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How Do I Refresh the HEPA Filter?

Have you recently purchased an air purifier and are trying to learn more about its operation and how you can maintain it? We can help! Cleaning your HEPA filter is among the most crucial steps to ensure that your HEPA air purifier stays in a great state.

What’s the best method to get them clean? Do they need to be cleaned? What kinds of ones do I need to replace?

We’ll cover the answers to these questions and more information in the post. Let’s get started with how to clean the HEPA filter.

The first thing you’ll see about your HEPA filter is not the only one that needs cleaning. It’s also necessary to keep the mesh pre-filter clean.

Vacuum the Pre-filter at Least Every Month.

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The manufacturer recommends cleaning the white part of your HEPA filter using a brush attachment on the vacuum.

Without an accessory, the vacuum could be harsh on the HEPA filter and cause it to rip off the fibers.

Don’t Use Household Cleaners, Water or Detergents to Clean the HEPA Filter.

In general, household cleaning products and detergents aren’t advised for HEPA filters. They destroy the soft fibers in the filter, causing damage to the filter.

Water can be used to clean certain HEPA filters, also known as washable filters; however, not the entire set. This is one reason why it’s essential to review the owner’s manual. Every filter may have different guidelines regarding maintenance.

Change the HEPA Filter at Least Every 2500 Hours or Every 3 to 4 Months.

This can be anywhere from the time three or four months when you run the air purifier all day long. If you are using it 24 every day, that’s approximately six to seven months. Some air purifiers state each month for four months, and others might say once a year.

Read our article “Should I leave my air purifier on throughout the day?’ to learn more about how you can use the air purifier you have.

Always Replace Your Filter With the Same Brand to Ensure Optimal Performance.

This is true for all brands that sell air purifiers. If you have this particular model, the Modify air purifier, you’ll also need to purchase a replacement filter from Modify.

There’s always the chance that the standard HEPA filter made by another company won’t work. Also, it could not be as efficient. iRobot 620 and 761, these two are the vacuum having excellent HEPA filtration technology.

Cleanable Filters Can Require Maintenance Throughout Their Lifespan.

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The most common kind that is a HEPA filtering is one that’s a replacement filter. Remember that the replacement filter may require monthly cleaning, depending on the manufacturer. After a couple of months, it might need to be replaced.

Generally speaking, you can wash your replacement HEPA filters monthly and change them every 4 to 6 months. However, we recommend reading the manual before relying on generic guidelines.

The Permanent Filter Can Be Cleaned Gently by Using the Vacuum Cleaner’s Brush Attachment.

Permanent HEPA filters don’t need replacement. However, there are guidelines regarding how to clean them. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning them gently with a brush attachment for the vacuum.

Although a vacuum may collect plenty of dust and dirt from its HEPA filter, the machine could also eliminate some fibers that make up the HEPA filter. Therefore, it is essential to use a gentle hand.

Washable Filters Can Be Washed With Water.

Certain HEPA filters can be washed. The filters are cleaned with warm or cold water. I’ve seen both suggested. Also, check your user’s manual to find the most effective techniques.

If you wash an unwashable filter using water, it could damage HEPA filters. HEPA filter.

To Wash a Cleanable HEPA Filter, Allow It to Hang Out to Dry for at Least 24 Hours.

It’s crucial to ensure that the washed HEPA filter is dry before putting it back in your air purifier. You can gently shake off the excess water and place the air purifier on an absorbent towel. It can rest for a day or longer.

Will HEPA Filters Be Cleaned and Used Again?

There are a few exceptions. HEPA filters are washable, however, and certain HEPA filters require replacement within four months to one year. The exact timing depends upon the brand. It is only recommended to wash HEPA filters marked as “washable.”

If your HEPA filter is permanent, it probably will not need a replacement for ten or more years. If it is not permanent, I have to clean it for a couple of months and then replace it.

Certain HEPA filters last longer than others; you should consult your manual to determine the most precise advice.

How Do You Remove the Non-washable HEPA Filter?

It is possible to clean a washable HEPA filter using the brush attachment of your vacuum. Take care not to scratch any surface on the HEPA filter. Consult your user’s manual for more specific instructions.

How Often Do HEPA Filters Change?

The advice online is varied. Some say once every few weeks, and others say it should be every two to 3 years. Check your HEPA filters every six months. If you notice a lot of grime growing, you should change this HEPA filter.

Some manufacturers may suggest replacing your filters every four months, every 18 months, or any other interval. Also, review your user’s manual before changing HEPA filters.

How Can I Tell When the HEPA Filter Is Dirty?

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Open the air purifier and take out the pre-filter. The HEPA filter will be filled with massive clumps of dirt dust. It’ll appear black when it’s filthy. It’s a sign that your filter requires replacing or cleaning.

Another way to tell whether the filter is dirty is by being aware of your home’s air quality. If your air purifier isn’t operating correctly, it could indicate it’s time to replace the filter that needs to be removed or changed.

What Happens if You Fail to Change the HEPA Filter?

Permanent filters do not require replacement for many years, so it’s not risky to store them inside your purifier. However, if you do not replace the HEPA filter, the air purifier will cease functioning as time passes.

Additionally, it could be harmful to let all the toxic substances and dust accumulate inside your air purifier for many years. Here are some symptoms you could experience from low air quality.

When you’ve gone for years without changing your filter, it’ll cease to function. You’ll likely be aware that you’ll need the replacement.

If you’ve replaced your filter, but your air quality is low, consider alternative strategies to enhance the indoor air quality.


The vacuum is an essential component of any home appliance. It requires proper care. Particularly if it has HEPA filtering. A vacuum with a filter needs cleaning at intervals according to the frequency of use.

Overall, a clean HEPA filter will ensure that your vacuum remains in excellent working order.

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