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How Animated EMOs Help You Communicate In A Better Way?

How Animated EMOs Help You Communicate In A Better Way?

The development of the internet led to the development of the kind of communication known as an EMO. Text-based emotional expressions make email and instant messaging more personal by graphically expressing what individuals frequently find difficult to say in words alone.

Due to EMOs’ widespread use, one hotel in New York now allows guests to purchase room service by texting social media EMO with their order.

However, despite the convenience that EMO abbreviation offers, users can get themselves into trouble.

After all, the reader may not at all share the understanding that one person has of an EMO.

When two parties are unfamiliar with one another, the ambiguity of EMOs can lead to erroneous views, such as when cross-cultural work communications are interpreted differently.

As a result of texting and internet communication, significant aspects of human communication have been lost. The tone of voice can have an impact on the meaning of verbal communication that occurs in face-to-face interactions. It is possible for intonation, volume, and the stress placed on particular words to have a significant impact on the recipient’s comprehension of a statement. Even non-verbal indicators, like a person’s body language, have the ability to alter or reinforce their message. Confident arm and hand motions can help to convey an assertiveness that may encourage the listener to follow instructions. Whereas indifferent body language may prevent one side from continuing a conversation with the other.

Voice modulation, intonation, and the intricacies of body language—all of which have a tendency to convey our emotions—are all gone in text messaging. It is the solely available form of communication. For instance, a language barrier might cause a recipient to misinterpret sarcasm, which could have unintended consequences.

Written communication can portray emotions when done so solely through language. People have been expressing complicated concepts in writing for millennia, and the Romantics works, for example, portray a wide spectrum of emotions. Simply put, bespoke animated Emojis simplify and improve the accessibility of emotional expression.

Where do EMOs come from?

ASCII art, or graphic representations created solely from text characters, has been around for a while. But Scott Fahlman, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, who sent a posting on a bulletin board on September 19, 1982, popularised the use of the portmanteau EMOs (emotion + icons). Fahlman recommended utilising (to denote that a message was meant to be humorous or (to express a serious message). Users may now communicate using a full vocabulary of EMOs. Even if the meaning of these EMOs has changed dramatically over time (they now stand for happiness and melancholy, respectively).

Later, image-based representations of faces evoking emotions comparable to those expressed by EMOs emerged as a result of the development of graphical user interfaces (GUIs). It enables the display of images. These best EMOs for WhatsApp can be thought of as “reactions,” a selection of choices offered to Facebook users to express a response to another user’s post.

Do EMOs and EMOs enhance our ability to communicate?

The debate over whether EMOs foster self-expression is raging, and it has been the subject of countless research. On the one hand, we can communicate our feelings without using long sentences by employing symbols that have a common meaning. EMOs also serve to decrease uncertainty about a message’s interpretation. As they are typically regarded to have the same meaning by all parties. According to a study on secondary school students use of EMOs, they can support the meaning of a message. Researchers found that when paired with written messages, EMOs might help increase the “intensity” of the message’s intended meaning.

However, there are disadvantages to employing the most popular WhatsApp EMO to express emotions. Our ability to convey a wide variety of emotions leaves out the subtler distinctions or intensities that we feel. For instance, Facebook’s “reactions” function limits user answers to just one of six EMOs. These are diverse but imperfect portrayals of emotions. EMOs and emotions also minimise the need to develop the writing skills required to express oneself in the absence of such condensed forms of communication.

Differences in EMO Use by Gender

It is well knowledge that women are more comfortable discussing their emotions in conversation and are more ready to do so than men, who often “bottle up” or repress their emotions. Men and women express and communicate in different ways. Face-to-face interactions and technological communications both exhibit this disparity. In general, women are more competent to express themselves than men in communication. It is according to a study that analysed the conversation between instant messaging users.

However, in online discussions, men and women interpret EMOs slightly differently. Without the usage of EMOs, females tended to feel jealousy as a result of online discussions, according to 2015 research on EMO use among individuals who used Facebook. However, when EMOs were available, males frequently experienced envy because of the messages sent by other users (Hudson, 2015). These contradictory results show the importance of anticipating the recipient’s interpretation of communication. And be aware that it might not match one’s intended meaning.

While ASCII graphics and text-based EMOs like:-) are simple to understand if you have prior experience with EMOs, more cryptic icons like 😎 or:-/ are harder for individuals who are unfamiliar with online communications to understand. More blatant EMOs have made it unnecessary to know their lingo to comprehend them. Others, however, have suggested that in order to connect more successfully with particular categories of people. EMOs should not be provided to them.

Franklin Krohn suggests against delivering EMOs to Baby Boomers or other older generations in a professional setting (Krohn, 2004). 4 However, we might anticipate that as older generations adopt technology, EMO understanding will spread more widely in the coming years.


All in all, utilising text alone to communicate through digital platforms. It might be difficult since we miss all the non-verbal signs. The EMO stepped in at this point. Bespoke Animated EMOs give our digital communication context, allowing us to recognise the tone or mood of the message. They provide flair and a way for people to express themselves while having fun.

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