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BusinessComputers and Technology

Features to keep in mind while delivering groceries App Development

Grocery Delivery App Development Company in India

After implementing the standard features of the On-demand Grocery App Development now is the time to add the features that will help your app stand out. Here are some sophisticated features that will ensure that your grocery app is always ahead of the rest.

Push Notifications

Push-notifications are alert-style notifications that are displayed on your screen even when you’re not using the grocery application. Through these notifications you can provide relevant and relevant content to your customers at the most suitable times.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking refers to sending frequently real-time tracking information to a GPS gadget, i.e. a mobile. In this way, drivers will deliver the goods according to the timeframes set, in case of delay, the clients don’t need to be waiting in limbo.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking systems in mobile devices provide a highly customized experience for the user. It analyzes the user’s geographical location and gives results, such as the items to be ordered and currency, popular supermarkets in that area as well as nearby stores.

Behavior Monitoring

Behavior tracking is the process of capturing events of user responses to provide a better user experience. These instances include what items the user has bought, what items are most frequently searched for or items, the time of shopping, and the overall patterns of shopping by the customer. For e.g. If you’re located in Italy The grocery app recommends choosing Italian foods like Pasta, Lasagna, etc.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics are the analysis of data immediately when the data is accessible. It assists you in monitoring the activities of your users, and identifying fraudulent activities, reducing costs, and increasing profit and conversion rate.

Grocery Store App Concept Sketch freebie - Download free resource for Sketch - Sketch App Sources

Loyalty Programs

The loyalty programs of businesses help them remain in constant contact with their customers, which increases customer loyalty. There are many programs to choose from, including redeemable Coins, Vouchers, Memberships as well as gift cards, reward cards that aren’t tangible and more.

In-App Phone Calling (Consumer as well as Store Owner plus Delivery Boy)

There ought to be a way for calling the delivery man from both the consumer and store owner from within the grocery app, similar to with Uber, OLA, and other apps.

Chat in-app (Consumer or Store Owner, as well as Delivery Boy)

Like in-app calls and an option to call and chat functionality, where the delivery driver can talk with the customer as well as the store owners.

Number Masking

Masking phone numbers can be a technique employed to safeguard the privacy of customers by connecting them to a delivery man without disclosing their personal number.

In-App Navigation

In-grocery app navigation, particularly via Google Maps, helps the user track their position quickly for the delivery address, and assists the delivery driver to find the address.

Reviews and Ratings

Ratings and reviews help the company to get to know feedback of customers and assists customers in gaining knowledge of the products and services of a shop by its reviews.


If a client would like to repeat an order multiple times, using the re-ordering feature, he/she can make the same purchase without having to add items repeatedly.

CRM Integration

CRM integration can help your company by helping simplify, streamline, and improve your communication with customers . It will help you gain more insight into your customers, improve segmentation, retention of customers, among many more advantages.

ERP Integration

When your business expands and is more complex, it grows more complex and hard to oversee all aspects of it. ERP integration allows you to simplify the business processes and control the results.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence enables business owners to make better informed decisions that are backed by accurate information. It can ultimately help to identify new business opportunities and cut costs or pinpoint unproductive processes that require improvement.

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards give the central place for every company’s employees to interact with, access with, and review the most current information to make better and more informed decisions.

Visual Search

If the user is unable to locate a product , but wishes to buy through your grocery app, visual search using AI can help in this. Visual search makes use of actual images (screenshots, Internet images, or photos) as stimulus for online searches and provides the desired results.

Voice Assistance

Voice Assistance or Voice Search lets the user make purchases using only voice commands while performing other tasks at the same time.


The recommendation of similar items users were searching for or browsing in your grocery application created a better user experience, and can also boost the number of sales you can make on your website.

Think about Web applications and PWA

While the world is shifting toward mobile technology, a lot of people still prefer to shop with the widescreen i.e. or on a desktop so it’s important to build a website grocery application for your company as well as a PCWA for anyone who doesn’t want to download applications for one-time purchase.

Introducing Grocery Delivery | Uber Newsroom

Mobile App Architecture

Required Development Team

In creating an grocery application for your business, you’ll need an experienced team that will turn your ideas into a reality. The team must be proficient in the implementation of complex customized features as well as enticing UI & UX for better user engagement. The most important team members should include:

Project Manager

The Project Manager studies the requirement and communicates the requirements to the developers in the technical terminology, then then manages the project.

Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers are responsible for the development of your grocery application. They are knowledgeable about the technology and the languages used in mobile technology.

Front-End Developers

The developers are accountable for the user interface as well as the design of the application.

Back-End Developers

The developers are responsible for the creation of the plugin as well as database management, APIs as well as other backend features.

Expert in QA

A quality analysis expert reviews the whole grocery app to ensure that all features and functions are functioning as well as the overall design of the application.

Mobile application for delivery of groceries cost?

Naturally, the price of grocery developing applications such as grocery delivery also has a significant impact. But, there are many aspects on which the development cost is based. They include:

The credibility that the developer partner enjoys

An extremely prestigious skilled, experienced and well-known mobile grocery app development business such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro is likely to charge higher when compared to other players who are still in the initial stage of their business.

Geolocation is the primary goal of the app the development team

The place of the development firm is also a factor in the cost. For instance, the cost of development in South-East Asia can lie within 20-30$/hour and those in the North America region can go upwards of hundreds of dollars an hour.

Timeline and Team Size

If you require an grocery application within a short time then, naturally, the company will raise its costs. Additionally, a huge team of developers will be more expensive.

MVP or Full-Fledge Food Delivery Application

Minimum viable products are one that has only the essential features, but a fully-fledged product includes essential and advanced features. The cost for developing an MVP app for grocery delivery within Southeast Asia can lie within 15-25 thousand dollars, whereas an app that is fully functional can cost 25 to 35 million dollars. If you’re a novice in this field, it is recommended to start using an MVP and then gradually increase the features available to the app.

The selection of an App Development partner is Vital

Even if you’ve conducted thorough studies in the field of grocery delivery, Developing a flawless grocery delivery mobile app development requires a competent and knowledgeable mobile app development partner since the development of apps for grocery delivery incorporates various API integrations and custom functions. It is crucial to select an E-commerce solution provider who has deep knowledge of the subject as well as the required technology stack.

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