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The 7 Stages Of Spiritual Development- You Should Know That

Humans are spiritual beings. It is them who possess the ability to embrace their spirituality, in its entirety. But embarking on a spiritual journey involves a lot of sacrifices, dedication, and compromises. It is a choice.

In the course of life, we humans are bombarded with several choices. Some of these choices have a promise to lead us into a new stage of development. However, these choices will lead to a positive change only when they are voluntary.

Coercion will lead you to nowhere. This article here deals with the seven stages of spiritual development and how it helps in the healing of body, soul, and mind. Scroll through this article for a spiritual experience.

The 7 Stages of Spiritual Development  That You Need To Know

Initially, people tend to follow that one path that leads to their destination. But more often than not, there will be times when you will be faced with choices. The choices are whether to immerse oneself in the divine spiritual journey or move forward with our regular drudgeries.

Here’s presenting the seven stages of spiritual development that you need to know.


We step into this material world in a state of innocence. The 3 lower chakras have established quite the hegemony in this world. Being the first stage of spiritual development, this stage is usually the happiest. We enter into this world carefree and full of hope.

With a loving family to support and protect us, we are in a state of complete bliss & joy, with no worries. You tend to have a certain connection with the Divine & the area of the Absolute, which is responsible for the development of your consciousness.

The spiritual being residing within you is alive. However, this memory slowly begins to fade for most people when they are taught to ‘fit in’ to the world. Individuals tend to get distracted by the happenings of the world.

Among them, very few of them actually tend to hold onto this connection and enjoy a lifetime of spiritual greatness.

Fear And Ego

Placed second in your path of spiritual development. The state of innocence is slowly fading away and is being replaced with emotions like fear and ego. With your growing years, you get to understand that we are at the mercy of other people.

Therefore, you’re obliged to make them happy, the people who are superior to us in every manner, form, or shape. The feeling of pure love that you have experienced all this time is soon replaced with fear & certain corresponding emotions associated with it.


Now, to get out of this stage of fear and ego, we start creating success stories in our lives. We get to understand that with success comes power. Everyone pays attention to successful people.

You follow the set path of success, starting with education, and career, and in due course, start your own individual family. You want to be in a powerful position where you want control over your fears. With this power, you develop a sense of security.


In this stage of spiritual development, you understand that life is not just about gaining power and material benefits. You start looking out for others. Helping the needy. You understand the joy that you receive from giving, is different.

But again, this act of giving is somewhere linked to power and ego. When you are helping someone, you’re placing yourself in a superior position. You cannot let this feeling overpower you.

We The Seeker

This is where your search for enlightenment begins. Begin your journey in search of the deeper meaning of life. You try to interpret the reason for your existence in this world.  You are in search of meanings and answers.

This is when your throat chakras open up. This happens only then when you’re expressing the qualities of your heart, in your life.

The Sage

This is the stage where the dawning of Cosmic Consciousness takes place. The mind is in its complete sense. Analyze your actions and get to the understanding that you play several roles in the course of your life, and you are the protagonist of all these roles.

You find yourself no longer scared of death. You understand that when there is life, there will be death. This is when we get access to the yogic powers.

The Spirit

This is the penultimate stage. Your heart is in a state of complete awareness. You experience Divine & Unity consciousness. There is no separation. The concept of Giver, Given, and Giving evaporates.

The sense of ‘me’ or ‘I’ no longer dominates us. Instead, it is replaced with a feeling of oneness. Although you’re still a part of the world, you no longer live off the world.

All your chakras sync up, initiating the free flow of energy.


Alas! These choices will never informed you prior to their arrival in your life. It will be so sudden that you will be taken aback. These are the phases when life tests you. However, the key to passing this test is staying alert and giving a chance to the wisest part of your body- the heart, to decide for you.

Although, I sincerely believe that no article can do justice to the explanation of these stages. Because some things are better if experienced on a personal level. Connect with us in the comments section below, if you agree on the same.

We’d love to hear back from you.

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