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Effective Solution For Knee Pain: Physical Therapy; Home Treatment For Knee Pain

Has your knee been injured or had surgery? Or is arthritis to blame for the stiffness and pain? In any case, getting up and moving your joints might seem like the last thing you should do. However, your doctor may advise physical therapy for knee pain to help you regain your strength and start the healing process. 

Osteoarthritis, a sprain, an old injury, or other conditions can cause knee pain. You might not be able to continue with regular tasks because the discomfort is too intense. Before going to the doctor, the discomfort can be relieved using a knee pain home treatment found in any well-stocked kitchen (or an up-to-date First Aid Kit).

How Is Physical Therapy Effective for Knee Pain?

Physical therapy, or rehab, as some people refer to it, can relieve your joint and muscular pain. You’ll work with a physical therapist, a qualified expert who employs a range of physical therapy for knee pain to strengthen your muscles and improve how your body feels and functions.

There are a few items you could need:

  • Exercises and stretches
  • Heat and ice
  • Sonic wave massage
  • electrical stimulation of the nerve or muscle

Depending on what caused your discomfort, you may begin physical therapy for knee pain at any time. It may be all you require at times for treatment. Surgery might not be necessary.

How to Begin with Physical Therapy First Session?

You and your physical therapist will collaborate one-on-one to develop your treatment strategy. They’ll talk about how to regain your legs, knee strength, and mobility so you can feel better and resume your favorite activities.

Your therapist will examine your leg at your initial appointment to assess how effectively your knee bends, straightens, and moves. They will check to see if:

  • You have trouble balancing.
  • You experience knee pain.
  • Moving your lower leg back and forth causes pain.
  • One-legged standing is challenging.

You lack strength in the muscles that support your knee at the front and back of your leg.

What is the Procedure After First Visit to a Physical Therapist?

After the initial visit, you’ll focus on strengthening your leg muscles, relieving some of the knee strain, and lessening pain. Your therapist will provide you with exercises to perform at home and demonstrate how to do so safely.

Exercises for strength training are a crucial component of the physical therapy session. For instance, you could have to make the following motions:

  • curled-up hamstrings
  • solitary-leg dips
  • Step-ups
  • raises with straight legs
  • Wall sit-ups
  • Balance training

Typically, you start with a small number and add more as you gain strength. To make your muscles work harder, you might need to add weights. If something hurts, let your therapist know. If you experience severe pain, stop immediately. You might feel a little discomfort.

Plan for some downtime following physical therapy for knee pain in case you feel stiff or sore. Find out how to stop this pain by speaking with your doctor or therapist.

Additionally, your physical therapist could utilize electricity to enhance the flexibility and strength of your knees. TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is the technique’s name.

A physical therapist will apply Electrode-looking sticky patches on the front of your thigh, just above your knee. Each one will connect the TENS unit via a wire. They switch it on, and your muscle’s nerves begin to tingle as soon as they do due to minute electrical signals. It improves blood flow and lessens discomfort.

physical therapy for knee pain

Some Home Treatments for Knee Pain Following DIV Remedies

Over-the-counter drugs such as naproxen sodium (Aleve) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, etc.) are also a way of knee pain home treatment.

Some patients find relief through knee pain home treatment by massaging and using numbing agents, such as lidocaine or capsaicin, which gives chilli peppers their heat, on the injured knee.

Knee pain home treatment includes:

  • Rest. Take a vacation from your regular activities to lessen the repetitive strain on your knee, allow it time to heal, and help prevent future harm. If the damage is minimal, you could only require a day or two of rest. Longer recuperation times are likely to be needed for more severe injuries.
  • Ice. Ice helps to relieve inflammation and pain. Because it completely encloses your knee, a bag of frozen peas works wonderfully—wrap ice in a towel to protect your skin. Even though ice therapy is typically safe and efficient, you should only use it for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time to avoid damaging your skin and nerves.
  • Heat. Applying a heat pack or hot water bottle to the troublesome spot on your knee may give you momentary pain relief.
  • Compression. It helps keep knee alignment and stability while preventing fluid buildup in injured areas. Look for a self-adhesive, lightweight, and breathable compression bandage. It should be snug enough to hold your knee without restricting blood flow.
  • Elevation. Try reclining in a recliner or elevating your wounded leg on pillows to help with oedema reduction.
  • Ginger. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties aid in reducing swelling and pain in the knee. Use ginger in hot water with perhaps honey and lemon. Take two to three cups daily until the pain subsides. Grate a 1-inch piece of ginger and boil it in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Before drinking, strain the decoction and tuck in some honey and lemon.

How Much Time Will It Take for My Knee to Heal?

Your physician or physical therapist will determine how frequently you must attend therapy. For six weeks or more, it could happen many times per week. The price varies based on your knee’s pain and whether you’ve had surgery.

Your doctor and your therapist will frequently communicate to review your progress. The three of you can determine when you want to reduce the number of sessions for physical therapy for knee pain.

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