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The beaches are an annexation in the Pulchritude of land.

The beaches are an annexation in the Pulchritude of land. These beautiful beaches not only add color to nature but also glorify its beauty. Almost every country has delicate beaches but most visited and the most beautiful of these are as follows:



The beach is consider as one of best visiting sites in Antigua. The water of Shoal Bay Beach can said to be an amalgamation of two waters; one from Jabberwock beach and the other being Shoal Bay Beach. Jabberwocky beach contributes a surpassing part while Shoal Bay beach is somewhat smaller. This beach site is best for peace lovers. As this beach is not really lousy with people, you will find a place to calm down and to explore the pulchritude of nature. 

The place is best for getting out on vacation and to relieve your stress. The amusement does not end here; this place has got a real arrangement to make your trip awesome. Places like Stanford Cricket Ground, Victoria Park, Paradise casino, Museum of Antigua and Barbuda and National Heroes Park are worth watching. The place has also a layout for your interlude; hotels like Dutchman’s Bay Cottages, Antigua Beachcomber Hotel, Blue Waters Hotel, Jumby Bay and Sandpiper Reef Resort are best to halt. Near the beach has a ken of divine cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. Among these food points, Cecilia’s High Point Cafe will give you the best food you will love to have. The restaurant offers you the culminating European and Caribbean menu items. Seafood will aggrandize the enjoyment of your beach trip and deserts will give a gusto color to your meal. 


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The beach situated in Fort Bragg, California. Rather than its own fascination, the name of the beach gives it a matchless beauty. This classy name of the beach has an interesting history which itself is an allurement point. The site of the beach once was a trash dump area; the residents threw their garbage including the glass bottles over here. These glass bottles became the signature of the beach and the beach known by its name ‘the Glass Beach’. Daily 1000 to 1200 visitors come over here in summer to visit this beauty. Most of the people here try to collect  glass dump but usually prohibited by the administration. Besides this glass charm, many plants and animals are also eye-catching material. Plants like Menzies’ wallflower which is an endangered, native protected hybrid plant is also a must see.



The beach is in Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama. As the name of the Beach is indicating, the beach has starfish in abundant. The rustic beach is so in clover in the number of Starfish that these tiny beautiful creatures can be seen at the shore. Apart from the Starfish, another alluring and attention gaining thing that the beach has is due which makes the site even prettier. Low population of Island, isolation on the beach and being an uncongested visitation makes this place mentionable in the beautiful sites of Panama. The visitors can dot on at the beach by swimming as well as the tourists are given with a brief description about the Marine biodiversity and also about the importance of starfish. Visitors are highly restricted to extract any starfish from the beach.



Hardly a person is unaware about the adorableness of Norway. The country is a perfect example of natural beauty and Hoddevik beach is such a depiction of this mesmerizing beauty. The Hoddevik beach is a sandy beach guarded by the mountains that camouflage the beach adding a very plus point in its glory. The site is best to visit in the windy season as the tall mountains take cover of it and you are harbored by the heavy winds. The place is surely inimitable to visit along with your family as the nature’s allurement, peace, spunk, food, amusement all are together at this beach.



Japan is highly developed country but not very much eminent for its beauty. Contrary to this, Amanohashidate beach prove this statement quite wrong. The beach is pretty soothing and has a lot of visitors per day. A wide mishmash of plants can be found at the beach like jellyfish, crab, hermit crab and fish. Pines trees not only add a color to this place but also provide a great shade. The combo of beach and pines tress is just simply ‘something’. After being at the beach, if you want a place to relax then there is a great arrangement of it. Food and beverages variety is there to host you and to cheer you up. Traditional cuisine will surely attract you but rather than it, English menu is also there because of having a number of foreign tourists. Clean toilets and shower bathrooms that are cheap are there to facilitate you.



Situated in Corsica, at the gulf of Pinarello, Pinarello beach is may be one of the best beaches in Corsica. The azure blue water of this beach catches the attraction of the viewer at the very first sight. This 1.2 km long narrow beach has soft peace white sand and is backed by the mountain. The water of the beach is warm so it is safe for the young children to swim in. Pines trees work as an additional adornment to the beach. The site is quite notorious as a family friendly beach destination because of having refreshments and water sports.



The beach is located in Cantabria and situated in the centre of the town which makes it a crowded attraction point. The golden sandy beach itself is a sign of beauty and in addition to that, it has all sorts of services that it provides to its visitors to be at the top of the ranking. Other than the fascination of the beach, water activities like fishing, swimming, sailing, diving, and windsurfing makes it best to be visited. Location of the beach is also pretty good to visit. It is located near the Oyambre National park and Ria de la Rabia Estuary, so when you are done being at the beach, you can visit these all places will also makes your time vulnerable.



The bloom of Thailand, yes the Koh Kradan Beach is surely among the gracious places Thailand has offered. Koh Kradan Island is the most visually mesmerizing islands in Thailand. And the beach is an addition to its comeliness. The Koh Kradan beach has fluffy green dunes and sapphire blue Andaman Sea. Some advance planning has made this place much better than the past but still, it has some blemish in its frame-up. It might be that so you can only marvel at the real artistry of nature and do not focus on the artificial attractions. The island has got on roads, ATMs, villages, medical clinics, convenience store and police stations so a little difficulty is here but if you are here you probably remember the deficit of the adroitness. Koh Kradan is highly a seasonal harbor that is you must have to gawk at the season you want to plan your tour there. Some of the resorts are closed down for the Rainy season in May to October but advance bookings are recommended in December to February.



Greenfield Beach situated in Jervis Bay, Australia is a kennel to a highly verdant feel. The beach was named after Colin Greenfield who used to live in this area from 1942 till 1970’s. The beach is surrounded by beaches, which makes it more alluring to see. National parks, beaches, plant life and wildlife will fall you in love with it. The crystal clear water and the sandy beach is probably the beat combo the nature has. A short drive to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and other services will here to grease the wheel. The resorts near the beach have a very snug and comfy accommodation for nuclear family as well as for the larger groups or families. Nights here are quite placid. Also the humming of birds and waving sound of winds will give you an immensely awesome feeling. About just a stroll of 2 or more minutes, you can ambit the other substantial shores like Chinamans and Hyams.



This perfect wilderness of sand surrounded by Atlantic and shielded by the Crozon peninsula is a perfect hamlet to hang out. The beach is located in the city center of Morgat. The intriguing thing here is that its visitors are active and zealous and are ready to kick their day with loads of fun and amusement. A family friendly place that you will love. The excellent proficiencies here provide its visitors a chance to stay long. Swimming is of course necessary, but beside it, sailing, windsurfing, fishing and mucking are here. Summers are best to visit the Morgat Crozon Beach as it is a lively spot encrusted with bars and brasseries. Entertainment kernels and kids club are the best parts of being at the beach. The beach is also accessible for disable and special people so a number of handicapped viewers came here to explore this whitish beauty. Facilities like free parking, restaurants and nonpareil living resorts make this place more worth noticing among the tourists in France. Other than the natives, the beach receives a visitation of viewers all across the world.



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