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Rules For Three Classic Pool Games

Pool games are very popular among players of all ages due to engaging gameplay and many other reasons. There are many best pool tables for sale in the market and it’s compulsory to choose according to your needs. Every game has some rules when you play with your friends or family. Without rules, there is no meaning to playing pool games. There are several pool games, such as 8-ball pool, 9-ball pool, snooker, billiard, and more. However, classic pool games are very famous among youngsters. In this guide, we will explain the primary rules for three classic pool games in the following. Let’s get deeper into the details!

Types of Classic Billiard Games

In the past, pool games had their roots in the 15th century. It’s said that billiards became a traditional game throughout the world at that time. Many people like to enjoy this amazing game, and it has evolved a lot of things. Since then, it’s been considered a classic game and is also loved today. Nowadays, many other models have emerged in billiard games, but not all of them are considered classic. There are the following types of classic pool games.

Eight-Ball Pool Game

As the name suggests, 8 balls are involved in this game where you have to put the seven in the cue. There are divided into two categories such as solids and stripes. You have to choose any of the two types and pocket the selected balls only to win the game. Don’t intermix the concept that this game involves 16 balls but has 8 balls for individual players.

When the rack of balls is broken, you will continue to pocket the balls preventing fouls. The winner will be the person who will pocket the seven balls and 8-ball earlier.

Nine-Ball Pool Game

It uses 9 numbers of balls, and you have to pocket them all. The game is played in terms of sets, unlike 8-ball pool games. When the rack is broken, you have to put the 9 balls in the pockets. To win, the player has to put the lower number of balls first, and no other ball should be left behind.

One-Pocket Pool Game

In a one-pocket game, you have to select a single pocket to put all the balls in it. In this game, you have to score 8 by putting the balls before the opponent. It’s the same as an 8-ball pool but requires more practice and effort to win.


It’s a bit different from traditional pool games in terms of players, but other things are the same. It involves three players, and a player can win by putting the balls before the other two people. A total of 15 balls are involved, but they are divided into three groups, i.e., 1-5, 6-10, and 11-15.

Straight Pool

Last but not least, in this game, the rack is set up as an 8-ball pool, but you have to call the pocket before striking. It’s more interesting and requires practice to win. Each ball you put into the pocket has 1 point, and you have to put the 14 balls in the pockets. The winner will be the one who will put the 15th ball.

Three Classic Pool Games: The Predefined Rules

Pools have many variations in the rules and are difficult to learn. We have explained the type of rules for three classic pool games in the following, which are easy to understand. These rules will help you ace these games. Let’s begin!

8-Ball Pool Game Rules

It’s a very famous pool game in the US, and the rack is kept in a triangular way. Eight balls are placed, having stripes and solids. You can pocket the balls in any order after selecting any of the types between stripes or solids. A person plays continuously until committing the foul or without pocketing a ball. These rules are fixed. The winner is the one who puts the 8th ball more than the other player.

9-Ball Pool Game Rules

Unlike 8-ball, it involves 9 balls to drop into the pockets. All the rules are pretty simple, and you can understand them easily. The person who will pot 9 balls into the pockets earlier. When a player misses a ball, it means it’s turned over time. When your opponent is on the table, you will only get your turn until he misses the ball. In short, you may get only one chance to win or lose the game. This is a very interesting game and quickly ends. It’s a perfect tournament to know the skills of two people. The 9-ball pool also has a variation with seven-balls or fifteen-balls, but the same rules are applied.

Three-ball Pool Game Rules

It’s considered the most traditional game and is frequently played in the subcultures. It’s also used to enhance your shooting skills in many regions of the world. The primary aim is to put the three balls into the pockets in minimum shots. This nature allows the players to enjoy a quick tournament. Usually, 3-5 innings are involved per player in this game. However, a match can consist of multiple innings according to the players’ selection.

The balls are racked like 8 or 9-ball games, and any side of the triangle can be used for hitting purposes. To reduce the chances of cheating, the opponent is allowed to re-arrange the rack. The break is also considered a part of the score, and all the balls that go into the pocket are also legal.

The points are added when the player pockets the balls. The maximum points are considered beforehand, and it’s time for the turnover. You will be amazed to know that the winner is the one who has the lowest score and has the minimum fouls. If the match ties, the player continues to play the game until they want without any official rules.


There are many types of classic pool games, but we have mentioned the rules for only three top types. Remember these rules and variations to be the game champion. We assure you that you will find this guide helpful while playing.

Enjoy playing classic pool tables!

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