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The Best 15 HTML interview questions and answers!

HTML knowledge is a skill set in high demand in the corporate world. Even a basic understanding of this coding language will help you in any career route.

An examination of HTML fundamentals is thus a critical component of interviews. If you’re thinking about taking the next step in your career, here are 15 HTML interview questions with answers to help you get ready!

What is HTML? 

Hypertext Markup Language is abbreviated as HTML. It is a text formatting language that was created in 1993 to aid in creating web pages.

What are tags? 

HTML documents often include content as well as tags. Tags are used to construct HTML documents and assign special features to them. Tags are classified into three types: opening tags, content tags, and ending tags.

What are attributes in HTML?

In HTML, attributes are assigned to each tag to modify its behaviour. Quality is defined directly after the tag name and is enclosed in angle brackets.

What is the crucial distinction between HTML tags and elements?

This is one of the slightly more difficult HTML interview questions, and it is designed to assess your knowledge of the language.

HTML tags are important because they define the structure and layout of text. Elements, on the other hand, describe a combination of a starting tag, some content (if necessary), and a closing tag.

Is there any benefit to collapsing white space in HTML?

These are some HTML interview questions that will allow you to express your thoughts and knowledge.

A single space character is always handled as a blank sequence of white space characters. Collapsing white space helps developers indent text since browsers collapse several areas into a single space character. This can do without worrying about HTML code understandability while retaining many rooms and readability.

Do all HTML tags require an end tag? 

No, some HTML tags do not require a closing tag.

How many headings does an Html page have?

HTML contains a total of six types of headings, which are defined with the tags <h1> to <h6>.

Why do comments appear in HTML documents?

Preparing for this question from a list of HTML interview questions will necessitate some language knowledge.

Code comments are used to make the written code easier to understand. These are not displayed immediately in the browser. Instead, they enable you to leave.

Notes for yourself or other team members about a chunk of HTML

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What is the purpose of an anchor tag in HTML?

Anchor tags link two different sections, web pages, or website templates in HTML.

What are the main components of an HTML layout?

A header (to identify a section header or article), main body (the entire webpage content), and footer are the primary sections of an HTML layout (to define a section footer or a document). The layout also includes the articles and the navigation bar.

In the HTML language, what is the ‘class’ attribute?

The class attribute in HTML is used to indicate the name of an HTML element. Multiple factors in HTML can have the same class attribute value.

To answer this from the HTML interview questions, you may require a solid comprehension of the HTML language’s attributes.

What is semantic HTML? 

Semantic HTML is one of the various coding styles. Tags are used in semantic HTML to convey the meaning of the material. Semantics are used in HTML to reinforce the purpose of the material.

What is the fundamental distinction between the ‘class’ and ‘id’ attributes of HTML elements?

A class attribute can have the same value as several HTML components. However, the value of an element’s id property cannot connect with another language component.

How can I use HTML to present data in a tabular format?

Some HTML Interview questions are provided to assist interviewers in recognising the steps you must follow to develop an executable approach. This Question

We will also assess how well you communicate when sharing critical information.

The ‘HTML table tag’ is an element for displaying data in a tabular manner (format – row*column). This tag also controls the overall layout of a page, including the header, body, and foot sections.

What is the purpose of a style sheet?

A style sheet is created and utilised to develop a practical, portable, and well-structured style template. These templates can be collected and used on a variety of web pages. A style sheet can also describe the appearance and format of a document written in the language.

Important Takeaways

  • HTML is a skill that is fast being recognized for the several advantages it presents during a corporate career.
  • Several interviews with reputed roles in the organization contain questions that are designed to assess how strong your HTML language skills are.
  • Practising these 15 frequently asked HTML interview questions can be a great way to prepare for the final day.

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