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The Best Sentiment Analysis Tools – Top Ten Solutions

Humans are emotional, and we let our emotions influence our choices in life. Sentiments are essential components in understanding sales through consumer behavior. Therefore, businesses invest in sentiment analytics technologies. This post will introduce the customer sentiment analysis tools and explain how they help corporate strategies. 

What Is Customer Sentiment Analysis? 

Customer sentiment analysis uses modern trend discovery tools to estimate customers’ emotional and abstract thought processes. Several data analytics solutions include such facilities. So, companies can use sentiment trends in their business strategy optimization. 

NLP (natural language processing) algorithms also enable businesses to acquire comprehensive insights into customer reviews, descriptive complaints, and social media posts. This technology is at the forefront of most sentiment analysis tools. 

AI (artificial intelligence) is another component of customer sentiment analysis tools. Moreover, it is available across all data analytics solutions. However, you require the AI and NLP relevant to your business. 

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Benefits of Consumer Sentiment Analysis 

While AI and NLP technologies require investments, the advantages of using sentiment analysis tools are also essential. So, corporations recognize the importance of consumer sentiment analysis in their branding, marketing, and customer relations strategies. 

We have enlisted the benefits of every AI-powered sentiment analysis tool that data analytics solutions include. 

  1. You will learn about customer satisfaction rates, brand loyalty, and customer lifetime value (CLV). 
  2. It becomes easier to manage consumer complaints if you understand how they feel. 
  3. Sentiment analysis tools allow corporations to create highly engaging marketing content. 
  4. Your team can predict the probability of a customer quitting your services. 
  5. Emotions change during festivals, and analytics help the marketing teams track such events. 
  6. You can also evaluate what the customers think about your competitors. 

What Are the Best Customer Sentiment Analysis Tools? 

1| Critical Mention – Sentiments in News 

Corporations often want to monitor how the mass media resources describe their brands, products, services, and leaders. So, critical mention assists managers and marketers track customer sentiments using AI in advanced data analytics solutions. 

Critical mention concentrates on news, magazines, and other published works to highlight your brand’s perception. If you try to do this manually, it becomes difficult to keep track of these publications. After all, they are active twenty-four hours a day due to the emergence of online publishing. 

This sentiment analysis tool can send notifications whenever someone mentions your brand on television or live streams. Use these mentions in your social media content strategy to enhance your online presence. It is one of the creative ideas made possible by consumer sentiment analysis. 

2| Repustate – Text Analysis 

Your market research surveys gather descriptive input from customers, employers, and thought leaders in the industry. However, studying these qualitative resources requires the help of NLP. 

Repustate is one of the best customer sentiment analysis tools to recognize emojis and social media slang. i.e., lol, wdym, idk, smh, etc. It can associate positive or negative emotions with a piece of text or a series of emoticons. 

Repustate’s API (application programming interface) has customization capabilities. Your team can specify and modify the filtering rules in the Repustate API to analyze industry-specific jargon. Therefore, it is a brilliant and flexible AI-driven sentiment analysis tool. 

3| Lexalytics – Explaining What Creates a Sentiment 

NLP, used in Lexalytics text analysis extracts the emotions and the potential reasons that caused it. Corporations must utilize it with their data analytics solutions. Besides, user intent is essential to marketing professionals and consumer sentiment analysis. 

You can revise your marketing and sales strategies to enhance their stats faction levels if you learn why customers feel positive or negative emotions. So, Lexalytics helps you with business strategy modification by describing the user intent with easy elaboration. 

4| HubSpot Service Hub – Customer Feedback Tool 

HubSpot can investigate the qualitative survey data collected through forms and CPA (cost per action) marketing campaigns. After analyzing the customer feedback, it assigns a “positive” or “negative” sentiment. 

NPS (net promoter score) in HubSpot surveys indicates the likelihood of a customer appreciating your brand through word-of-mouth marketing. The sentiment analysis tools that rely on NPS calculations show how your business performs in customer support, loyalty, and satisfaction. 

NPS surveys in the HubSpot service hub also facilitate employee satisfaction inquiries. So, corporations can measure the risk of employee attrition more strategically. 

Companies consider HubSpot’s CRM (customer relationship management) integral to their marketing and branding. Therefore, HubSpot’s service hub is one of the most efficient sentiment analysis tools since it helps you detect unhappy clients. You can follow up with them to prevent customer churn by addressing their grievances. 

