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How Can I Build And Attach Cornice Wood? 

To make a statement in your house, use this DIY tutorial to learn how to attach a cornice wood board. This cloth window treatment design warms up the room while concealing the curtain rod.

Have you ever been remodeling a room and wondered, “Self, we need to add a little pizazz to that window, but how?!” Well, I know the solution!

The fact is this:

My mother used to make fresh curtains and cornice wood boards for all the windows in the building while I was growing up since my family runs a sizable senior care facility. Thus, in my mind, eckleiste holz boards have always been associated with elderly women. I never saw them anywhere else than there.

Since the window sits in the middle of the room and serves as the space’s focal point, I knew when we started planning Clara’s bedroom makeover that we wanted to dress it up a little. I discovered cornice boards weren’t only for old ladies when I started looking through Pinterest’s cornice boards.

Therefore, I’m here to demonstrate how to construct and hang a cornice wood board today.

To construct a cornice wood board, you will need:

  • Wood
  • Screws
  • Spray glue is useful but not absolutely essential (this is the one I use)
  • Batting
  • Fabric
  • Sticky Gun
  • Scissors

What you’ll need in order to secure your cornice wood board:

  • screws for drywall
  • 2-hole heavy-duty d-rings
  • Block of leftover wood

Once your cornice wood board is up, don’t forget to grab an inexpensive curtain rod like this one. Since it will be hidden, it is not necessary for it to be attractive; it only has to be useful.


To determine the bare minimum width you’ll require, you must first measure the window from the outside of the molding. Define where you want the curtains to hang after that.

We positioned the cornice wood board’s edge such that it was approximately 6 inches away from the molding’s edge. Due to the fact that it was a little snug once everything was put together, I advise putting at least 6′′ on each side.

Choose the height you want for your cornice wood board. Your window’s size and ceiling height both play a role in this. We went for 12″ tall.

Your cornice wood board may be constructed using any robust foundation. We utilized some fiberboard that I just happened to have in my garage, but cornice wood boards may also be fashioned out of foam board, plywood, or any other lighter-weight material.



Cut one board so that it is the height by the breadth of your cornice wood board. Next, cut two sections that are 4′′ tall. For your end pieces, use these.


Take your boards and, using screws, join the end boards to the longboard as indicated. To make sure it would be secure, I put three screws on each side.


As illustrated below, spread your batting out on the ground or another flat surface, and then place your wood base on top of it. To ensure that the batting will wrap completely and have enough pull to tighten and staple, make a rough cut around it, leaving approximately 3 to 4 inches on each side. I really utilized two different types of material, foam, and batting, as you can see in the image. This 1/2′′ foam was used to give the cornice wood board depth and make it look three-dimensional. The edges of the wood are softer thanks to this polyester batting.


Then, spread out your cloth and cut it out. Once more, make sure the cut is a little bigger than the foam. The following step is made simpler as a result.


Lift up your cornice wood board and give it a generous coat of spray adhesive now that it is lying on your cornice wood board fabric and cushioning. My favorite glue, the 3M Super 77, holds up nicely.

Tighten and staple.

Start by pulling all of the fabric from one edge, and then use your stapler to secure it. Don’t pull too tightly or you’ll end up with lumps along the borders, so make sure you get all the layers.

After stapling all the way around the cornice wood board, fold and staple the corners. As you can see on my corners, when the bottom layer was securely fastened, I found it quicker to staple the padding, trim off the excess, and then staple the fabric.

Your cornice wood board is now finished. As you can see, I wasn’t concerned about completely covering the board’s back since, in all honesty, nobody would ever see it until they stood with their backs pressed up against the window, so I decided it was better to save the money on fabric.



Start by pre-drilling holes in the corners of a 3″ by 3″ block of wood. Given that all of the fabric and padding are present, it will be simpler to attach it to the cornice wood board.


On the outer edge of each anchor block, now fasten a D-hook. I used these d-hooks, and they are excellent. To ensure that it can support the weight without issue, be sure to choose heavy-duty ones.


It’s now time to fasten your anchor block to the cornice wood board inside. As you can see, in order to gain a decent grasp, we had to cut portions of the cloth.


Choosing the location of your cornice wood board with respect to the window is the next step. With two individuals, this was the simplest. To determine the height, have one person hold the cornice wood board up. After that, indicate the location where the d-hooks should be hung. Use drywall anchors before inserting your screws, unless you’re lucky enough to be screwed into a stud. You can see that we also hung the typical curtain pole at this time and hung the curtains.


On these screws, hang your cornice wood board, then take a step back and enjoy. I really like how it came out, and it gives this toddler-friendly area a little flare. If you haven’t already, check out the entire room transformation here. Get this cornice wood from

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