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Promoting Your Blog On Instagram

This option is great if you have other priorities, as promoting your blog yourself can be quite a hassle. What’s more, it is usually relatively cheap to hire freelancers. Plus, you can hire multiple freelancers and manage a remote team to work on your blog while you’re on the go. Get in touch with Best Instagram Marketing Agency in London 

Another important factor to take into account is the organization, which has to do with how to promote yourself. In this case, you can follow a phased approach to focus on what’s best first, and even create a solid project management plan to manage your blog’s promotion strategy.

What I want to say is that promoting a blog is not an easy task, but today there are several ways to promote it  without too much time and money. Of course, you just have to know your blog well, who you are targeting and how.

Media such as images and videos make your blog posts more visually engaging and memorable. Consumers remember 65% of visual content versus just 10% of written content, which means adding visual media to your blogs can help readers retain information and remember your brand.


We know that running your own website can be hard work, and that’s not even counting the challenges, learning curves, and (probably) nights out you’ve endured in the process of getting to where you are today.

That said, there is nothing more demoralizing than putting your best efforts out on the web for all the world to see, and then scrutinizing your analytics and seeing low visits to your blog or website. Sure, numbers aren’t everything, and traffic takes time, but chances are you’ve started churning out content in hopes that it can get eyes on your site, and ultimately the website you’ve worked so hard for. to create. We also want that for you.

In an effort to expand your marketing toolbox and drive loads of peak-hour traffic to your site, we’re talking about social media – the details of each channel and how to use multiple platforms to promote your blog.

For many of you, interacting with social media is as common as breathing. You do it without thinking. Scrolling, double-tapping, comes naturally. They know social networks well, especially the how and when of their participation in them.

The best social networks to promote the blog

If you’re frustrated by the limited reach of your blog, the problem may be your promotional efforts. Many social media experts say that you should spend 20% of your time creating content for your blog and 80% promoting it. That sounds like a lot, but there are simple ways to streamline this process to maximize your social media efforts to create conversation, build relationships, and promote your blog to grow your audience.

Social media is a long game. If you are turning to social networks as a solution to find more readers for your blog, you are doing it wrong. Establishing a compelling and unique presence on various social media channels before promoting your blog will allow you to be seen as a true thought leader in your field. Make connections, engage in conversations, share innovative content, retweet or repin interesting work from people or brands you’d like to emulate. Once you’ve found your niche on the various social media channels, you can slowly start rolling out your own content. At this point, you will be a credible voice in your community, and your blog will be seen as an extension of your well-established presence, not the other way around.


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