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Top cottages in the Bahamas to stay close to nature!

Top cottages in the Bahamas to stay close to nature!

Are you visiting the Bahamas for your next holiday? Well, you must be looking for the best place to stay at this gorgeous destination to make the most of your trip. Located in the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas comprises numerous rocky bars & coral reefs and more than 700 islands. It is a destination that every beach lover dreams of. With 50 shades of blue in the waters and miles of powdered sand, this is a magnificent place to pamper the beach baby in you. You can experience the warm weather all year round. 

Plan your stay at one of the cottages in the Bahamas and savor long hours on the shimmering coastlines. Dip in the blue waters, spend time on the white sandy coast, or sit under a palm tree. However, you can recruit a boat to visit unpopulated reefs, but staying at these cottages will be an unforgettable experience for you. Let’s proceed further to know more about these cottages, but first, learn the best time to visit the country. 

Best time to plan a stay at Bahamas cottages

Though the weather of the Bahamas is very sunny throughout the year, the best time to book cottages in the country would be mid-December to mid-April. The moisture is low at this time, and the winter retreat becomes exceptional. If you are visiting the island apart from this month, then you will find a quieter environment as it is not the preferred time to visit the Bahamas. From June to November, the hurricane season runs on the island. Don’t linger and travel to the Bahamas with Delta Airlines. Purchase Delta group travel tickets and embark on a luxurious trip.


Best cottages in the Bahamas

Choosing one cottage from all the available ones is a complicated procedure. We have cherry-picked the best cottages for your convenience. Go through the list and make your decision. Let’s get started. 


  • Staniel Cay Cottages

Positioned in the core of Staniel Cay, these cottages are one of the best places to stay during your trip. These are equipped with air conditioning, pub docking, a private bathroom, a refrigerator, Wi-Fi, DVD, satellite TV, and a private porch. You are guaranteed to relish your sojourn if you plan your stay at Staniel Cay Cottages. All solitary cottages have a pull-out duvet, a queen-size divan, and a private lavatory with a shower. If you opt for a room with a kitchenette, you will get a miniature refrigerator, a coffee maker, a sink, a toaster, a microwave, and dishes. 


  • Sea Level Cottages

If you are looking for an island-style vacation experience, then you must plan your stay in Sea Level Cottages. These cottages will immerse you in the flippant charm and the lifestyle of the island, which has made Abaco Bahamas famous. The private boat dock and the beach location make the perfect surroundings for a memorable stay at this fascinating place. It is a fantastic home base for your vacation in the Bahamas. Moreover, the staff here is very helpful, and they will help you in organizing a pleasurable massage or a diving or fishing charter. If you are a flexible traveler, book tickets with Delta Airlines as it allows passengers to modify the reservation later on. Use the Delta Airlines My Trips tab to alter your reservation. 


  • Linton’s Beach Cottages

Located on Green Turtle Cay Island, Linton’s Beach Cottages are a 22-acre private hideaway where you can spend your time amidst sheer serenity. Being the fantasy of water lovers, Green Turtle Cay attracts plenty of beach bums towards it. You get a chance to witness the alluring underwater life with fishers, divers, and boaters. Visit coral gardens and spend some relaxing time with your friends and family. You are definitely assured a great time in these cottages as it is one the most remarkable places to plan your stay. 


  • Cottage Cut Villas

Cottage Cut Villas offer you a perfect private seaside region. These villas are just beautiful, and you can spend your whole life here. The view is just breathtaking and will be a true treat to your eyes. Free private parking and free Wi-Fi are supplied in this self-catering property. Each villa has a complete kitchenette and a courtyard. Moreover, you will get a suite bathroom, which has a shower or a hairdryer. In addition to this, there is a communal lounge and a BBQ. In the villa, you will see a giant fish tank with lobsters, groupers, etc. Visitors can enjoy windsurfing, skiing, fishing, etc., in the surrounding areas. 

Staying in these cottages will be a memorable experience for you. Initiate Delta Airlines booking a flight process to fly to the Bahamas comfortably and smoothly. Book your flight tickets as soon as possible to enjoy additional savings.

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