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Healthy Beetroot Farming Process Information in India

Healthy Beetroot Farming Process

Beetroot is one such fruit that can be consumed as a vegetable, cooked or without. Beetroot is also a sweet vegetable because it tastes mildly sweet when eaten. Its fruits are found inside the ground, and beet leaves are used as vegetables. Many types of nutrients are present in Beetroot, which are very beneficial for the human body. Doctors also recommend consuming Beetroot to remove anemia, indigestion, constipation, anemia, cancer, heart disease, gall bladder disorders, piles, and kidney disorders. In addition, Beetroot is used as a salad, juice, and vegetable. Therefore, there is a lot of demand for Beetroot, due to which farmers can earn a good income by cultivating Beetroot.

Improved varieties of Beetroot

  • M / s. H. – 102 Varieties

Plants of this variety take three months to mature. It is a high-yielding variety of Beetroot, which produces 250 quintals per hectare.

  • Crimson Globe Variety

This variety of Beetroot is known for giving a high yield in less time. It takes 70 to 80 days for its fruits to be ready. The fruits of this variety of plants are light red outside and inside. It gives a yield of 300 quintals per hectare.

Apart from this, wide varieties of beet are also found. Early Wonder, Romanskaya, Detroit Dark Red, and Crosby varieties of Egypt are included.

Climate & Temperature

Cold regions are considered suitable for beetroot cultivation, and the winter season is considered very good for the growth of its plants. The beetroot crop does not require much rain, so excess rainfall can affect its yield. Beet plants need average temperatures to germinate, and 20 degrees Celsius is suitable for their growth.

Field Preparation

Before doing the beet crop, its field should be prepared well. After this, the area should be left open for some time so that the soil gets sunlight properly. Since beetroot plants grow on the land’s surface, their roots cannot absorb the mineral substances at greater depths. Therefore, while preparing the beet field, the amount of fertiliser should be given well.

Put 15 carts of old cow dung manure in the ploughed field and mix the waste well in the soil by ploughing two to three diagonally through the cultivator. After mixing the manure with the ground, the area should be pulverised by applying water. After this, the field should be left like this for 4 to 5 days. Then, when the field’s soil starts appearing dry from above, do intensive ploughing through the rotavator.

After this, plough the field by planting a pad so that the land will be level and there will be no problems like water logging. After preparing the area, the maid should be prepared to plant beet plants in it. For chemical fertiliser in the beetroot field, nitrogen 40 KG, phosphorus 60 KG and 80 KG potash should be sprayed during the last ploughing per hectare.

Planting Method of beet seeds

A cold climate is considered suitable for planting beet seeds. For this, sowing of its origins should be done in October and November. In planting sources, the roots of improved varieties of beet should be purchased, and before planting the seeds, they should be treated, reducing the risk of diseases in the plants. About 8 kg of sources is required in one hectare of field.

Beet seeds can be planted on both flat and plain land. For producing on flat ground, the beds should be prepared to keep a proper distance in the field. Keeping a length of one foot in these beds, the seeds are planted in rows. There should be a distance of one foot between each row, and each source should be produced at a distance of 20 to 25 cm if you want to transplant its seeds into the meadow.


Beet plants need moisture to germinate properly. Therefore, the first irrigation should be given immediately after sowing the seeds, and the amount of water should be reduced after seed germination. Irrigation should be done within 10 days to protect the beet plants from water logging.

Weed Control

Chemical and natural methods are used to control weeds on beet plants. If you want to control weeds by chemical means, you should spray the appropriate amount of pentamethylene immediately after planting the seed. After this, weeds appear in less quantity in the field. Moreover, the Mahindra 265 tractor model is best for handling implements and comes with all the latest features.

Method of Digging

Beet plants are ready to produce in three to four months. The leaves of the plants appear yellow when their fruit is ripe. At that time, its fruits should be excavated, and before digging the fruits, some water should be applied to the field so that it becomes easy while remove the fruits from the ground. After exploring the fruits, wash them well and clean the soil. After this, they should be dried well in a shady place and ready to be sold in the market.

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