5| Talkwalker’s Quick Search Tool – Social Media Listening 

“Quick Search” is an AI-powered sentiment analysis tool on Talkwalker’s consumer service platform. It observes the customer sentiments related to your social media accounts. 

Professionals often use data analytics solutions to track user engagement on their social media accounts. So, a quick search associates positive, neutral, or negative emotions after assessing your social media engagements. E.g., likes, shares, comments, mentions, etc. 

Social media listening involves collecting data on users’ interactions with your posts and influencer collaborations. Using this data allows you and your team to understand the growth of brand accounts across multiple networking platforms. 

6| Social Mention – Free and Accessible Social Listening Tool 

You can skip account creation and continue using Social Mention. This solution is one of the freely available customer sentiment analysis tools. So, business managers go to Social Mention’s website and insert their keywords. 

Once you hit the search button, Social Mention aggregates every social media platform where your keyword (i.e., brand query) has been mentioned. This tool also summarizes the sentiments concerning each mention. 

So, if a customer mentions you on social media to complain about your products, the sentiment summary is negative. Likewise, if a loyal customer recommends your products and mentions you in their post, the Social Mentions service counts this instance as a positive sentiment. 

Companies who want to quantify their social media strength can integrate Social Mention into their data analytics solutions. 

7| Brandwatch – Image Discovery 

Brandwatch has an image insights tool that finds images referring to your brand. This tool can find every image that includes your logo or other visual identity elements. Also, it enlists all images to demonstrate where you get the most traffic from image searches. 

Image Insight by Brandwatch also highlights metrics like mentions, follower counts, and the latest trends in images containing your logo. Therefore, you learn where the branded infographics and article images appear. 

8| Sentiment Analyzer – Text Mining Website 

Your teams can use the Sentiment Analyzer website to get a sentiment score for textual content. It helps you understand customer feedback containing unclear phrases. 

Customers can write a strongly positive or negative response. However, strong emotions can affect logical cohesion in writing and speech. Therefore, you observe that some of the customer reviews feel ambiguous. 

There is also the problem of sarcastic comments and reviews. You cannot understand the intent behind a sarcastic text on the first interaction. Computers require additional help from an AI-based sentiment analysis tool to interpret the emotions in such consumer responses. 

Sentiment Analyzer enables all businesses and solopreneurs to extract the sentiment scores using computational linguistics. It is a free text-mining solution in sentiment analysis tools. 

9| Rosette – Sentiments in 30 Languages  

International enterprises want to perform customer sentiment analysis on multilingual texts. Therefore, Rosette allows sentiment score valuation across thirty different languages. So, you can avoid having to translate the texts into English. 

Moreover, direct sentiment analysis also enhances the speed and accuracy of result generation. Additionally, Rosette can monitor the use of social media slang and informal speech in the text. As such, the reliability of the acquired sentiment scores stays intact. 

10| MonkeyLearn – Self-learning Solution 

Businesses might want to formulate their proprietary sentiment measurement systems. However, other tools already follow some of the same rules in data analytics solutions. How can any organization create its internal sentiment quantification module? 

MonkeyLearn enables you to tag different text phrases and specify each phrase’s sentiment. This AI-based sentiment analysis tool learns how tagging and emotion tracking work through iterations. The more you use MonkeyLearn, the better it gets. 

Therefore, you can determine your internal scoring system in customer sentiment analysis. Later, MonkeyLearn will let you parse the text content and assign sentiment following your specifications. 


Customer sentiment analysis tools can leverage AI, NLP, and translations to help brands with their social media listening and feedback analytics. Many data analytics solutions integrate these tools to serve their clients’ needs in customer relations. 

Managers can combine multiple sentiment analysis tools to distribute the risk of scoring deviations. Moreover, some tools support various languages out of the box. So, you can accelerate the customer sentiment analysis by skipping the manual translations. 

Social media listening is also vital in maintaining a positive and reputable brand image. However, performing all these activities requires advanced analytical facilities. Therefore, you want to select an impactful data processing partner to ensure efficient sentiment tracking. 

SG Analytics, a leader in data analytics solutions, enables organizations to perform high-quality customer sentiment analysis using the latest technologies. Contact us today if you plan to acquire extensive insights into your customers’ mindsets via AI and NLP. 

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