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The Right Way to dress up a Tulle Skirt

Have you heard about the tulle fabric? With fashion, it is important to understand the right combination to complement the whole attire. 

Tulle fabric is too much fun to style and wear, but being versatile, so many ways to tone confuse people. We will disclose some styling tips to ensure you turn some heads around. 

What is tulle fabric?

This is a sheer fabric that highly resembles the net fabric. The material is quite stiff and drape, depending on the yarn. The softness of the material depends on the fibers it will use, which can be cotton, polyester, silk, rayon, or nylon. 

The fabric is commonly expensive because of its great look and feel. It is generally used in bridal wear, luxury fashion, or formal gowns. People also use it as the main support for the fabric and pair it with diffe‌rent laces to add a decorative angle. 

What are the different tulle fabric?

  • Synthetic: This is the synthetic version of the fabric made from nylon, rayon, or polyamide. They are affordable ones to give you an elegant look. 
  • Tulle Illusion: The fine threads make this fabric super light and transparent. The material has an illuminated effect of giving a beautiful glow. This is commonly used in the necklines of the dress. 
  • French Tulle: Adds volume to the garments by inserting the layers of the material. Also ensures the transparency and lightness of the clothing. 
  • Polyester Tulle: This is also known as Net Fabric which is used in crafting. The fabric is cost-effective as used to add strength to the material. This is stronger than silk and cotton tulle. 
  • Cotton Tulle: It is cheaper than silk material, making it an ideal investment for the same quality. There are chances ‌ it is less durable and won’t be a great choice for wedding gowns. 
  • Silk Tulle: People prefer this fabric when looking for something smooth and lightweight. It is mainly used in bridal attires. 
  • Micro Tulle: The fabric has small holes and is completely made from synthetic materials. This might be ideal for mosquito nets and adding layers to certain clothing materials. 

What is a tulle skirt?

It is often worn by women that want something fluffy and shapes perfect for their body. The material is also used in making scarves, skirts, bridal veils, scarves, gowns, and other pieces of clothing used for decoration. 

Tulle can be made from materials like silk, nylon, and cotton. The net is often passed through starching to provide a stiffer feel. You might have Italian suiting with tulle fabric underneath to give you a soft feel. So, while wearing a tulle, you might want to add the material on top or underneath. 

You might have come across bubbled, straight, or ruffled tulle skirts in the clothing industry. It comes in varying lengths, from short to long, with some amazing designs on the dress. 

Find the right tulle skirt just for YOU:


The style should fit your figure 

You now know that tulle fabric makes skirts of different styles, shapes, and sizes. There is always room for experimenting with your attire. 

Flattering Length 

This depends on your height, size, and figure. You can also choose the length till your knees, or below it and ankle, depending on the comfort and occasion you will be wearing it.

How to style a tulle skirt to make a perfect outfit?

1. Daily wear 

When you plan to carry a casual and effortless attire, you can pair it with a simple top, flats, and cross-body handbag. If you want a more casual outfit, switch to sneakers instead. A leather or denim jacket can be worn to keep you warm and have a daily wear outfit. 

2. Bodysuit and Tulle Skirt 

It is a classic method to style your fabric. You might pair it with a top made from Chiffon fabrics to get a glowing and silky look in the attire. Slip-on sneakers to make it casual, feminine, and comfortable wear. 

3. Long Tulle Skirt 

This length is close to the ankles, which goes perfectly with a crop top. Carry a normal pair of flats that looks like a ballerina. Also, you have an option to go with simple pointy toe pair for a sophisticated look.   

4. Wedding Attire 

This might be tricky, but there is never a no to styling the dress for any occasion. There are high chances that the bride or people invited have dresses containing some tulle fabric. Try a dark-colored top and add a statement heel to make a bold appearance at the wedding.  

5. Formal Attire

Add a structured blazer with a less fluffy tulle skirt at the bottom. Get neutral color for a formal look and a strong feeling of positivity. 

6. Add sweaters or leather jackets 

Make a combination of a tulle skirt with contrasting sweaters that gives you a sophisticated look. While people like pairing it with a leather or fur jacket gives you a casual look. This gives a visually interesting look.   

7. Lace and Tulle Skirt 

You can go with this if you are looking for a classic look. Various patterns and colors of lace available in the market can be added to the attire to embrace its beauty. 

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Make a Fashion Statement with a TULLE skirt!

Your tulle skirt gives you the freedom to be paired with most of the dressing items. The flared layers, contrasting colors, and unique designs make you look more beautiful. Make sure you have the right match for the occasion and never overdo your fashion. 

Always experiment with your attires to find that perfect match that reveals your personality. You need to understand that there is always room for change. It is crucial to keep trying until you meet the level of satisfaction.

Some attires bring the real you out and help to boost the confidence only if you carry the right combination of clothing. 

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