generate files of MVC through the deal and command-line with their configurations with those assets. Artisan helps developers in allowing and generating their commands and utilize them as required.

Enable Modular Functionalities And Libraries

Laravel encourages developers through pre-installed Modular libraries and Object-Oriented, which are not accessible or available in many other frameworks of PHP. For instance, the library of authentication in implementation and multiple functions is quite simple. These procedures include corresponding active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, Cross-site Request Forgery or CSRF protection, and encryption. Furthermore, the framework is separated into units individually adopting cutting-edge PHP principles allowing responsive and modular web development of the application.

Effortless and Competitive Unit Testing

Laravel is an immaculate framework that easily and effectively facilitates unit testing features for web application developers. This competent framework running various tests for units focuses on making sure that modern or unexplored alterations performed by the developers. Or programmer do not occur without breaking or warning the in-hand application of the web. In an excellent space, the web applications of Laravel-based are steady releases accomplished as it is identified failures alert.

The Laravel features make it perfect across the developer’s community and have been quite helpful to them. It is making continuously fresh followers through its classic architecture amongst developers. And this architecture has shifted into an unobstructed playground for the various developers for diverse projects to built their own set of functionalities.


Rohan is a rare mix of technologist and CMO at Sterling Technolabs. His passion lies in helping companies to grow revenues by delivering top-notch software development services and build value-based partnerships. When not driving high-impact go- to-market strategies, Rohan scrolls twitter and often reads.

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