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Cat5e Ethernet Cable for Commercial Networks: Is It Worth It?

It has been a while since Cat5e ethernet cables were first introduced in 1999. Since then, Cat6, Cat6a, and many other ethernet cable categories have been rolled out. But ‌the use of the Bulk Cat5e Cables has not declined. These cables are still readily used in both residential and commercial networks.

What are the bulk Cat6e ethernet cables and are they still worth buying? These are the questions we are discussing in this blog. Read on to find out the answer.

Cat5e ethernet cables were introduced as an improvement on the previously used Cat5. These cables feature more twists per unit length in the conductor pairs as compared to their preceding counterparts. These additional twists ‌enhance the resistance of the cable against EMI and crosstalk. Hence, Cat5 ‘E’.

Cat5e ethernet cable is manufactured in multiple types. Most notably, the Cat5e pure copper cables. These cables are integrated with pure copper conductor wires and are ideal for high-performance use. Bare copper or pure copper Cat5e cables are also known for their everlasting service. In commercial networks, ethernet cables are supposed to be efficient and everlasting. These Cat5 e cables are therefore ideal for such applications.

Let’s look into these cables in more detail and if they are still worth buying for commercial networks.

Commercial Wired Networks

A commercial wired network is larger and more demanding. It needs cables and equipment that are built for reliability and high performance. It is therefore questionable whether the Bulk Cat5e cables are good enough to build a commercial wired network. Because these cables are not considered the latest in their kind.

Well, let’s break the news. None of the ethernet cables out there were introduced last week. They all are pretty old, for that matter. But with bare copper cables, it doesn’t really matter if they are old or not. If they are compatible with your devices, ‌they will make an impressive network. Why? The copper cabling mechanism.

Copper cables are physical media to transfer data and electrical power. These cables are far more reliable by design than any wireless network. And the Bulk Cat5e cables, despite being introduced in the late 90s, are a pretty decent option.

Also, note that these cables are not the best in the market. They have some drawbacks as well. If you have a 10-gigabit broadband connection, you may use Cat6 or 6a cables. Because Cat5e cables only support up to 100 MBit/s over 100 meters. Further, if you need to use gigabit ethernet, you can only do so by running the cable at 50 meters.

Cat5e Cable Installation

Reliability and high performance of the Cat5e copper cable are important, but the ease of installation is also crucial for commercial networks. If you get the best cable in the market and damage it while installation, the purpose will be lost.

The Cat5e Pure copper cable in bulk is quite easy to install. If you get the one with an easy-pull box packaging, it will guarantee a tangle-free installation procedure. Plus, you can also store the bulk cable without ruining it.

Another essential thing to note is the bend radius of the cable. The Cat5e cables made from pure copper conductors have a decent bend radius and you can twist or turn them, causing no damage.

This feature comes in quite handy when you are running the cables in a commercial network. Because in these kinds of networks, the number of devices installed is staggeringly high. For example, in a home network, devices will be limited, such as a smart TV, gaming console, etc. But in commercial networks. IP security cameras, printers, and all kinds of electronic devices are used. And connecting all these devices requires connections that can be safely provided if the cable is easy to install.

Best Cat5e Cables for Commercial Networks

Cat5e pure copper cables are produced in different types. These bulk cables are differentiated based on shielding, conductor type, jacket, etc. The following are the best Pure Copper Cat5e cables in the market you can buy.

  • UTP Cat5e Solid Plenum
  • UTP Cat5e Stranded Plenum
  • Shielded Cat5e Solid Plenum
  • Shielded Cat5e Stranded Plenum
  • UTP Cat5e Solid Riser
  • UTP Cat5e Stranded Riser
  • Shielded Cat5e Solid Plenum
  • Shielded Cat5e Stranded Riser

How to Buy Cat5e Cable for Commercial Networks?

As you have noticed given above, the ‌Cat5e cables are many, and choosing the right one could be a daunting task.

If your network is going to be crowded, choose the shielded plenum cable indoors. And the shielded riser for outdoors. If not, then you can make do with the unshielded (UTP) cable. Also, choose the solid cable for long-distance outdoor runs and the stranded for indoors.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. In conclusion, the Cat5e ethernet cable is still worth it for commercial networks. But if your network is too big or if you require 10-gigabit data transfer speeds, getting a Cat6 or 6a would be a better idea.

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