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Opening a nail bar: instructions for use

You never go out without polish, love manicure evenings with your friends, and have decided to make your passion live through your job? Opening a nail bar cannot be improvised. Find in this article all our advice to launch this professional activity. From the market study to the business plan via the marketing plan, we detail all the steps to follow before you start. Follow the leader!

Perform market research for a nail bar

The first step in opening a nail bar is to conduct a market study to validate the existence of a business opportunity in the planned location.

For this, you will need to study in detail:

  • Industry trends: what products and services are in vogue?
  • The profile, consumer expectations, and buying habits: what is the profile of the typical customer? His budget?
  • The existing offer on the market: who are your future competitors? What services do they offer?

Nail market: trends and projections

In this mixed context, beauty professionals tend to group by sector: tanning, slimming, manicure, etc.

Imported from the United States in the 70s, this activity allows in a few minutes, at a lower cost, most often without an appointment, to show off perfect hands with more or less sophisticated nails: from the classic manicure to real works of art referred to as “nail art.”

Nail bars subject to changing regulations

Nail bars are the subject of all the attention of the legislator who seeks to rule on the level of qualification necessary to exercise certain services delivered by nail salons.

It can nevertheless be noted that:

  • nail prosthetics (false nails) can be practiced by a person who does not hold a CA but who has completed qualifying training of a minimum of 105 hours (the CCP – Certificate of Professional Competence)
  • nail styling can only be exercised by the holder of a CAP, preferably completed by a Certificate of Professional Competence

Opening a nail bar: independent or franchise?

While opening an independent nail bar is possible, opting for a franchise can be a reassuring option in the context of changing regulations and uncertainty.

Indeed, launching your nail bar in a network will undoubtedly bring you peace of mind since you will adopt a proven concept and benefit from the advantages specific to the franchise: the notoriety of the sign, suppliers already identified, and economies of scale.

Finding a location for your nail bar

Finding your business’s location is the next step to opening a nail bar.

The geographic location is one of the major factors in the development of your store and its turnover. The decision should, therefore, not be taken lightly.

Of course, the final location of your nail bar will depend on your business positioning. For example, a chic nail bar with services at relatively high prices will do well to be located in the city center, and why not in an upscale neighborhood. On the other hand, a nail bar that emphasizes low prices and speed will be more likely to see its shop not empty in a mall.

The area required for your premises will also depend on your concept. For example, a luxurious nail bar, with appointment booking and large leather armchairs facing an individual desk, will require more space than a more affordable nail bar, with a common counter and simple bar stools for customers to settle in.

What legal structure to open a nail bar?

Opening a nail salon involves establishing a business and choosing famous legal status.

Be careful. The choice of legal status is not without consequences since it will impact both the organization of the company but also the social regime of the manager and the tax regime of the company.

It is, therefore, not a decision to be taken lightly. Quite the contrary!

The human and material needs to launch your nail salon

To evaluate your projected budget in the business plan of your nail bar, you will have to quantify the human and material needs necessary for opening your business.

The material requirements needed to open a nail bar

Opening a nail salon requires having substantial equipment. In addition to the essentials of any commercial premises (computer station, bank card terminal, etc.), you will need to furnish the place (counter, armchairs, tables, decoration, lighting) to make it a warm space where you can feel good.

You will also need to provide the necessary equipment specific to your activity: a UV lamp to dry the varnish, stock of varnish, solvent, foot and hand cream, etc.

The staffing needs of a nail bar

When developing the provisional budget, also plan for any hiring for your nail bar.

Be careful to respect the regulations on the training and diplomas necessary to exercise this professional activity. If possible, we recommend that you favor people with experience or, failing that, a real passion for the job.

Additional services essential to the opening of your nail bar

Opening a nail bar requires the use of essential ancillary services.

In particular, you will need to ensure your shop. Possibly plan to outsource the cleaning if you or your employees do not take care of it. And provide the services of a chartered accountant to help you with management (bookkeeping, VAT, payroll, etc.).

Before committing to your suppliers, do not hesitate to ask for quotes from several professionals and then compete.

The marketing plan for a nail bar

Next step to creating a nail bar: is the marketing plan. This is about thinking about the communication actions to be taken to acquire and retain your customers.

There are many options available to you here, including:

  • distribute flyers to let you know the inhabitants of the neighborhood
  • to advertise, in particular via the regional press or the municipal newspaper
  • set up a loyalty program and encourage referrals

Depending on your commercial positioning, you will prefer one or the other of these examples.

The business plan of a nail bar

The nail salon business plan makes it possible to verify that the company is financially viable, at least on paper, before launching. It is also essential for seeking financing since banks and potential investors will systematically request it.

Using specialized software has several advantages:

  • You can draw inspiration from business plan templates already written
  • You easily make your financial forecast by letting the software take care of the accounting aspects for you
  • You get a professional document, formatted and ready to be sent to your banker

Finding funding to launch your nail bar

If you and your associates do not have this sum on hand, do not panic, there are other sources of financing than the equity of the director(s).

You can turn to your bank to take out a loan to finance part of the equipment or even use crowdfunding. Don’t lose sight of the various business start-up assistance schemes that often provide financial, administrative, and strategic assistance.

You can, of course, use one or other of its financing levers or combine them.

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