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Five Things You Can do to Stop This Invalid Traffic Adsense?

What is the Causes of Invalid Traffic AdSense to ban you?

There are a lot of problems for online publishers because of things like invalid traffic adsense and digital ad fraud. Another reason is that it’s making their AdSense accounts more likely to be shut down, which could cost them money, so it’s bad for them.. For example, somebody from the World Federation of Advertisers says that digital ads will be fake and people will get money from them (WFA). The time has come to always be on the lookout for traffic that isn’t real.. The tips we’ll give you in this post will help you fight fake traffic and keep your account in good shape. Check back soon!

This is the Most Common Type of IVT:

It has been a problem for publishers for more than a decade now. Invalid Traffic (IVT) can hurt them. When you search for IVT, these are some of the things that show up:


  • Malicious bots/botnets and bogus app services are selling inventory automatically.
  • Users don’t have as much time to interact with the ad if they keep refreshing their ads.
  • Most of the time, AdSense suspensions and bans happen because of AdSense Clickbombing.

A lot of Ways to Do This:

What happens when a lot of people click on your AdSense ads? This is called “click bombing,” “click fraud,” or “click spam.” Then, let’s say that a person goes to a page on your site and clicks on an ad 50 times. BOOM! People who use IVT get an alert from Google.

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Irregular Clicks:

Irregular clicks are a big problem for Google, and the most common reason is when people click their own ads over and over again or ask someone else to do it for them. When you have a problem with your Google Adsense account, the first step is to look for any risky or spammy activity that could damage your account.

Ways to Tell if Someone is IVT and Click Bombing.

  • By looking at your Google Analytics and server logs, you can figure out if someone is intentionally sending invalid clicks to your website.
  • Check where your visitors are coming from (data centres, for example) and what they do on your website.
  • If you want to stop bad traffic for good, use tools like Traffic Cop to find and stop normal, suspicious, and invalid traffic.
  • A big rise in the number of people who click on ads is a sure sign that this isn’t real. In this case, look into it more.
  • Any time you get an invalid click, you can report it to AdSense right away and look into and stop any traffic that is not from your site. This way, your account won’t be shut down in the future.

To Report IVT to AdSense, how?

For IVT, the most important thing that a publisher can do is call the Google support team and say that there were no valid clicks.

You might think that telling Google about this is more risky because you might get a permanent ban from AdSense if you do so. However, Google prefers that you tell them about any unintentional ad fraud your site might be having.

Not only should you write down your IP address but you should also fill out the Invalid Clicks Contact Form and send it to Google. Most of the time, Google won’t respond. Instead, they’ll take the money that was made from click bombing and put it in the “invalid clicks” category.

To Stop Invalid Traffic in AdSense for Good, How Do You Do This?


Use tools that can help you find and stop Invalid Traffic:

With tools like Traffic Cop, you are telling Google that you are taking ad fraud prevention very seriously and that you are protecting your AdSense account from IVT. Many big publishers use tools like this to keep AdSense bans at bay. You’ll have to check out a person who comes to your site with CAPTCHAs and browser checks first.

You Never Click on Your Own Ads:

Google doesn’t pay attention to unusual click rates caused by publishers when it is filtering out ad clicks. Some publishers click on their own ads to make their AdSense income look bigger. In these kinds of situations, Google puts the safety of its advertisers first. This is why their AdSense account will be shut down, but not everyone else’s account will be shut down.

Stop Paying for Traffic:

In order for IVT to hack your AdSense account and send you a lot of spam, you need to make sure your website gets real traffic. You can’t hack your account this way. AdSense will shut down your account if you buy cheap traffic to get more views. This is because the bots that do this will only make your AdSense account go away! Never work with people you don’t trust or who aren’t very good. Many publishers have had invalid traffic when they worked with low-quality ad networks, search engines, or directory sites to try to make more money with ads.

Putting a Limit on How many People can Come and Go:

If you write a file called.htaccess, you can limit how many people come to your site or stop them from coming to your site. If you know how to do things like this and your site isn’t WordPress and runs on an Apache server, this will work for you. For more information on.htaccess, you can read this guide or look it up in the library.


Check Out and Report on the AdSense Help Forum to See if There is Anything You can Do:

AdSense users can share their stories or ask some of the forum’s “Top Contributors” for help with the problems they’re having.

The Bottom Line:

As programmatic advertising is set for $500 billion in the next few years, the amount of fake traffic is growing at the same rate. As with every source of traffic, publishers must be aware of how to identify and remove invalid traffic. The click fraud for good, just like they need to keep an eye on every traffic source.

In order to stop ad fraud, we all have to do our part. There are a lot of steps you need to take to figure out what the problem is, how your site can be affected by it, and how to use the best ad fraud solutions. You can drop a comment below if you have any more tips or think this post is useful.

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