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Can I Eat Pizza After Dental Implants London Ontario?

Dental Implants London Ontario is a high-quality long-term option to offer an entire set of replacement teeth that look natural. Along with improved appearance, they also help assure proper speech and the ability to eat food you love. Dental implants London Ontario stops jaw degeneration, which happens when all teeth are missing. 

Once the implants are wholly joined with bone, you can resume eating your regular diet. You’ll follow a soft diet for the first few months after implant surgery. Essentially, you must avoid difficult-to-chew, hard chew, or crunchy foods. Here are the general guidelines for following the dental implants London Ontario procedure.

Can I Eat Immediately After Dental Implant Surgery?

After about an hour following the dental implants London Ontario surgical procedure, you can take out the gauze sponges in your mouth. Then, you can consume food.

Drink only cool fluids for the first 24-48 hours after the event. Avoid eating hot food and beverages for several hours following surgery. Don’t drink with a straw or water bottles that require suctions for two weeks. If you’ve experienced an infection to your sinus or bone grafting surgery, this extends to a minimum of one month.

Follow the “Week One” dietary guidelines that our care professionals provide. The following guidelines will promptly give your mouth a greater chance of healing. In the initial three months of recovery for your dental implants London Ontario and healing, you’ll be on an easy diet. At this point, the full mouth dental implants are integrating with your body, and you’re wearing a temporary prosthesis, which isn’t designed for chewing hard or smoky food items. Are you unsure of what a soft diet is? No worries! Our customer care team will send you the best food suggestions and be on hand for any queries you might have.

Following dental implant London Ontario surgery, what you eat could determine the overall experience. Here’s a list of the top five foods you should eat following dental implants London Ontario surgery as they’ll speed up healing.

Dental Implants London Ontario

What Food Items Can I Consume the First Week Following a Surgical Dental Implant London Ontario?

It is possible to return to your regular eating routine within one week. However, it would help if you were careful in doing this. It is safe to enjoy a wide range of food items during that time:

Proteins such as eggs and fish, chicken, and ground beef are beneficial, especially when cooked but not hard. Healthy carbohydrates could comprise sweet potatoes, oats and bananas. Also, you can enjoy dairy products like yoghurt and protein shakes. Ensure you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Do not skip meals to speed up healing. It is more rapid by regularly eating your meals. It is also possible to begin chewing around the implant site; however, be careful not to chew too hard around the implant.

  1. In the initial two to three weeks following your procedure, it is essential to keep away from causing damage to your dental implants London Ontario as little as possible. This means that hard food like raw or nutty vegetables isn’t recommended. Beware of hard and sticky foods such as steaks and pizzas. Instead, eat soft foods such as soups, mashed potatoes, eggs, and vegetables.
  2. Try scrambled eggs and soft cheese if you prefer a more delicious breakfast. It’s tasty but easy to consume; it provides a wealth of nutritional benefits to oral health. Keep in mind that eggs are a great source of mineral phosphorus. It plays an essential role in the maintenance of healthy teeth. Egg yolks are high in Vitamin D, which aids in calcium to ensure that your teeth are healthy and robust.
  3. While this may seem simple, it’s essential to remember that some patients might be guilty of eating soft food while healing implants. In certain instances, dental professionals simultaneously put a temporary cap on implants as the procedure. The crown is placed for cosmetic reasons and not to allow patients to utilize it for chewing food, regardless of how soft or hard the food is. In the first up to three months, the dental implants near me are in contact with the jawbone. If you place too high pressure on them, it could disrupt them.
  4. Sweet potatoes are a fantastic source of recovery, not just because they are accessible to boiling and mashed for maximum “chewability.” Still, they are also high in vitamin C, vital in dental health, as we stated earlier.
  5. The leafy greens like spinach and kale provide two punches for oral health. They’re easy to chew once cooked to softness and contain high amounts of calcium, among the essential minerals needed to maintain healthy teeth. Consider sauteing kale and spinach (or the combination of both) in clarified butter or olive oil to make a tasty and nutritious snack for your recovery.
  6. You must avoid food items that are hard and chewy, like pizza crusts, raw fruit sandwiches, etc. It is possible to start with soft foods that can be cut using forks to make them suitable for your diet. It is possible to include soft fruits like bananas and peaches and mangoes, pears and mangoes, applesauce and cooked vegetables.

What Happens Following One Week?

You’ll be able to take a regular diet after the first week of the treatment. This will guarantee that you’ll get the assistance you require. However, check how the area around the implant responds to your regular diet. The implant is expected to stop swelling and bleeding; however, be aware of any issues and contact us if you are worried.

When You Are Fully Healed

Once you fully recover and have the new implants, you can return to normal with your diet. You can go back to eating your favourite food items. The process of healing may differ from one person to another. But, it is expected to be anywhere from three to eight months. Based on the type of bone grafts, such as the procedure could be longer. Consult your dentist or your oral surgeon to determine a more accurate estimate of how long your healing process will be.

Even if you’re missing the foods, you love, Following guidelines to ensure that your body heals appropriately is essential. If you do not, you risk causing injury to the implants or even your replacement teeth.

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