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Can Dental Implants London Ontario Cause Neurological Problems?

While surgical treatment for dental implants London Ontario has an extremely high success rate, it’s not suitable. There is also the possibility of creating long-term problems.

Dental implants London Ontario are an ongoing replacement for a tooth that has been lost. Implants are titanium screws, which the dentist places in the jawbone. After a few weeks, the jawbone and the implant become fused. Once they have fused, the implant can support the crown of a tooth made from an artificial material. As per the dental research, about three million individuals in London Ontario dental implants London Ontario. Implants are also increasing in popularity. The AAID states that the number of patients getting them is growing by about 500,000 per year.

Common Problems Caused by Dental Implant


Patients should take proper medical care for their implants to lower the chance of infection. It is crucial to follow the dentist’s recommendations regarding aftercare.

Treatment for an infection varies on the extent and location of the condition. For instance, a gum-bacterial disease could require antibiotics or tissue graft. On the other hand, a bone infection caused by bacteria might require the removal of affected bone tissue and perhaps implant surgery, followed by an implant and a Soft tissue graft.

Gum Recession

In some instances, one may notice an area of gum surrounding the implant starts to recede. This could cause discomfort and inflammation. Getting a quick assessment from dentists is crucial to ensure no removal from the implants.

Implants Lose

In the first couple of weeks, trusted Source after DIS, The dental implant near me, will grow into and join with the jawbone. This process is known as the osseointegration process. It is essential to the long-term performance of the dental implant. The process can last for many months. If the implant cannot bind to the bones, the dentist could take it off. The patient might be able to try the implant procedure after the healing process has been completed.

Damage to Tissue or Nerves

Sometimes, a dentist could accidentally put an implant in the dental area too close to the nerve. This can result in permanent numbness, tingling, or even pain.

Dental Implants London Ontario

What Exactly is Nerve Damage?

If a nerve is injured in a surgical procedure, it’s called peripheral nerve injury. Nerves can be damaged during a process or cut off. The majority of nerves that have been damaged but not severed will recover by themselves without medical intervention. On the other hand, the severed nerve can cause more grave injury.

The nerves of your body transmit information from your brain to the remainder of your body. There are nerves in our bodies that aid us in our movement (motor nerves) and comprehend our surroundings (sensory nerves) and regulate the body’s functions (autonomic nerves) The nerves that are most at risk of being injured when you undergo dental implant surgery include sensory nerves and motor nerves. A motor nerve injury could cause difficulty moving the portions of your mouth. A damaged sensory nerve typically causes the sensation of numbness or tingling. If a nerve gets cut when a dental implant near me is placed, it could cause pain. It may even affect the general quality of life due to an impairment in speech, drooling, and uncomfortable sensations.

What Type of Nerve Damage is Caused By Dental implants London, Ontario?

“Nerve damage” refers to numbness, pain, or tingling feeling in your gums, teeth, and lips. It can also affect your chin. Suppose your dental implants near me are placed too deep into your lower jaw area. In that case, there’s the possibility that they infiltrate the superior alveolar nerve, which can cause nerve injuries. Most of the time, the nerve damage is generally debilitating and lasting.

How Can a Dental Implant Cause Nerve Damage?

Implants are typically used when someone has lost teeth or a tooth due to injury or illness. The type of nerve damage caused by implant surgery has grown in recent times, in conjunction with an increase in implant surgery.

Around 110,000 lower jaw implant surgeries are carried out throughout London, Ontario. The year 2007 saw 30 percent of the nerve injuries caused through dental work were caused with implants. This is in contrast to 10% in 1997. The King’s College London research team discovered that injuries could significantly impact people’s lives.

Over half of the 30 patients in the study experienced chronic pain or discomfort following surgery, and 40% complained of the sensation of numbness. Thirty percent of implant patients who suffered from injuries reported mental issues, and four were diagnosed with depression.

Out of the patients who had nerve damage were examined, only 11 were conscious that they had signed consent documents before the surgery. Eight of those patients believed they weren’t warned of nerve injuries.

Seventy percent of the 30 patients were referred to an expert nerve injury clinic over six months after the procedure, despite evidence indicating that removing implants as soon as possible after surgery lowers the chance of permanent injury.

Three patients were identified and could be treated immediately following surgery. The study team advised that doctors ensure that all patients have valid consent and inform them of the possibility of nerve damage. They also suggested shorter implants to protect against the possibility that nerve injury could occur.

The Prevention of Nerve Damage From Dental Implants London Ontario

It is good to know that there are many ways to protect against permanent nerve damage caused by dental implants London Ontario. In Rio Grande Oral Surgery & Dental Implants near me Center, we utilize the latest technology to safeguard those we serve from nerve damage. The process we use always starts with cone-beam scanners, 3D images, and digital x-rays that permit us to measure the length and height of the jawbone with greater precision and avoid the possibility of drilling too deeply and affecting an inferior nerve.

This cutting-edge imaging technology is integrated into our X-Guide navigation system. It allows us to design your dental implant procedure using a “virtual surgery” that directs precisely where the implant, its depth, and the angle of the dental implants London Ontario. Making a thorough procedure is the best method to avoid severe injuries to the nerves.

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