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Health and Fitness

Three Powerful Yoga Mudras that can Enrich your Yoga Classes

What is a Mudra?


Yoga is extremely powerful and when performed wisely using all the right techniques, it creates the utmost balance in life. It helps in healing diseases, and disorders that often seem to be incurable. And that’s the reason yoga has spread across borders and continents and is one of the most trusted alternative medicine systems in the world. After all, with the help of its asanas and yoga mudras, you can soothe your nerves and enhance mental as well as physical health by channelizing the energies within and around you.

Here, we are going to learn in detail about three powerful yoga mudras that can help us deepen our practice and benefit extraordinarily. These mudras when combined with asanas change the dynamics of mind, body, and soul.

What is a Mudra?

Before we dive deep into yoga mudras and learn about their purpose and benefits, let’s understand what a mudra is. Well, the term mudra is rooted in Sanskrit Language and usually refers to gestures performed using hands and fingers. However, several mudras involve the movement of an entire body.

Used in the iconography of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, mudras are of great religious as well as spiritual significance and hold incredible healing powers. Lord Buddha and several other deities in these religions can be witnessed performing mudras. In short, these are just symbolic poses and gestures used while performing yoga to enhance yogic healing.

Purpose and Benefits of Yoga Mudras

Every part of our body has been designed to perform several tasks. And our hands are no exceptions. They hold extraordinary powers as their movements can help cure illness and bring balance to our lives. These mudras serve as a bridge between mind and body and help a person soothe inner problems like depression, anxiety, pain, and stress.

They open up our senses and are also responsible for changing moods and enhancing mental strength. No wonder they have been a significant part of Indian culture for thousands of years. Yoga mudras help in harnessing the flow of prana in our bodies. By using them judiciously, one can awaken positivity and eliminate hundreds of mental and physical problems. You can join a yoga TTC India course, pranayama courses online or breathwork workshop online to excel in these mudras.

Three Powerful Yoga Mudras

Here are the three powerful yoga mudras every yoga enthusiast must be aware of. Performing them regularly would not only change your body but would also help you develop a conscience and perspective in life.

Shunya Mudra

One of the most significant mudras to keep balance in life and maintain the right amount of positivity all around, Shunya Mudra is all there to prevent your life from discomforts that come from the space element of the body. With the help of Shunya Mudra, you can balance all the doshas in life and lead an energetic lifestyle. The word Shunya is a Sanskrit word that means emptiness. Hence, Shunya Mudra refers to the hand gesture that brings openness and spaciousness in life.

How to Perform it?

  • Sit in a comfortable position with folded legs and spine straight 
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths with your mind and body at ease
  • Now, place the tip of your middle finger at the base of your thumb as your thumb gently presses the middle finger with all the remaining three fingers stretched completely
  • Practice it for 15-20 minutes

Benefits of Shunya Mudra

The major benefits of Shunya Mudra include:

  • Providing relief from motion sickness and Vertigo
  • Cures ear disorders and numbness in the body
  • Prevents heart and throat diseases
  • Opens up your mind during meditation

Kali Mudra

On account of our hectic lifestyle, we often experience bad effects on our mind as well as the body such as tension and distraction. To counter it and drain out all the negative emotions, Kali Mudra is extremely important. The yoga mudra represents the Goddess Kali who stands for fearlessness and inner strength. Hence, by practicing it, you are allowing yourself to empower your mind and soul. Incorporate the mudra in your yoga TTC India course or pranayama course online to get the best out of it. You can try it with Anjaneyasana, Virabhadrasana I, and Chair Pose.

How to Perform it?

  • Sit in a comfortable meditation position with your spine and body at ease
  • Now, bring your hands together
  • Clasp all your fingers except the index fingers which would be placed flat against each other.
  • Rest all the fingers on the back of your hands and thumbs placed across each other
  • Next, inhale and exhale at regular intervals while feeling the energy of Goddess Kali
  • Practice it for 30 minutes

Benefits of Kali Mudra

The major benefits of Kali Mudra include:

  • Helps in blockage of negative energy and channelising the free flow of prana
  • Enhances mental control and keeps you away from unwanted thoughts
  • Reduces mental stress and tension in body muscles and joints
  • Cures insomnia and other related disorders

Vitarka Mudra

One of the most popular yoga mudras and undoubtedly, extremely powerful, Vitarka Mudra is linked to wisdom and knowledge and hence, it was often used by teachers and gurus back in the day. Lord Buddha can be seen in many images performing this yoga mudra while transmitting wisdom to his students and disciples. It is also called Discussion Mudra and translates to reasoning in the Sanskrit language.

How to Perform it?

  • Sit in a comfortable position with legs folded and spine straight and shoulders relaxed
  • Take deep breaths and bring your right hand to the level of your right shoulder
  • With palm facing forward, touch your thumb with the index finger while keeping the other fingers stretched completely
  • The left hand should rest on your left lap
  • Practice it for 30 minutes every day

Benefits of Vitarka Mudra

The major benefits of Vitarka Mudra include:

  • Provide a sense of clarity
  • Encourages learning of wisdom and knowledge
  • Helps in the maintenance of flow in the mind and body . Explore More Website

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