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How to Harden Your Wireless Router in 4 Easy Steps

Improve the safety of your wireless router.

The Wi-Fi in your house is not secure. There are a plethora of vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi routers that hackers have discovered and exploited. They use them to snoop on you, sign up for new networks. Get access to your file shares, and even compromise any Internet of Things (IoT) devices. That is linked to your Wi-Fi network. Cybercriminals can plant malware, take over cameras, and steal personal information from this location.

Users should take measures to strengthen the privacy of their private networks. It’s useful for avoiding hacks, getting things done faster, and making life safer. Take a look below to find out the top 5 things that can be done right now to protect your router.

Let’s Back Up for a Second

There is great variety among wireless routers. You may customize their user interfaces, designs, configurations, names, and a variety of other features. Before trying to use these techniques on your home network. You should familiarize yourself with your router’s technical specs.

Some general advice that works with any router is as follows.

  • Passwords should be long, complicated, and secure.
  • Modify the Admin Password Defaults
  • Devise a system where visitors may access the internet independently.
  • The need to conceal your network’s identity
  • Switch off the network while it’s not in use.
  • Do not use WPS.

Let’s move on to some more complex techniques for protecting your Wi-Fi network.

#1. Upgrade Your Router Firmware:

Most of our electronic gadgets automatically update themselves, which is a feature we seldom think about. Routers do not share the same feature. You need to check whether there is the latest firmware update available.

Updates to the firmware not only enhance functionality. But also frequently include fixes for previously discovered vulnerabilities. In that sense, they are crucial. In particular, routers with a lifespan of 3 years or more will experience this issue. Internet hackers are more likely to have found easy ways to attack older routers.

Go ahead and log in to the router. System notifications, such as firmware updates, could be include. As a bonus, certain users are able to download and install app upgrades. provides you with the latest updates and information on router firmware. Unfortunately, if your router doesn’t support automatic updates, you’ll have to handle them manually. Follow the link to the software portion of the manufacturer’s help page for your router.

Install the program on the router by downloading it. Be careful to remind yourself that you must do this several times a year. Updates are important for security against external threats, but they may be a laborious process.

#2. Install a Virtual Private Network on Your Router

Each year, VPNs gain more and more users. When used by internet users, they provide a wide variety of protections and privacy enhancements. However, most users are unaware that VPNs may be configure at the router level. This would ensure the safety of any connections made through the router by routing them through the VPN.

Adding a virtual private network (VPN) to your router can be done in a few different ways. However, keep in mind that broadband provider modem/routers with built-in VPN software are uncommon. The process requires the use of a second router. Buying a router that already has built-in VPN functionality is the simplest solution. Verify that this is a feature of yours. If not, update the firmware on your router by “flashing” it. Never fear, your virtual private network (VPN) provider has got your back.

#3. Switch to WPA3 encryption

There is no need to state the obvious and suggest you should never have an open Wi-Fi connection. And when setting it up, you definitely shouldn’t employ the WEP security protocol. This is because a brute-force assault is more effective against such passwords. WPA3 is the newest and most secure Wi-Fi password protocol.

When compared to its predecessors, WPA2 and WEP, WPA3 offers several enhancements. Some of these measures include making public networks more private. And making improvements to the security of the industrial and government sectors.

Latest-generation routers should be compliant with this standard. If you own an earlier model, contact the maker to see if it will be supported through firmware upgrades.

#4. Use Firewalls

Firewalls, like VPNs, aren’t limited to the device level. But may also be implement at the router level. To prevent unauthorized access and monitor network traffic, most routers are equipped with a firewall. If you want to make sure that your packet filtering is working properly, you should also check these defaults.

The firewall examines all information entering and leaving the system. Comparing it against a set of criteria. In accordance with them, we can determine if the information is reliable. If not, the firewall disregards it before it reaches your devices. When used in conjunction with antivirus software, you may verify the integrity of any and all data. Network intrusion attempts and malicious software may both be thwarted with the aid of a firewall.

Take time to make these settings just perfect. If you do, you’ll simultaneously improve online surfing and boost security.

Improve the safety of your wireless router.

Only at your Wi-Fi router can you set any and all preferences for your network. Take advantage of this information. And immediately begin adopting these basic router security measures. In addition to being simple, they are cheap and quick to put in place. What could possibly be better than that?

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