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The Differences Between Different Martial Arts

There are many forms of martial arts. These include Taekwondo, Judo, San Soo, and Shaolin Kung Fu. Each style has its own unique style and a different emphasis on different types or combat. We’ll be discussing the differences and how they compare in this article Taekwondo Melbourne .


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that is practiced by millions of people in over 190 countries around the world. Choi Hong Hi, an officer in the Korean military, first created it. After the Japanese left Korea, many different academies were established to teach the various martial arts. Inconsistency in the styles taught led many to push to unify Korean martial art. Choi Hong Hi coined the name “Taekwondo” and began teaching it to the military. Later, he founded International Taekwondo Federation. However, he clashed with the korean government, as he thought they were trying to use martial arts as a political tool.

Taekwondo incorporates physical conditioning with mental discipline to teach people how to defend themselves and maintain balance. Students practice techniques known as Poomse (sparring) to develop reflexes, concentration, and agility.


Judo is an Olympic sport that is a Japanese martial-art, unarmed combat and a form of Japanese martial art. Kan Jigor invented it in 1882. This is a nonviolent combat method. It emphasizes kata (or training without weapons) and randori (or kata).

Judo encourages moral values, awareness, and the development of moral wisdom. This makes people more effective citizens in their local communities, as well as the nations around them. Judo students have a significant role in shaping their communities for the better and helping them to be better in the future. This is a martial art that helps people be calm and confident in all situations.

Judo originated in Japan, where Jigoro Kano, a young boy, began looking for a JuJutsu teacher. Jujitsu was not popular at the time and he started to look for teachers who could teach him more that kata. He met two teachers during this time who would help him to develop his philosophy and form.

San Soo

Kung Fu San Soo is a Chinese-American martial art that is based on techniques from both the Northern and Southern Chinese martial arts systems. San Soo kung fut focuses on the application of the most powerful techniques in order to achieve the best results. The martial arts form is a concentrated form of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu.

San Soo, while it is not a sport for competition, can be a life-changing skill. It can help you develop self-confidence, and a respect for all people. It teaches you to be strong in a fight regardless of who you are fighting.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu is also known as Shaolin Wushu, Shaolin quan or Shaolin kung Fu. It is one the oldest and largest styles of kung furu. That blends Ch’an philosophy and martial arts. This originated in the Shaolin temple in Henan province, Greater China. The art has been taught around the globe.

The art develops flexibility, stamina and balance. There are 18 postures which make up childish skills. There are two types to qigong: the external and internal. The internal version is stationary and the latter involves movement. The Shaolin 72 arts include both hard and soft qigong.

Shaolin Kung Fu, a striking martial art, is Shaolin Kung Fu. It combines punches, blocks, and kicks with various types of stances. The striking style can use both hard and soft techniques. It emphasizes wide stances.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial art that originated from China. It is the ultimate expression Taoist philosophy. It represents the union between Yin and Yang. The word “Tai Chi” derives its name from the word “Chuan”, which means “fist”. So, almost all Chinese martial arts use the term ‘Chuan’ in their names.

Tai Chi isn’t a martial art. It doesn’t involve physical sparring. It does however include a variety internal and externe techniques. Tai Chi teachers expect students learn defensive techniques first, and then learn offensive moves. This way, students can demonstrate their abilities before learning offensive moves.

The art is based on the principles of energy flow and movement. It teaches fluid and natural movements that can be used in order to tire out an opponent trying to strike you. Tai Chi also teaches push movements that can be used to strike an opponent.

Defendo Alliance

The Defendo Alliance is a Finnish martial art style. It is a European system that emphasizes realistic self-defense training, similar to Krav Maga. Defendo Alliance was founded by Jyrki Saario in 2005. This unique system was created by Saario using old techniques and manuals of different martial arts traditions.

The alliance is composed of martial arts schools and clans. Its goal, is to keep Murim orderly and safe. However, some people abuse their Alliance authority. Therefore, the Defendo Alliance has introduced a log book for all members to record training sessions and progress.


Systema is a Russian martial arts, and there are many schools. Multiple schools have appeared since the fall of Soviet Union in the 1990s. Each one has its own claims. It is important to understand the details of each Systema system before you decide to join one.

Systema has a long past. It dates back to the medieval Cossacks. Later, it was used by KGB agents as well as the Soviet Spetsnaz. It emphasizes hand-to–hand grappling, weapon dearmament, and Zen-like calmness.

Systema is a martial arts training program that teaches breathing and body placement. The practitioner must have an upright head position, a straight spine, and relaxed legs and arms. This allows them deflect or absorb attacks, and to stay in position. You can practice the systema style whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced martial artist of any age.


Angampora combines self-defense techniques with combat. It is a Sinhalese Martial Art. It is an art form that incorporates indigenous weapons and hand-to-hand fighting. The angam, which gives the art its name, is a key component of this fighting style.

Angampora combat techniques include locks and grips, strikes, blocks, and pressure point attacks. They can cause paralysis or pain. There are many different forms of Angampora, ranging from self-defence to sport. This art form also includes secret techniques like incantations and spells, as well as meditation.

Angampora practitioners must maintain a high level of awareness of their surroundings to successfully defeat an opponent. They must be fluid and fast, so they can move in the opponent’s space.


It uses the body and objects to defeat an opponent. This type is not for those with extraordinary knees or high levels of fitness. However, it does require flexibility.

These factors prompted the development of a martial art geared toward the needs of the urban community and self-defense. Bartitsu first appeared at the Japanese Society of London. The Japanese Society of London grew from the International Congress of Orientalists. It was then sold to the middle- and upper classes.


It was originally a military sport. However, it has evolved to be a sport of endurance as well as strength. Bokh matches start with ritualized movements modeled after those of lions and end when the wrestler reaches the ground above his knee.

Other similar martial arts include Mau Rakau, a traditional New Zealand style based on weapons training.

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