How to Draw A Siamese Cat

Draw A Siamese Cat

How to Draw A Siamese Cat. Learn how to draw a handsome Siamese cat with easy step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. Now you can easily create a beautiful drawing of a Siamese cat. Siamese cats have cute patterns and great personalities. If you don’t have any of these cats, your best bet is to learn how to draw a Siamese cat, as shown in our Cat Coloring Pages.

Siamese cats are typically cream-colored with dark brown faces, legs, and tails. It is unique as most breeds are reverse colored with white faces, chests, and legs.

Numerous individuals love Siamese kittens because they examine rare and unknown. This guide will show you how to draw a cartoon Siamese cat so you can have imaginary adventures together. You can name your cat, remove a collar and maybe add paw prints in the background. To make your drawing realistic, color the cat’s body light brown with dark brown for the face, ears, tail, and legs. Make the eyes blue and the inside of the ears pink.

Instructions for Drawing A Siamese Cat

Step 1

Draw two lemon shapes for the eyes. Draw and fill ovals in these shapes, then add a round triangle and two hook shapes underneath. If you want something different, try another type of cat eye.

Step 2

Draw two slightly tilted rounded triangles for the ears. Connect them with a curve, and then draw the chin and mustache.

Step 3

Draw curves around the cat’s face to create a large oval with sketchy jagged lines near the top. Using the same jagged lines, outline the inside of these ears.

Step 4

Use the same shaky lines to outline the cartoon Siamese cat’s face and the insides of its ears. Mark two more additional cables to create the channel.

Step 5

To start the leg, draw a line with hook shapes on either end. Draw a curved line to the right with a jagged edge in the middle.

Step 6

Draw a parallel line to complete the leg, then draw overlapping loops for the toes. Add more sketchy lines to emphasize the fur.

Step 7

For the body, draw a curved line that gradually slopes down with another hook at the end. Draw a curve with a jagged line at either end.

Step 8

Add more details to your Siamese cat photo. Meet the right portion with a turn and co-occurring toes. Draw two more lines in the background and another hook to the right.

Step 9

Complete the outline of the drawing of your Siamese cat. Outline the toes on the right leg. Use elongated S-shapes to create a long tube with a tuft of fur at the end.

Draw A Siamese Cat

Step 10

Color in the drawing of your Siamese cat. Now that you are done sketching your cartoon Siamese cat in black. Check the picture to make some lines more aggressive than others.

To Make Your Drawing Realistic:

  1. Color the cat’s body light brown with dark brown for the face, ears, tail, and legs.
  2. Make the eyes blue and the inside of the ears pink.
  3. Use a dimmer shadow of brown for the nose.

Siamese Cat Drawing

Drawing Completed

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