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Power Whey to Go Decreases Muscle Recovery Time 

Athletes rely on whey protein when it comes to fitness and exercise. However, in this article, we are going to tell you about whey protein isolate that is equally advantageous as whey.  Power whey to go is a supplement containing isolated protein that allows you to gain muscles without causing any side effects. It is a Muscle Recovery drink that enhances overall athletic performance.

There was a time when protein powders dominated the industry. Gone are those days as liquid supplements are also gaining popularity. One can buy any protein powder or liquid from the market as there are endless options. However, they contain artificial ingredients which can cause stomach issues, etc. Therefore, you should be a label reader to ensure you are buying a healthy product for your fitness regime.

Power whey is a pure energy drink packed with isolated protein to accelerate your overall journey. Below we are going to explore the advantages of this muscle energy drink in detail.

Offers High-Quality Protein

Power whey offers you 20 grams of whey protein isolate that helps you meet your protein intake goals. According to health experts’ protein is an essential element for your health. It supports multiple functions in your body by keeping your cells, muscles, and organs in great shape. Moreover, protein improves your overall heart and brain health.

Regular consumption of protein regulates the blood and oxygen supply throughout the body. Similarly, protein speeds up your muscle recovery process and assists in lean muscle growth. Ab athletes can meet his protein goals through two ways that include regular diet and supplementation.

Food items such as meat, chicken, fish, and eggs offer an adequate amount of protein. which means you make sure to follow a portion-controlled diet plan along with your workout programs. Another way of gaining protein is power whey to go.

A liquid drink that ensures that your muscles are getting enough protein and performing well in the exercise sessions. Whey protein isolate is helpful for gym-goers who want to gain lean muscles.

Muscle Growth

Our body needs to work hard in order to grow and gym-goers spend hours in the gym to accomplish their muscle growth journey. However, muscle building is not limited to lifting heavier weights only. There is a whole strategy behind which requires you to be consistent and dedicated. It means you have to attend regular workout sessions and consume protein through supplements and regular meals.

An exerciser often experiences tiredness in the middle of the workout. It happens when muscle tissues start breaking down which the body uses as energy.  The damaged muscle can slow down your overall journey leading to muscle loss.

Power whey is a muscle energy drink that supplies fresh protein and amino acids profile to your body. The amino acids such as leucine help in kick-starting muscle protein synthesis. That leads you to gain lean skin-splitting muscles.

Eliminates Hunger Pangs

When we are hungry before or after lunch, we rush toward snacks to satisfy the craving. According to health experts’ snacks are unprocessed foods which contain calories. This unnecessary eating can result in the consumption of excessive calories that can increase our body fat.

Power whey to go helps in eliminating your hunger cravings by reducing your hunger hormones. It promotes satiety by making you feel fuller throughout the day.

Power Whey To Go

Carries Amino Acids

Amino acids are an integral part of our overall fitness and exercise performance. They support multiple processes in the body and make us healthy. Amino acids also form new proteins which are known as building blocks of the protein. In addition, they assist in enhancing your strength and improving your sports performance by delaying fatigue. Amino acids like leucine have an important role in muscle building.

There are 20 amino acids of which 9 are non-essentials and 11 are essential amino acids. Our body needs both of them to survive the intensive workout sessions. However, there are only 9 amino acids that naturally occur in the body.  We have to rely on regular meals and supplementation for the essential amino acids.

Power whey to go is a convenient source of essential amino acids. It is a ready-to-drink protein which means you don’t have to mix it with water and powder. Open the bottle cap and enjoy a muscle recovery drink after an extensive workout session.

Reduces Body Fat

If your aim is to gain lean muscles you need to be careful with your workout plan and eating habits. Our body needs an adequate amount of protein and calories to remain energized and lean. Here one has to ensure that he is consuming the right number of calories.

Often new athletes start cutting calories from their diet in an attempt to reduce fats. It helps them initially but drops their body energy.  Therefore, it is essential for athletes to consume 300-600 calories a day and consume whey Protein isolate through a supplement that boosts your metabolism rate and burns excessive calories.

Improves Sports Performance

An athlete has to follow diverse workout programs on a regular basis. Therefore, he needs to remain in peak physical strength. However, often muscle soreness and fatigue can slow his performance down. You might wonder what muscle soreness is and how it can affect my fitness performance.

Muscle soreness is also known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). A situation of pain and irritation in your body when you return from your workout. If you get up from bed after a leg day and feel stiffness in your body it means you are experiencing soreness.

There are numerous searches available regarding the reason behind muscle soreness. However, no evidence have been presented to back the claim yet. It does not mean there is no treatment available for muscle soreness. As per the expert athletes’ soreness appears in your body when you hit the gym for the first time. It is a clear indicator of your muscle growth but slows down your performance in the long term.

Power whey to go eliminates your soreness by repairing the damaged muscles allowing you to bounce back on the performance with full strength. It is also recommended that one should have proper rest after the exercise session. Proper rest helps in relaxing muscles enabling you to get ready for the next workout.

Other Benefits

Besides offering whey protein isolate, power whey to go has numerous health benefits. Its regular consumption can improve your overall skin and oral condition. In addition, it also boasts your digestive system to help you absorb food quickly. However, you have to be careful regarding the dosage. experts say one should consume 0.5grams of protein per pound of body weight. While others claim it is a low quantity and exact should be 0.8grams per pound bodyweight. One should seek advice from his health care professional.

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