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Tips for Speedy File Management

Using technology, many businesses produce, manage, and save crucial electronic documents. These files may contain everything, from project planning documents and informal to-do lists to financial reports and staff contact information.  You may create a digital filing system that works for you by learning about file management programs and methods for organizing your digital papers. File management refers to the organizational features integrated into a computer’s software that help you preserve and arrange your electronic files.

You can generate, operate with, and organize files like photographs, videos,  word documents, and spreadsheets using computer software with a file management system. These systems typically combine file storage and presentation into a single window or interface, allowing you to create tabs and folders to categorize your data.

Although the appearance, feel, and functionality of File Explorer in Windows have evolved over time, its fundamental job has remained the same: to assist you in managing, viewing, and launching the variety of documents, pictures, and files stored on your PC. 

Even if you’ve used Windows for a while, there may be File Explorer functions that you are unaware of or haven’t used in a while. 

Copying, relocating, renaming, and generally organizing files on your Windows hard drive certainly takes up more time than you realize; therefore, learning how to do all of this more quickly and effectively can save you a significant amount of time.

In order to keep our PC system clean and organized, it is important to remove junk files from the computer and manage the system effectively. Hence, here we have compiled a few tips which will help you in organizing and managing your files and documents easily and quickly. 


Quick Tips for Organizing Files

Below given are some important and useful methods that will organize and speed up your file management process.

Manage Multiple Folders 

When you need to move items around or quickly switch between different folders, having multiple File Explorer windows might be useful. The Win + E key will allow you to launch as many File Explorer windows as you require. To open a window, press the combination once, twice, and so on.

Use Shortcuts 

Too many shortcuts exist in Windows 10 to remember them all. Thankfully, pressing the ALT key in File Explorer will make the shortcut keys visible.

When ALT is pressed inside a File Explorer window, the letters that stand for the various options in the top menu become visible. If you hit ALT, for instance, you will notice that the File option has an F next to it. The File panel will now expand if you press F.

Adjust Quick Access Toolbar

The menu of choices that may be found in a File Explorer window’s upper left corner is known as the Quick Access Toolbar. Among other things, you can alter this list’s appearance so that it appears below the Ribbon menu and add or remove options.

A list of all the settings for the Quick Access Toolbar will appear when you click the arrow to the right of the toolbar.

Choose to Add to Quick Access Toolbar from the context menu when you right-click on the feature you wish to add from the Ribbon menu.

You can drag and drop any folder in File Explorer onto the item for Quick Access, or you can right-click it and select that option from the pop-up menu.

Right-click a folder and choose Unpin from Quick Access from the pop-up menu to remove it from Quick Access.

Adjust the Default Folder Settings

Open a File Explorer window and click on File in the top left corner to alter the folder that your File Explorer window opens. Next, select an option from the list under Folder Options and go to the General tab for the Open File Explorer setting.

For example, if you want your file manager to open with This PC folder, Change your preference through the following steps.

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Click on File and go to Folder Options.
  3. Now go to the general tab and drop down the menu near the “Open File Explorer to” option.
  4. Select This PC. 

Alter the Layout

The View panel in File Explorer lets you modify a folder’s design. When the View panel is clicked, the Panes, Layout, Current View, and Show/hide sections are displayed.

First, by clicking on the Navigation pane and selecting an option from the list in the Panes section, you can modify the Navigation pane.

After that, the Layout section allows for changes to the folder order. Here, you have a variety of possibilities. For instance, all of the icons in the folder will expand if you click on Extra large icons. Try out each of these possibilities to find which one best suits your requirements.

By clicking Sort by and choosing from the list below in the Current View, you may choose how to order the contents of the folders. Additionally, you can organize the items by grouping them or by adding new columns.

Finally, you can show or hide specific files using the Show/hidden section. Although this method of file hiding is an option, it is preferable to learn how to correctly conceal files in Windows 10.

Compress the Files

File Explorer comes with built-in zip archive compression and decompression capabilities in Windows 10 and 11. In Windows, pick the files, then use the right-click menu to compress the group of files. 

Go to Send to on the menu and choose the Compressed (zipped) folder. You can then rename the resulting zipped file.

Right-click a zipped file and choose Extract All from the context menu to unzip it in Windows 10 or 11. Click the Extract button after confirming the destination.

Share Files Easily

Another useful tool that helps you save time and effort is the ability to share a folder or file with a person or program of your choice.

Choose the folder or file you want to share in Windows 10. The Share ribbon will appear when you click the Share tab at the top of the screen. A little window containing a list of individuals and apps with which you can share that file will appear when you click the Share icon. 

The number of apps mentioned will vary depending on the type of file and the installed apps. Choose the app or person you wish to receive that item from.


File Explorer in Windows plays a very significant role in managing your files, documents, photos, and system smoothly. Hence, you should know all the tricks and tips that file explorer allows in order to make the whole management process speedy. So, we have compiled all of such tips to help you with it.



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