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5 Signs A Hospital Might Need To Undergo Renovation

Renovations aim to beautify, strengthen, and improve a property. The word itself means ‘to make new’ in the Latin language. In construction, renovations are synonymous with remodelling the structure of a property. In the medical industry, renovations are necessary to improve their operations and services. 

Healthcare facilities play an essential role in many people’s lives. Hospitals serve as the homes of many people who are undergoing treatments. Additionally, almost a hundred people come in and out of hospitals daily. We can’t deny that hospitals are one of the most important institutions that keep lives going. 

Without them, it would be impossible to live healthily. Since hospitals are that important, they need to stay up to date. However, since their work nature is demanding, it’s hard for hospitals to find the right time when to renovate. As a result, many of them are still outdated and traditional. 

Many hospitals also don’t have the time to assess their properties due to their patients’ demands. In this article, let’s look at the signs a hospital might need to undergo a renovation. 


1. Patients often point out that your facilities are not working well. 

My first point is one of the many hospital workers experience every day. Since this point is too common, employees think it’s normal for patients to give that comment. Yet, this is one of the obvious signs that a hospital needs to improve its facilities. 

One of the common remarks patients make is ‘the lavatory is not working’. From a hospital’s bathroom to its patient wards, people can notice them. Can you imagine undergoing a urine or stool exam test and the hospital’s lavatory is not working? I can, and I bet no one would be happy to experience that. 

Renovations don’t need to result in a major hospital construction right away. Hospitals can start by improving the areas that patients and employees use often. The same goes for a hospital’s cafeterias, laboratories, and offices. It will also be easier for both the employees and patients to maintain cleanliness if the facilities are new. 


2. Its layout is not compatible with the current service setup of the hospital. 

Another obvious sign that a hospital needs a renovation is its layout. Today, there are many hospitals whose offices and facilities are unorganised. Since old hospitals are built based on the number of facilities they had before, they can’t cater to new facilities today. 

As a result, many hospitals are unideal to provide modern facilities. That’s why many hospitals are not able to improve their services. Their property’s layout hinders them from providing better services. 

You might be wondering, how will a hospital continue to operate once they decide to undergo a renovation? First, they can use modular healthcare buildings. Modular construction makes it easy for hospitals to undergo renovations. Second, they can do the renovation through phases. That way, the entire hospital wouldn’t have to sacrifice its operations. They can start with the area or department that has few patient demands. 


3. The hospital’s energy bills are high due to its old electrical systems and equipment. 

If you have an old appliance that you still use today, you probably know how much energy they consume. The same issue is evident too in many old hospitals. As a result, hospitals are spending so much money on excess energy. 

Can you imagine how much a hospital could save if its electrical systems and equipment were new? On top of that, having modern systems will make it possible for a hospital to utilise modern technologies. Having modern medical equipment gives a hospital an edge and competence that could attract more patients. 

Renovation shouldn’t only focus on the external aspect of a hospital. The hospital’s systems should be one of its top priorities. After all, those systems are one of the reasons that keep people going to the hospital. 


4. Fewer people are visiting the hospital than before.

There are indeed seasons when fewer people are visiting the hospital. However, if you notice that the hospital has been catering to fewer people for years, it simply means that people are choosing not to go there anymore. 

Sometimes, even though many credible medical workers work in a hospital, patients are still after better facilities. Patients want to feel comfortable in hospitals. Since they’re going there to look after their health, they want the experience to be fast, seamless, and hassle-free. 

If a hospital’s facilities are outdated, their spaces are cramped, and offices are not presentable, you can’t expect patients to go back there — unless they really need to. If you notice that fewer people are visiting the hospital, it’s time to assess the hospital’s facilities for the better. 


5. Employees have many concerns about the hospital–and fewer people are applying. 

Lastly, the hospital needs improvement if the medical professionals working in the hospital are voicing their concerns. People who are working in hospitals know the property better than anyone. They’re the people experiencing the facilities daily aside from the patients. 

Medical professionals can tell how a hospital’s facility is affecting its operations. The hospital needs improvement if they’re often experiencing delays, inaccuracies, and complaints. Aside from that, look into your hospital applicants, too. Notice whether fewer people are applying. 

If fewer people are applying, it simply means that the hospital needs to keep up with modern hospitals. People need experience — but people also aim to have one in an environment that will help them grow. Make sure that your hospital is a place that promotes both of those. 


Consider renovations to improve your operations. 

The points I shared are just some of the many that could signal whether a hospital needs improvement. Hopefully, we’ll all witness a world where better medical facilities are available worldwide. A future in which people can comfortably and confidently entrust their lives to medical facilities. 

Maybe, we’re one step closer to that future. Maybe all a hospital needs is one renovation to begin the dream of innovation. 


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for MTX Contracts U.K., a privately owned construction and engineering company. MTX delivers single-source construction and engineering solutions to the UK’s public and private sectors, consistently promoting innovation and sustainable construction.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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