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Most Scoring Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

An essay, of any type is a vital part of every student’s academic life. We have to complete uncountable essays throughout our life. Some are quantitative, some qualitative, etc. Essay writing helps us understand different cultures, points of views and boost our research skills. So in all aspects, essays are a beneficial task to groom students in many ways. However, students sadly often fail to compose a brilliant essay in their field.

Besides, one specific famous type of essay is compares and contrasts. For many students, comparing and contrasting essay topics are daunting. They even think of Pay Someone To Take My Online Course to get rid of this type of essay. If you are facing a similar problem, worry no more. We can help you understand what compare and contrast essays are and which topics are most scoring in them.

What Actually Compare and Contrast Essay Is

Like other academic tasks, essays are vital, especially the compare and contrast ones. Academic experts say it helps in the cognitive growth of students. Why? Because compare contrast essays let students know both sides of the stories. That is why students learn robustly and gather more evidence.

What do you understand by the name “compare and contrast”? Yes, like its name, it focuses on comparison and difference. Its purpose is to help students understand the differences between two objects or anything and let them compare. For example, imagine you live in a hostel with four roommates. You can make a compare and contrast topic on this scenario about living in a hostel v/s living with family. This topic gives you the freedom to differentiate between the living styles and compare the comfort.

As you are here reading this article, you most probably have to deal with a compare and contrast essay. Anyway, if you want to compose a brilliant compare and contrast essay, first you have to understand the science behind these two words. Here, compare means to find the similarities between two things. On the other hand, contrast contains the same meaning of the word here, difference. Thus, you have to find the similarities between two things in nature, degree, and scale. Afterward, you also have to differentiate those two things.

Most Scoring Essay Topics

It is undeniably hard to find a unique topic for a compare and contrast essay. Why? Because people have already worked on nearly every topic to differentiate things. You might be thinking the same, how am I going to find the most scoring topic for my essay. Well, you are lucky that we have some topics to share with you. Thus, here are some excellent compare and contrast topics in different fields.

Healthcare Topics

We will never run out of topics for compare and contrast essays on healthcare. Luckily, if you have even a minor interest in the health side, these topics can fit well in your essay.

  • The usage of chemical drugs is more beneficial or harmful
  • Homeopathic VS allopathic treatment
  • Using local healthcare support or not
  • Psychologist VS psychiatrist: What’s the difference?
  • Natural remedies VS medications
  • Living with a scar or plastic surgery: What’s better
  • Clinics or hospitals: For needed care?
  • Male nursing staff VS female
  • Healthcare at home VS hospital

Technological Topics

As we live in a digitalized world, we have numerous technological topics to use in compare and contrast essays. Here is a few of them to give you some ideas.

  • Windows VS iOS VS android
  • Smartphones VS laptops
  • Amazon VS Alibaba group
  • Instagram VS Facebook
  • 2D movies or 3D movies
  • Is social media beneficial or not
  • To bring Artificial intelligence or not
  • Online learning VS traditional classroom learning
  • Samsung or Apple
  • Which technological field is better today: Blockchain or Data Science
  • WordPress or PHP
  • Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Normal keyboard VS mechanical keyboard
  • Which firm gives the best computing power: Intel or AMD
  • Which is the best place for freelancing: Fiverr or Upwork
  • High-power server machines VS standard desktop computers

College Topics

The best topic for compare and contrast essays can be issues of college life. Every student knows college life. Thus, you can vividly compare and differentiate between numerous things related with college life. Still, below are some excellent topics to help you.

  • Saving money in college life or not
  • Working part-time or full-time alongside college studies
  • Public VS private college
  • Online course materials VS textbooks
  • Online college degree programs or traditional on-campus
  • Participating in extracurricular activities VS partying in college life
  • Taking college life seriously or going with the flow
  • Which source is the best for information: College libraries or the internet
  • College fields: Sciences or Arts
  • Hiring a private tutor or not

Academic Topics

Education is a never-ending journey, and so do its topics. Therefore, you can always find something new about education to write in your essays. This specific field is one of the best to compose and contrast.

  • Theoretical learning VS practical learning
  • Academic writing or creative writing
  • Studying from home VS studying on campus
  • Private tutors or online academic help services
  • The British VS American education system
  • Visual learning or textbook learning
  • Which is the best for today’s students: learning from books or the internet?
  • Dealing with homework in the library VS at home

Science Topics

Science is a mysterious field. The more you dive into this field, the more you get to know the truth. Thus, here is how you can turn your essay into a masterpiece compare and contrast paperwork.

  • Astrology VS Geology: what’s better
  • What should we use more: Plastic or paper
  • Old-school methods or modern scientific methods
  • Atomic energy VS nuclear energy
  • Cyclones VS hurricanes
  • Which is the stronger: Bacteria or viruses


At this point, you are aware of what actually compare and contrast essays are. Besides, we have provided you with many excellent topics which can help you get high scores. Yet, you do not have to think about Pay Someone To Take My Online Course to write me the most scored essay. Instead, you can pick a topic from the above. Thus, gather whatever you need to compose a top-notch compare and contrast essay and start your work.

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