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Getting Started With A Janitorial Commercial Services Business

There is a high demand for commercial cleaning work in most areas, especially in densely populated cities. Think of the buildings around you and how many offices or rentals they contain! Most of these buildings invest in hiring people who specialize in cleaning to come regularly clean the interior spaces. Those who own or manage the buildings often lack resources to clean them, that’s why they look for companies providing and managing such services.

Ready to build your own janitorial commercial services business? Our guide will show you how!

Starting a Janitorial Commercial Services Business includes the following steps:

  1. Design a Business Plan
  2. Get your License
  3. Become Insured
  4. Invest in Cleaning Supplies
  5. Prepare a List of Potential Clients
  6. Develop a Website
  7. Invest in Cleaning Business Scheduling Software
  8. Plan your Advertising and Marketing

Steps To Start a Janitorial Commercial Services Business

Step 1:  Design a Business Plan

A business plan outlines objectives and goals of your business and how you plan on achieving them. It’s crucial to gain a deep understanding of your industry before you jump in headfirst; otherwise, you’ll find yourself drowning in information without any idea where to start!

 A good business plan will help you understand your costs, what price point will be appealing to customers, how much revenue you can expect at that price point, etc. And once you’ve figured all of that out, it’s just a matter of finding enough customers willing to pay that price!

You can start by researching other businesses in your area similar to yours—what makes them unique? What makes them successful? What mistakes have they committed that you can avoid? 

By asking these questions and reading through other business plans from companies in your space, you’ll have a clear idea of what works (and what doesn’t) when running a successful business in this space.

Step 2: Get your License

To do business in your state, you’ll need to get a license from the government. These licenses usually cost money, but they’re worth it because you won’t be able to operate your business without it!

It will also allow you to operate legally and protect you from fines, lawsuits or other penalties if there’s an accident on site because someone didn’t follow proper safety protocols.

Step 3: Become Insured

Janitorial commercial services businesses are required by law to have general liability insurance. This coverage protects the business in case of injury or property damage. There are several levels of coverage available, so consider the risks and liabilities your company is exposed to before purchasing insurance. 

The higher the level of coverage, the more expensive it will be. Consider adding public entity legal expenses and product liability insurance if applicable to your business.

Step 4: Invest in Cleaning Supplies

When starting a Janitorial Commercial Services business, it is crucial to invest in cleaning supplies. When you do this, you can offer quality services at competitive prices. In addition, your customers will love how easy it is for them to order products from you; all they have to do is call or email, and then the supplies will arrive at their location within a few days!

 An excellent way to start investing in cleaning supplies is by attending trade shows where you can meet other janitorial entrepreneurs who are already running successful businesses like yours. These conferences will give you valuable information about what products are trending right now and which ones should stay on the shelf!

By investing in cleaning products like mops, brooms, and buckets, you’ll be able to offer better services at lower prices than your competitors who don’t use them because they’re expensive upfront but are money savers in the long run by making your business more efficient!

Step 5: Prepare a List of Potential Clients

A good list of potential clients will help your business get off to a great start. It will give you some immediate customers, so you won’t have to worry about funds. You’ll have sufficient cash to cover your expenses and expand by building your client base over time.

 Being a janitorial entrepreneur, it can be challenging to find new clients because no one knows who you are yet. But suppose you have a list of people who have already expressed interest in working with a janitorial services company like yours. In that case, it’ll be much easier to make those connections and grow your business accordingly over time as those clients recommend you to their friends and colleagues too!

Step 6: Develop a Website

Developing a website is an essential part of starting a janitorial commercial services Business because it allows you to market your services online instead of relying on word-of-mouth or other expensive advertising forms that don’t always generate leads quickly enough.

 A website will showcase your services, pricing, and portfolio so that potential customers can find everything they need under one roof without extensive research or talk to multiple people from different companies; this saves them time and effort while ensuring that they get accurate information every time.

 It’s also crucial for your business to have a website because it helps with SEO (search engine optimization), which means that when someone searches for janitorial services in your area, then your website will come at the top of the list along with other similar companies leading to increased visibility so that potential customers can reach you easily.

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Step 7: Invest in Cleaning Business Scheduling Software

Cleaning businesses need to schedule their employees’ time as efficiently as possible to maximize profits and reduce overhead costs. Workstatus helps you do just that by providing an easy-to-use scheduling tool that automates employee reminders and notifications, and also you don’t have to worry about payroll or labor laws. 

 With Workstatus, you can easily see which employees are available when and where they’re needed most to ensure maximum efficiency without any unnecessary overlap or gaps in coverage across your territories. And because it’s all done through an easy-to-use web interface, there’s no need for expensive software or extensive training; anyone on your team can use it with minimal instruction!

 In addition to saving you money on staffing costs, a cleaning business scheduling software tool like Workstatus will help increase revenue by ensuring that customers receive consistent service every time they contact your business. 

With accurate schedules in place, your employees will know exactly when and where they’re expected to be at any given point during the day, so there won’t be any confusion about what tasks need to be done when or where; this will result in happier customers who get the quality services they expect from your business every single time!

Sign up to try the best janitorial management software for your company here-

Step 8: Plan your Advertising and Marketing

Getting customers to use your services is challenging if they don’t know about you. One way to solve this problem is through advertising, which helps bring your business to people who might be interested in using it.

 Marketing also helps by showing people what your business is all about—what makes it different from other janitorial services out there? What problems can it solve for them? What kinds of benefits does it offer? A strong marketing message will make it easier for people to remember you when looking for a janitorial service provider in the area.

Closing Thoughts

You’re finally ready to get to work – and you’ll have plenty of it. You must stay up-to-date, constantly evaluating how well your strategies are working to maximize profits for yourself and your clients.

However, there will be obstacles along the way, but the hard work will all be worth it. Once you are up and running and earning a profit every day, you will see how silly you were to wait so long before starting this commercial cleaning business.

Try the best cleaning business scheduling software and take your janitorial company to new heights here-

Thanks for reading!!

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