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All You Need to Know About The Dissertation Literature Review

Are you tired of your literature review but unable to complete it? Then, you must be suffering from the stress of deadline submission. It is true that when a student reaches advanced grades, he faces multiple academic challenges. However, it becomes more complicated when the student is not adequately aware. Therefore, we have compiled a blog about the literature review. After attaining excellent, reliable, and accurate information, you will quickly complete and submit it on the given date.

What is a Literature Review?

It is a document in which the persona critically assesses his gathered sources. These references are the research products of the student he does for his dissertation. While writing the literature review, the student must contemplate the works of earlier critics related to his subject area. After this practice, the learner needs to find the gap between those works and the idea they will portray in the dissertation structured by the expert dissertation proposal writer. Hence, the pupil needs to review the whole dissertation literature in his literature review.

Purpose of Writing a Literature Review:

The writing purpose of a literature review is to understand the already written works of critics. After obtaining the understanding, the students report it as a literature review. It also enhances the student’s knowledge in his particular study field and makes him aware of multiple concepts, experimental techniques, and research methods.

Why do Students Write Literature Reviews?

Students have to represent their research material in front of teachers, and they do it in the form of a literature review. Through this subject matter, the course instructors efficiently evaluate the efforts for research, understanding of research material, and the student’s unique idea. Thus, it works as an opportunity for the student to build the teacher’s interest in his dissertation.

Students who work with efforts in this part of academic writing learn how researchers in their field deal with real-world problems. This awareness advances the interest and productivity of students to work more for the betterment of society. The student attains more success in writing about his subject when he gains awareness and concentration.

What Should Students Write in Literature Review?

The students should start literature review writing in the following manner:

  • Introduction:

The literature review’s introduction must contain the subject’s introduction and the thesis statement the student will validate in the later paragraphs. The students need to pinpoint the views of other critics he will use as a reference. If the students need to add some historical background, then they should also insert it.

  • Research Question:

When the students analyze the critical material, he generates multiple ideas and summarizes them into a single idea. This perception should be present in the form of the research question. It reflects the area of student research exploration. It also helps the teacher understand students’ views better and evaluate them on his perception standard.

  • Significance of Research:

The next challenge for the student is to convey the importance of his research idea. Hence, in this paragraph, the student needs to elaborate connection between the research question and social problems. The world of education introduced different fields of study because they wanted advancement in every aspect of life. Thus, every graduation and post-graduation degree require to contribute to social problems. Moreover, for this sake, the theme of the literature review must be practical and applicable.

  • Thesis Statement:

The student must emphasize his idea and argument for his selected topic in this section. However, every section of the literature review requires consideration, but this part needs special attention. Students convey the research idea and their compiled argument in this paragraph. The pupils should ensure that every line of their thesis statement is relevant and credible.

  • Summary of Sources:

A summary of references is essential to contemplate the researched material for the literature review. It reflects the student’s preparation and observation to transport a valuable idea for his subject. This summary also signifies the relativeness of references with the researched idea. However, the students should avoid irrelevant details in this summary. Otherwise, inserting irrelativeness will reduce the authenticity of this literature review fragment.

  • Research Method:

When somebody performs a process, they need a particular method to exercise it. Similarly, dissertation research also needs a particular research method, and the student needs to elaborate on it in their literature review. This description will portray the direction in which the student is moving for research. Following are the five different types of research methods:

  1. Quantitative Research
  2. Qualitative Research
  3. Analytical Research
  4. Applied Research
  5. Descriptive Research

This elaboration of the research method helps students examine their research methods. Moreover, it also validates the accuracy of the idea.

  • Citation:

Another significant part of the literature review is its citation. The students need to add every reference in the literature review. Additionally, there are specific ways to make citations, and the student must follow them carefully. Several applications, including Microsoft Word, provide a different option where the student only needs to enter data. Ultimately, that service creates the citation without the student’s effort.

  • Conclusion:

The conclusion is an essential requirement of every piece of academic writing. In this part, the student needs to wrap up his ideas, and the pupil can add a call-to-action statement. This statement can become a final impression of the central idea, and the learners can add a summary of the main point’s supporting ideas.

Things to Avoid While Writing the Literature Review:

We have written some essential points that students need to avoid while composing a literature review:

  1. Relying too much on low-quality sources.
  2. An absence of milestone literature.
  3. A lack of updated literature.
  4. Description instead of integration, evaluation, and synthesis.
  5. Extraneous or unfocused content.
  6. Poor chapter format and layout.
  7. Plagiarism and flawed referencing.

End Words:

To sum up, the information we have provided is a helpful guide for writing a literature review for students’ awareness. Students make blunders when they do not have accurate guidance, and literature review writing is a significant part of academics. When students reach advanced grades, they need to go through the process of help writing dissertation and need to keep up their marks. The students should produce an authentic literature review to obtain a marvelous piece of academic writing in the dissertation and support in academics.

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