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Digital Marketing

Content Marketing for Plumbers: Everything You Should Know

The idea of using content marketing for plumbers to bring in new leads and consumers may have never crossed your mind. After all, customers only call a plumber when there is an issue with their plumbing. They do, and they will, but only if they know that your company is in operation. If you are a plumber, engaging in content marketing can help you become the first name that customers think of when they require your services.


It is true that you only hear from those who require your service immediately, and this may only take place once every several years. However, the problem with that line of reasoning is that you are not the only plumber operating in your region. There are dozens of other plumbers keeping their fingers crossed for calls of this nature, but they aren’t just sitting by the phone or posting advertising in the phone book. They are actively reaching out to customers with helpful content they need at the exact time they need it.

In its most basic form, content marketing refers to the process of producing written or digital material that prospective clients and customers will find valuable. Long term, the purpose of this content is to pique customers’ interest in your business and encourage them to take some form of action, in this case, giving you a call for assistance.

This content can be presented in a variety of formats, including the following:

  • Blogs and articles
  • How-to videos and infographics
  • Whitepapers and e-books

No of the medium or subject matter, quality content should always have one thing in common: it should offer something of value to the target audience. Instead of contacting clients solely when you want them to purchase services from you, you go to them and provide the kind of information that persuades them to contact you when they need your assistance.

Now that you are familiar with content marketing let’s discuss how it might benefit your company. Continue reading to see why this technique for promoting your plumbing firm is superior to the traditional methods that have traditionally been used.

Why do plumbers need content marketing?

What exactly is all the fuss about when it comes to content marketing for plumbers? When there is a problem, people will let you know. However, will they call you or one of the other businesses that compete with you?

You can no longer operate on the assumption that simply having a website and a presence on Google Maps would bring in more customers for your company. If you desire any of the following, you need content that will assist you in reaching out to both your existing and future customers.

More website traffic and leads

Search engines assign a higher page rank to websites that feature blogs and other forms of original material than to websites that do not. If you are the only plumber in town who does not have a blog, your competitors are getting more website views, which means they are getting more business leads.

Your website’s search engine ranking can be improved by producing fresh material rich in keywords relevant to the subject matter. In addition, the higher your website ranks in the search engines, the greater the likelihood it will draw the attention of people looking for a plumbing firm in their local region.

Lower marketing costs

Advertisements in print publications such as magazines and newspapers are very pricey. So do radio spots. However, given that most of your clients now carry out most of their activities online, you won’t need to spend money on advertising in those locations. The internet is used by 85 per cent of these people while looking for local businesses.

Since the cost of content marketing is significantly lower than the expense of traditional marketing, you will see a considerably more significant return on each new lead and customer. Due to cheaper content production costs, you can employ traditional marketing funds more efficiently. For instance, you could use that money to create a new website or upgrade your equipment.

A competitive edge

Online material that teaches customers something helpful, like how to fix a dripping faucet, increases sales. People will find this information if it’s produced by your company and published on your website and social media.

Over the course of their stay in your community, tourists may grow to rely on your knowledge to answer their queries. Since you’ve provided them with beneficial content, they may choose you over other plumbers when they need your services.

How can plumbers get started with content marketing?

Whether you create the material yourself or hire a team, plumbers need content marketing to boost their clientele. It will take time to attain your goals, but even small actions will get you there.

As you create more web content, you’ll get more leads and money without spending a fortune on ads. However, one should not expect to see these outcomes overnight. Marketers need time and effort to boost content marketing conversions from web visitors.

The following are some of the initial measures that you may take to develop a content marketing campaign that will be successful.

Start a blog

In most cases, this is the initial stage of developing a content marketing plan. People have a tendency to place more trust in websites that also have blogs. Thus this strategy is a successful one. The entries you write for your blog provide you with yet another excellent opportunity to demonstrate your plumbing prowess.

Starting and updating a blog can help your website rank better in search engines by providing fresh information. If your website’s content is amusing and relevant, customers will keep coming back. This applies to both your existing customers and any new customers you may have.

Focus on relevant topics

It is essential to remember that information success depends on frequency and relevancy. The topics that people care about should be the primary focus of your blog.

First, compile a list of the inquiries clients have posed to you during your career. These could have been questions about dripping faucets or water heaters and other plumbing issues. It would help if you kept thinking of new questions to add to the list as you go along. You won’t even have time to realise it before you have enough new ideas to provide material for several months!

Produce content that addresses these issues or focuses on these concerns and subjects. Some examples of sample articles include the following:

  • How do I stop a faucet from leaking—for good?
  • How do I turn my water heater back on?
  • What can I do to keep my pipes from freezing in the winter?
  • What’s the difference between different types of toilets?

You can also publish material primarily focused on queries or worries that people in your area have, such as “how hard are the harsh winters in Detroit on my pipes?”. This can help local clients find your material, as opposed to customers who aren’t even in your business region.

Get on social media

The sole internet outlet that has the potential to bring in new clients is not necessarily your website. Your social media accounts have the potential to attract new leads. They also have the potential to play an essential role in the distribution of the content that you are producing.

You should start using social media immediately if you aren’t already doing so. You don’t need to participate in every channel; all you need to do is focus on the ones your clients utilise. If you have pages, provide status updates, links to your content, and external content. The more active you are on social media, the more likely you are to attract plumbers.

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