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Life Style

11 Good Habits to Follow for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is the process of eliminating our false and untrue concepts, ideas and beliefs and becoming more aware as well as aware of one’s own being. This process helps to reveal the spirit within that is always there but hidden from view by the ego-personality.

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Spiritual growth involves the procedure of awakening within and awakening consciousness above the normal life of every day, daily existence and awakening to Universal truths. It consists in stepping beyond the mind and self and recognizing the person you indeed are.

Explore Your Spiritual Core

In exploring your spirituality, it is a matter of asking yourself questions about who you are and the meaning of your life. You should ask yourself who I am. What is my goal? What is my most important value? These questions will guide you on a path that you’ll be thinking more deeply about yourself. It will also allow you to observe certain aspects of yourself that can enable you to achieve spiritual growth. 

Look For Deeper Meanings

Finding deeper meanings in your life and then analyzing the patterns will allow you to see that you are in control of your life’s direction. Becoming aware of this can aid you in living a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle.

Let it go

The act of expressing what’s going through your head can help you maintain a clear mind. After an exhausting day or major event, you might feel overwhelmed and not capable of understanding your emotions. If you write down what you think about, you could be able to think more clearly and make progress.

Try yoga for Spiritual Growth

It is a method of physical exercise that can enhance your spiritual health by decreasing physical and emotional strains on your body and mind. Yoga classes are taught at different levels. It can reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, lower blood pressure. It can also reduce depression, anxiety as well as fatigue and insomnia.

Travel to a Relaxing Location

It’s true! Making time to go to a relaxing location or to a new place can be a boon in your mental health. When you’re at the point where your mind is free of distractions and allows you to reflect and relax, you’ll feel more connected with yourself. 

This helps you clear out any stressors and get your thoughts on the correct direction for overall well being. There are a variety of activities you can participate in during a trip including exercising, talking with a coach or advisor as well as meditation or breaking a promise of silence.

Scroll down to know more ways of spiritual growth. 

Make a Conscious Effort to Think Positively

When you begin to view events in your life in a positive light, you’ll start thinking differently and shifting your thoughts towards a peaceful and healthy state. When you get rid of negative thoughts and change the way you see certain things and situations, you’ll find your mind making ways for spiritual growth. 

Spend Time In Meditation

Although managing time as well as other daily activities can be challenging, it is essential to spend time reconnecting with yourself. In the morning, when you wake up, during the lunch hour, or even before you go to bed, you should take 5 to ten minutes to sit in meditation every morning. Integrating relaxation and meditation into your routine can free your mind and help you build an improved connection with your spiritual well-being.


Stewardship is the process of thinking about and making use of your possessions in the context of God being the owner of all things, and your role is to be his administrator. Generosity is a crucial discipline that teaches us to be stewards of God’s resources in a better way and to be more grateful and appreciative of the blessings God has granted to us.

Giving generously as a spiritual practice involves being strategic and deliberate in the way you give. Making plans to give whenever the opportunity arises isn’t the sort of routine that is considered to be an act of discipline. In the case of generosity as a method of discipline, consistent and deliberate giving is essential.


The world is filled with constant interruptions and noise. A lot of people are unable to find twenty minutes of peace all day. The constant stimulation can make it difficult to remain spiritually present and recognize God’s direction.

A lot of people set aside times in their working day to be in silence and mindful of God’s presence. It could be a half hour in silence towards the close of the day or as simple as not turning your music on in your car. This is about being deliberate in the way you allow space for God’s Holy Spirit.


There’s a strong urge in our culture to find meaning and value in the things you own and do. As a method of living that focuses on simplicity, it aims to counteract this influence by encouraging people to desire less and to make their priorities and time more effective.

As a method of spiritual growth, the term “simplicity” can mean reducing the amount of stuff you have and eliminating things you don’t require. It can also mean setting limits on the items you purchase. For those who struggle to turn down opportunities or expectations, the art of simplicity may mean seeking ways to organize your time and become more productive and take less time.

Be A More Patient and Understanding Person

The ability to show tolerance, patience and understanding for others can make you a better human being and increase your awareness beyond your ego.

Spiritual growth is a right for everyone. It is the way to live a happy life and tranquility and also to express the immense spiritual power that lies in you.


The spirit of God is present in the most materialized person as well as within the most spiritual of people. The degree of spiritual growth depends on the extent to which the inner soul is visible to the surface and how much of it is hidden through our thoughts, beliefs and bad habits.

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Shabad Guru

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