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Healthy Air Popped Popcorn on the Stove

Deliciously healthy popcorn, in just minutes. Recipes and inspiration for any occasion.

Find out how to create popcorn that is air-popped on the stove without using any expensive machinery or equipment! Just 83 calories in every 3 3/4 cup serving, and it’s so simple!

How to Make Healthy Homemade Air Popped Popcorn

I constantly wait for the ending of March each year. Baseball resumes when the temperature rises and the calendar changes to spring.

When I was eight years old, I fell in love with the sport, and three years later, I informed my father that I wanted to go to each of the 30 Big League stadiums with him. (So far, we’ve crossed off 23 items!) And the following week, my mom and I purchased tickets to the Opening Day game of our preferred team.

Healthy Low-Calorie Homemade Air Popped Popcorn

Getting into a baseball venue always gives me the chills; it’s the same feeling you get when everything seems perfect with the planet, when the stars are in your favour, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and your soul is simply so content. The strikingly white chalk of the batter’s box and foul lines, the vibrant green grass, the recently swept infield dirt…

I also enjoy the scents that emanate from the stadium as a gourmet. Even while a lot of those compromises aren’t very healthy… Pizza, nachos, churros, popcorn, ice cream sundaes, spicy sausages, grilled peppers and onions, toasted hot dog buns, and frozen lemonade…

Big pieces of Healthy Air Popped Popcorn made on the stove

I started with a family favourite because I was running out of time to produce healthy homemade variations of all those indulgences: this Health and wellbeing Stovetop Air Popped Popcorn! We enjoy munching on popcorn during the middle innings stretch and in between batters, and this recipe is far healthier than the buttery varieties served at ballparks. Each large serving of 3 34 cups only contains 83 calories, and it’s quite simple to make!

Fresh popcorn kernels in a saucepan

Stupid alert!

Without using any specialised machinery or expensive equipment, I’ll describe the science of popcorn & demonstrate how to produce air-popped popcorn on a stove.

You need brand new popcorn kernels to get started. Indeed, fresh! The kernels you purchased two years ago just won’t pop as well, so throw them away. Are you ready for the why science?

The golden shells of popcorn kernels conceal a little quantity of water. These water molecules will move as a result of the heat energy used to heat popcorn kernels. The water molecules vibrate more quickly the more you heat the kernels. It greatly increases the pressure within the kernels. The shells of the kernels can no longer hold the energy once the pressure hits a particular level.. So they pop and split open!

Compared to older kernels that have been languishing on your cupboard racks for decades (or longer! ), fresh ones have more water molecules. The kernels get somewhat drier when they are exposed to air. similar to how dried fruit gets drier and tougher with time. Therefore, fresh kernels + more water molecules + increased likelihood of popping into huge, delicious pieces!

A bowl of Healthy Homemade Air Popped Popcorn made on the stove

Absolutely nerdy, huh? But all that science also has another lesson to teach us. Popcorn kernels don’t require butter or oil to pop! According to what I can gather, the major purpose of pouring either oil or butter to your stovetop pot is to enhance the flavor—and perhaps prevent the outer surface of the kernels of browning. However, not to make them pop!

Instead, all you need is a nonstick saucepan with such a tight-fitting lid so let your fresh kernels pop. This is the one I use! It’s sort of a “duh, I knew that Amy!” comment, but the popcorn won’t adhere to the nonstick pot once it’s pop, and the tight-fitting cover helps keep the heat in and raise the pressure within your popcorn kernels. Consequently, gorgeous white popcorn is produce.

Big pieces of freshly popped Stovetop Air Popped Popcorn

The last ruse? Once you’ve added the kernels, don’t forget to shake your pot every few seconds! You would get toaste kernels if you neglect to shake your pot. This is bad! You’ll get the best air-popped popcorn if you (a) buy fresh kernels, (b) maintain the heat on low, and (c) jiggle your pot!

PS I’ve never had any unpopped kernels when I’ve prepared my own air-popped popcorn. And it has never occurred before using any other way of manufacturing popcorn!

The best way to make Homemade Air Popped Popcorn

I’m going to need to prepare a second (or treble!) quantity that we’ll take to the Opening Day game because of how rapidly I consumed this batch.

Healthy Air Popped Popcorn on the Stove

This is how I like to make popcorn the best! Every time, it only takes a couple of minutes, and I get enormous, fluffy chunks. If it lasts that long, any remaining popcorn will remain fresh for at least a week when kept in an airtight container.
Fresh popcorn kernels, 3 1/2 tablespoons (58g).
14 to 12 tsp salt, or to taste

  1. Over medium-high heat, preheat a 2-quart nonstick saucepan with a tight-fitting cover for 2 minutes. Drop some water into the saucepan after lifting the top. If they start to sizzle right away, turn down the heat to just above low. Pop the popcorn, then quickly put the cover back on.
  2. Every 2 seconds, give the pot a little shake. (Within 1-2 minutes, the popcorn kernels ought to begin popping.) Every 2 seconds, continue to lightly jiggle the pot until at least 2 or 3 secs pass between kernel pops. Put the popcorn in a big bowl and top with salt right away after taking the pot off the stove.

Notes: For the greatest results, use freshly popped popcorn kernels! For further information, please refer to the content of my blog entry up above. I advise against utilising kernels that open more than a year ago.

These are the kernels of popcorn I use! Use only those outside of microwaveable containers. This kind of nonstick pot was also utilise by me.

Before the kernels burst and after pouring them to the pot, it’s alright if they become a little brown. Their flavour won’t be alter by it. (Just make sure they don’t burn!)

A smaller quantity may be readily prepare in a smaller saucepan! I can’t personally testify for how that would come out because I haven’t tried creating larger amounts in larger pots. Additionally, I haven’t tried using nonstick pans, so I’m not sure how it will work out either.

UPDATE: A lot of readers have attempted to make this in steel material (not nonstick!) pots and have had fantastic results. Once the kernels have been added, just be sure to shake the pot very frequently to help avoid the kernels and popped popcorn from sticking and burning.

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