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5 Significant Signs That The Blower Motor Needs Replacement (HVAC)

The HVAC system creates many issues when the temperature changes, especially in summers. Make sure to keep the blower motor in good condition because it’s the primary source of cooling in the system. When the air conditioner does not work properly in hot summers, it shows that the blower motor has some issues and unusual behavior. Identity and fixing the problem are necessary to make the system run smoothly. However, how can you identify the problem?

Several factors cause the blower motor not to run properly, and there are signs you can track easily. Undoubtedly, you must give proper attention to know what has happened with the motor. This guide will tell you the factors that will tell you it’s time to replace your blower motor with an HVAC system. Let’s get deeper into the details!

Blower Motor: Introduction

Aaon 1/4 blower motor is one of the main components of any HVAC system and is responsible for air conditioning via available vents. It absorbs the cold air produced by the air conditioner and circulates in the whole space. The blower makes sure to keep the temperature according to the settings of the thermostat.

The task is performed by a high-quality spinning fan which collects the air from the ducts and moves into the vents. Furthermore, the motor speed is controlled by a resistor. The small HVAC motor is capable of circulating large volumes of air without any issues.

Usually, there are two types of motors, i.e., variable speed motor and single speed motor. As the name suggests, the single-speed motor does not change the speed and runs at only one specified speed. On the other hand, the variable speed motor allows you to change it according to the requirements.

The variable speed blower motor runs according to the instructions given by the thermostat. In short, it provides a good efficiency with alternative speed options.

Where Does A Furnace Blower Motor Locate?

In squirrel cage blowers, the motor is mounted on a side. The fan rotates, and motion is transferred by a spindle. These are the old type of blowers and are used in traditional furnace blowers. In this type, both the blower and motor are separate, and you can replace or repair any of these alone.

Latest blowers have direct-drive designs where the spindle drives the motor directly. Such blowers contain belts, and it works like a single unit. You have to replace the complete motor if a significant issue is found.

5 Significant Signs That The Blower Motor Needs Replacement

In HVAC systems, most of the time, the blower motor becomes vulnerable to technical failures. The problem may be small or big and can cause wear and tear over time. Likewise, the problematic air conditioner is also why the motor is not running well. Nevertheless, tracking the problem is the most crucial part. Here we have mentioned the top signs by which you can get the idea about blower motor replacement.

Low Airflow From The Vents

This is the most common sign of blower motor failure. Always check the speed of air from the motor when you feel it weak. It may be possible that it faces an issue in blowing the air from ducts to achieve the temperature specified by the thermostat.

The most common causes are dust buildup, dirt, grease, or bad capacitors. You can check them on your own if you have experience; otherwise, hiring an HVAC technician is a better way.

No Airflow

If the blower is not blowing air at all, it means the issue is with the motor. The working of the motor has been stopped, or it might be unable to create the whole procedure. When it doesn’t work at all, it means that you need to replace the motor. Besides this, don’t forget to check the relay, battery, fan control, and thermostat. If any of these components are not working, the blower motor does not work. A qualified technician is the best option to adopt to prevent further problems.

Awkward Sounds

Sometimes you feel strange sounds coming from the blower’s motor; that indicates a big problem. For example, screeching or squealing noises are common and show the belt or bearing problem. Try lubricating the bearing or replacing the belt, and try whether the motor is working or not.

Furthermore, if you feel clunking, rattling, or banging sounds, it means the motor housing has some loose parts. If the banging is loud, the problem is critical, and you need motor replacement.

If you are unable to recognize the sound mentioned above, turn OFF the motor and call a specialized HVAC technician. Perhaps the issue might be the motor alignment or the broken parts you might not fix easily.

High Electricity Bill

A blower motor takes up high electrical power due to heavy lifting. However, you have to notice the unusual rise in the bills. The reasons can be dirty motors, improper air circulation, or more.

In our opinion, always use a motor with variable speed if you are using a single-speed motor. It will adjust the speed and power consumption according to the requirement. Professionals always suggest using these types of motors because they work according to the demand of the thermostat, and no energy is wasted.


Overheating is also a common problem with motors, and there are a number of significant reasons behind it. Grime or dirt can stick with the fan and prevent further ventilation. It causes further heat buildup with time.

In particular, the age of the blower is also a significant reason behind it. When the motor is old, it will cool hard and open to wear & tear. How to recognize the overheating of the blower motor? The burning smell is the most common sign; you can smell it from the vents.


In conclusion, never ever ignore any sign as you may have to bear the replacement cost. Always check and keep track of the blower motor. We hope the signs mentioned above will help you track and resolve issues easily.

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