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Artshoppy Intimate You to Jogen Chowdhury’s Unique Art Form

Artshoppy is a Kolkata-based one-stop destination where one can get every type of art form, from contemporary to modern art. Various artists’ paintings are available here. Artshoppy delivers those paintings all over India and even they have worldwide shipping facilities. One can buy paintings online India even under 50000 rupees, and on the other hand, one can buy art online India, which ranges above 100000 rupees from Artshoppy.

Artshoppy offers various artists’ paintings in their gallery, and among those artists. One eminent Indian painter of the 21st century is Jogen Chowdhury. Artshoppy gives one the scope to get intimate with Jogen Chowdhury’s unique art form and choose paintings from a wide variety. Currently, they have 62 paintings of Jogen Chowdhury listed in their virtual art gallery.

Chowdhury and Artshoppy

From the paintings of Jogen Chowdhury, which are present in Artshoppy’s virtual gallery. One can get an idea about his unique art form and can buy paintings online India. Jogen Chowdhury is actually from Bangladesh, but due to the partition, he and his family were forced to move to Kolkata. He moved to Kolkata when Kolkata was politically unstable, and many political movements were taking place here and there.

Though in some of Jogen Chowdhury’s paintings, one can see the portrayal of calm and simple rural life. It is a pain and suffering of that period depicted through the illustrations as the artist himself experienced it from his surroundings. The trauma of partition, the extreme pain and misery of refugees, and the communal riots between Hindus and Muslims, which took place in West Bengal, had a profound impact and influence on Jogen Chowdhury’s early works, which are available on Artshoppy from where you can buy art online India.

In Artshoppy’s virtual art gallery, one can see abstract art forms of Jogen Chowdhury, which he learnt from Paris. After completing his art degree from Kolkata, he moved to Paris on a French scholarship for his further education in art. There he got his understanding of abstract art.

Why buy Chowdhury?

People often consider Jogen Chowdhury’s art form strange, dark and disturbing, so after returning to India, initially, he couldn’t get much popularity as an artist. He started his career as a designer in Madras, India. There he held the first solo exhibition of his ink and pastel paintings. Some of his ink and pastel paintings are available on Artshoppy’s virtual gallery to buy paintings online India.

Later, Jogen Chowdhury became an art curator at Rashtrapati Bhavan. During that period of life, while he was in Delhi, he painted twelve large paintings, which gave him recognition in Delhi art circles.

The famous unbroken line paintings

In Artshoppy’s virtual gallery, one can get Jogen Chowdhury’s paintings of unbroken lines. He is very famous for unbroken line paintings. A massive range of Jogen Chowdhury’s paintings features unbroken lines of ink or pastel. These distorted human figures of unbroken lines show the artist’s individualistic approach to art.

Artshoppy gives one the scope to get intimate with all these unique art forms of Jogen Chowdhury and buy art online India. Some unique masterpieces of the unbroken line art form of Jogen Chowdhury are available on Artshoppy’s virtual gallery. One can see the use of cross-hatching tools in the paintings of Jogen Chowdhury to define different tones and textures in his paintings.

Allegorical Paintings of Chowdhury

Jogen Chowdhury has seen a very dark side of life. While struggling with partition and refugee issues, Jogen Chowdhury understood the gloominess of life. He wanted to portray that pain and trauma in his paintings, so he preferred using black ink in his artworks to bring out the darkness of life and society. He associates darkness with life through black ink in his paintings which one can get in Artshoppy’s virtual gallery.

In Artshoppy’s virtual gallery, one can get deeply allegorical paintings of Jogen Chowdhury. That reflect the socio-political issues and inhumaneness prevailing worldwide. Reflection and strong protest against the emergency period in India are also seen in his paintings. The paintings hint at the pain, which shows human misery boldly and prominently. The figurative paintings of Jogen Chowdhury, which one can get on Artshoppy’s virtual gallery, are very satirical and complicated.


Thus one can find a vast range and almost every variety of Jogen Chowdhury’s paintings on Artshoppy’s virtual gallery, and they can buy paintings online India. Artshoppy gives one the scope to get intimate with Jogen Chowdhury’s unique art form. One can see all types of his paintings and understand the motive and emotion behind those paintings. One can easily buy art online India through Artshoppy. All the paintings of Jogen Chowdhury will be delivered to one’s doorstep by Artshoppy. They are providing delivery all over India and even worldwide. Artshoppy is a fantastic platform to get intimate with Jogen Chowdhury’s unique art form and buy paintings online India.

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