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6 Reasons Why You Should Have Exterior Glass Walls For Your New Home

Are you considering having exterior glass walls? It may sound expensive, but it has a lot to offer. If you happen to visit modern display homes, they usually have exterior glass walls that attract homeowners to invest.

Exterior glass walls are not just used for homes, but for offices, too. It’s believed that it enhances productivity in the working place so a lot of businesses are also switching to it. The whole glass system includes sliding doors, windows, and fixed panels.

When it comes to the type of glass, four types are usually used namely: laminated, annealed, tempered, and heat strengthened. The length and width of the glass depend on the place, but the thickness is usually around half an inch.


However, before you ask your custom home builders to plan and install an exterior glass wall system, you should check the benefits below to learn more!

1. Let the light in

Let the natural light enter your home by installing exterior glass walls. If you find it hard to choose the best materials, you can always consult your custom home builders. They know the appropriate glass designs for your house.

In addition, having glass walls will allow you to see the view outside. It doesn’t have to be the best view, but you’ll appreciate it once you look at it for a long time.

On the other hand, if you don’t invest in exterior glass walls, you’ll tend to rely on artificial light which can consume a lot of energy. That’s why installing exterior glass walls can help you lessen your electric consumption.

2. Easy to customise

As mentioned before, the size of the glass walls depends on the place. So if you love customised things, you’ll also be going to love glass walls. They’re easy to customise and offer different designs.

Usually, glass walls have separate panels which makes them easy to customise. So for instance, if you like to have a small opening, a single panel can be customised into a window. If you want, it’s also possible the individual panels can be opened separately.

You can always consult your custom home builders regarding your exterior glass wall installation plan. For the preparations, you can do some research about the most popular designs. However, you can also create your own if you want to.

exterior glass walls

3. Bring out modern style

As mentioned before, modern display homes are usually filled with glass walls. So whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, you should consider having glass walls. When renovating, you can still incorporate glass walls with the traditional style. But this time, you’ll need to ask for help from professionals.

When you search “modern homes” online, there’s a high probability that you’ll find tons of home designs that include glass walls. Modern homes are popular for having geometric shapes and lines that, overall, show luxury.

Meanwhile, the interior of modern homes commonly has open living space. It means no walls separating the living room and the kitchen. But you can still add glass dividers if you still have enough space.

4. Refreshing mood

Have you ever tried waking up in the morning, and feeling fresh after you’ve opened your curtains? The warmth of the sunlight gradually touches your face, and you just know that it’s going to be a great day.

Well, if you opt for exterior glass windows, you can walk around the house feeling the same refreshing mood. Sometimes, the artificial light inside the houses tends to be too bright or too dull. But when it’s the natural light, people tend to feel positive and refreshed.

It’s not just about the mood, but the sunlight affects the health of humans. Aside from mental health, sunlight also helps in generating vitamin d, promotes good posture, and helps in lowering blood pressure. Who would’ve thought that deciding to improve your home also helps in improving your health, right?

exterior glass walls

5. Improve the quality of sleep

Did you know that if you’ve been exposed to natural light, you’ll probably have a good night’s sleep? So even if you’re working from home or just staying inside, glass walls can help you have the opportunity to be exposed to sunlight.

Besides, it’s not just about having a long sleep, but the good-quality sleep everyone deserves. According to experts, if your body has been exposed to sunlight during the day, it stimulates serotonin and cortisol. As the daylight passes by, your body will produce melatonin that will help you sleep at night.

If you continue to experience what’s recommended, you’ll have a positive mind and body in just a couple of weeks.

6. Durable

If you’re afraid to try exterior glass walls because you think they might easily break, then think again. A lot of multi-storey buildings have glass walls, and they’re still perfectly fine. You can even ask your custom home builders about the durability of glass walls.

Nowadays, modern technology can create outstanding materials so most glass walls can withstand temperature changes and strong winds. So it’s not an issue whether you’re living in a hot country or not. Different types of glass walls certainly fit the climate in your area.


Now that you have an idea of what exterior glass walls are and their benefits, then it’s time to think about adding them to your home. Let us know your thought about glass walls by leaving a comment below!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aliana Baraquio writes for Worthington Homes, the new Home Builder in Sydney NSW who makes major life milestones happen, and stays with you through thick and thin. You can also find her trying out new recipes for barbeque and other grilled meals in her free time.

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