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Metal Fencing – An Alternative to Traditional Wood Fencing

Fencing Company Dundee, If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional wood fencing, consider metal fencing. Steel and wrought iron are two options. Compared to wood, steel is more durable. Aluminum is also a cheaper option. Galvanized steel is more rust resistant. Corrugated metal is also an upscale option. The choice is yours, but there are some things to consider before choosing a material.

Steel is stronger than wrought iron

Steel and wrought iron fencing are similar to each other in a lot of ways, but the main difference lies in the way they are produced. Both are strong, durable materials that can last decades. The choice of material should depend on the purpose of your fencing, the type of construction, and the desired longevity.

Steel is stronger than wrought iron for a variety of reasons. For instance, steel is easier to work with and more versatile than wrought iron. Steel is easy to sand, prime, and paint. While wrought iron may have a more ornate appearance, steel has a more contemporary look and feel.

Wrought iron is an elegant material, but it is also more labor-intensive to produce. Fencing Company Dundee, This means that wrought iron may not be as affordable to all customers. Steel is much faster to work with, which is one reason why it is popular. However, wrought iron is still popular with homeowners who want elaborate designs.

Another reason why wrought iron is better than steel for metal fencing is that it is less susceptible to rust than steel. Wrought iron develops a striking patina over time, which gives it a more classic look than steel.

Aluminum is cheaper than steel

When comparing costs, aluminum is a cheaper choice for metal fencing than steel. It is strong and durable and comes in a variety of colors and styles to match most home exteriors. For instance, white or black fencing is a classic choice that complements Georgian architecture. It can also be custom molded to create a number of custom designs.

Another advantage of aluminum is its low maintenance. Unlike steel, it does not rust or require special coating, which makes it an ideal choice for residential applications. It requires little maintenance and will last for years. Additionally, aluminum is lightweight, so it can be easily installed and removed without worry of rusting or peeling. You can also choose a variety of colors for your fence, from vibrant colors to the more traditional black.

The cost of aluminum for metal fencing depends on several factors, including the size and type of the fence. Fencing Company Dundee, Different gauges have different levels of durability, and thinner gauges are cheaper to install but more prone to denting and falling over. It is important to talk to a fencing contractor to determine what option is right for your needs and budget.

While steel fences may cost a bit more, they are much stronger than aluminum. They can last for 30 to 40 years, which is about two times as long as wood fences. If your budget is tight, however, aluminum fences will still protect your property and keep out intruders.

Corrugated metal is an upscale alternative to wood fences

If you are looking for a more stylish alternative to traditional wood fences, consider corrugated metal. This material does not have a traditional wood grain pattern and can come in a variety of colors. It also offers the advantage of being eco-friendly. It is not a waste product and can be reused for other purposes, such as roofing dog houses and chicken coups. When it is no longer in use, you can send it to a recycling plant where it will be recycled and made into new sheets.

Corrugated metal fences can be customized by adding wood slats and translucent panels. In addition, the panels do not have to conform to a standard s-shape. You can also choose a wood plank style corrugated fence, which gives the appearance of natural wood. Fencing Company Dundee, This type of fence creates a harmonious look between wood and metal.

Corrugated metal is a strong and durable material. It will not rot, warp or crack and is termite-resistant. In contrast, wood fences require ongoing maintenance. They may need to be painted or sealant applied to prevent moisture damage. Vinyl fences, on the other hand, can easily come apart with enough pressure.

Corrugated metal fences are typically cheaper than wood. Depending on the thickness of the panels, corrugated metal can cost between $10 and $12 per linear foot. Contrastingly, wood costs between nine and fifteen dollars per linear foot.

Galvanized steel is more resistant to rust than steel

Although galvanized steel is less expensive, it is not as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel. While galvanized steel has an outer layer of zinc, which protects it from rusting, this layer can eventually wear away, leaving the carbon steel underneath vulnerable. Stainless steel also offers a more attractive finish. It has a silvery appearance and can be more expensive than galvanized steel.

Steel that is galvanized has a long lifespan. Fencing Company Dundee, This steel is more resistant to rust and corrosion than steel, and is often used in metal fencing. The zinc coating protects against rust and other types of corrosion longer than paint. It also helps prevent brown rot. Rust occurs when oxygen reacts with iron in metal. The zinc coating prevents further oxidation by forming a protective layer of zinc oxide.

Although steel is the most common metal for metal fencing, galvanized steel can be more durable. This material can withstand corrosive elements like sulfur dioxide, acids, and acids that are often present in water. It can also withstand corrosion from tin, zinc, and lead, and has a long life span.

Galvanized steel is an excellent choice for a wide range of uses. It is recyclable and does not emit pollutants, which makes it a more environmentally friendly choice. The metal is also more durable and provides more aesthetic value. Galvanized fencing is more resistant to rust than steel and will last longer than untreated steel.

Corten is an upscale option to wood fences

Corten is a unique type of steel that is naturally corrosion resistant. It also has eight times the strength of most other types of steel. This material is relatively inexpensive, running $10 to $15 per linear foot. It is also easy to install, and can be an excellent choice for security fencing. Corten fences are also very affordable, ranging from $10 to $50 per linear foot.

Corten is available in a wide range of thicknesses and is a very versatile material. It can be used for fencing, gates, and garden wall panels. Corten steel is not entirely rust proof, so its longevity is dependent on climate and thickness and how quickly the protective rust layer develops. But it is a great option for fences, and you can find many examples online.

Maintenance of metal fences

Regular washing and waxing can protect metal fences. You can use warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush to scrub away debris and dust. You can also use a soft cloth to wipe away rust spots. If your fence is located in a coastal area, you should regularly spray it with water to reduce accumulation of salt.

It is important to inspect your fence once a year to keep it in good condition. Fencing Company Dundee, Repairing small cracks will prevent further deterioration. Likewise, if you live in an area that experiences high wind, you should anchor your fence to avoid damage. Fencing Builders Dundee, This is a simple process that requires no special skills.

Fencing Company Dundee

If your fence is made of metal, it is advisable to use a high quality sealant. This will extend the life of the metal. When you are choosing the type of metal, you should also consider the type of sealant used. A high-quality sealant will keep your fence looking great for longer.

If your fence is made of wrought iron, you should clean it at least once a month. However, if it has decorative scrollwork, you should do it more frequently. Wear rubber gloves and scrub it with mild detergent or a household cleaner. Then, dry it and repaint it if necessary.


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