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Do you have a chance to win the lottery?

The lottery is an easy but almost unrealistic way to get money

“Drum sticks, swan geese, felt boots” – familiar words? Phrases from the lottery sound like greetings from the Soviet past. But time passes, and the famous game does not lose its relevance.

The older generation remembers how lottery tickets were bought at special kiosks, and the whole family waited for the announcement of the results on TV. Now the younger generation more often uses electronic options, but still does not lose hope of pulling out a lucky ticket.

However, among the thousands of participants, there are only a few who really win a big prize.

So why is people’s trust in the gambling business not falling? How realistic is it to win anything in the JIO Lottery Official number ? How about hitting the jackpot? Let’s figure it out together.

What is a lottery?

The word “lottery” comes from the Italian lotto (lot, fate). Indeed, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the game, and a big win in it is a matter of chance.

A lottery is a legal form of gambling. Unlike casinos and “one-armed bandits”. Lotteries are legalized and conducted by the state itself.

Who conducts them and why?

Since 2014, the state has taken control of lotteries. Russia is not the first country with such a decision. Also state-controlled games in China, Greece, and Italy. Such a monopoly guarantees the transparency of the game and the fairness of winnings for the participants.

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Sports are the organizers.

It works like this. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Sports are monopoly organizers. No one else can play the game except for them. But since the ministries cannot print tickets and broadcast TV on their own, they hire contractors.

It is the contractors who take care of the work with documents, the production of tickets, the launch of advertising, the issuance of prizes, and so on.

How the lottery works

Most often, lottery tickets have fields in which there are numbers. You have to choose some of them at random. Or buy a ticket with a combination already applied. If the selected numbers match the winning ones, the participant will receive a prize.

The prize is usually money, cars or apartments.

It is easiest to win small prizes – from one hundred rubles to one hundred thousand; harder to hit the multi-million dollar jackpot.

Where do the prizes come from?

The prize fund is formed from the money of the participants themselves. It turns out that if 10 thousand people buy tickets for 100 rubles, the winner will take a million? No matter how!

Big wins are possible due to the huge number of participants and few winners. Important: the jackpot is the biggest win. Obtained by accumulation: if no one wins the jackpot in this draw, it will move to the next one.

What are the lotteries?

Games can be divided into three types, depending on their implementation.

Circulations are broadcast live on the Internet or shown as a recording on TV.

The most famous TV game is Russian Lotto. In it, instead of a lottery drum, there is a bag, and instead of balls, wooden kegs. It was in Russia that they first began to use these devices, which is why the game got its name.

The show is recorded in advance and then broadcast on the NTV channel.

Circulation of part of the games is carried out on the Internet. It’s faster – draws are usually held every 15 minutes. On a special website, you can see in real-time how the lottery drums installed in the lottery center give out a combination of numbers.


Or in other words, instant lotteries. In these, you buy a ticket, erase the protective layer and immediately find out about your winnings.

It turns out that the result is predetermined in advance, even at the time of printing. And your task here is to pull out a lucky ticket.

Online draws

You can also select a third type, in which the result is generate by a computer, not a lottery machine, and is announce several times a day.

Lottery computers are program with the winning frequency, and the combinations themselves are given out through a random number generator.

How to win the lottery

No matter how much you study how to win the lottery, the chances of winning will remain negligible. Better invest in self-development – it will definitely bring success. In addition, additional activities may appear in some games that increase the number of winners.

Is there a chance of winning?

Mathematically speaking, the probability of winning the lottery is very low. So much so that the possibility of winning is estimated in fractions of a percent.

One chance in four hundred billion sounds daunting. But here we have calculated the probability of getting six numbers in a certain order. In a game, the order doesn’t matter.

The first number can be either one, two, or any other number out of seven. This possibility of permutations increases the chances of winning. Mathematically, this is calculate by multiplying the already calculate probability by the number of permutations.

How to collect the winnings

Cash prizes can claim in cash or online. Cash – at special Spoleto points, and online – on the official website of the company. Prizes of more than 600 thousand rubles are issue at the JIO KBC Lottery Winner 2022 center and transfer to the card according to the details of the winner.

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