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Home Improvement

10 Tips to Protect Your Roof From Storm Damage

The roof of your house is the most important part of your home. It protects your entire home and family from the damage caused by Texas storms. The most common type of damage that a roof suffers is from storms. In many cases, damage cannot be visible from the ground. The flood damage restoration Tomball is necessary. Even a strong wind can be damaging if your roof is not well-kept and maintained. Protecting your roof and looking into any roofing damage immediately is very important.

Use this 10-step checklist to prepare before the weather turns bad for the storm season.

1- Get an inspection

Roof maintenance is essential to making your roof last as long as possible. It’s especially important before storm seasons because routine maintenance helps you spot problems before severe damage occurs. Call a good service roofer if you haven’t had your roof inspected in a while. They can do a thorough inspection and address any issues they find. If you have had a recent inspection, walk around your house and check for any changes.

Missing or damaged shingles allow wind and rain to penetrate the protective layers of your roof. Cracked or sliding tiles need to be repaired or replaced (loose tiles become dangerous projectiles in high winds). Any area that shows wear and tear or early signs of damage is more likely to fail during a storm and should be addressed before storm season.

2- Clean gutters and downspouts

Blocked gutters or downspouts prevent water from flowing off your roof. It causes water to back onto your roof and under the shingles, which can leak into your home. Dented or uneven gutters prevent water from flowing to the downspouts and allow water to pool inside the gutter. Check for loose or weak fasteners. When gutters get heavy with soaked leaves and debris, they can break away from the roof and take pieces of the eaves with them.

3- Remove debris

Debris that collects on the roof can wash off the gutters and clog them. Debris on the roof can retain moisture after a storm and lead to mold and rot. At least once a quarter, and especially before storm season kicks off, check to be sure your roof is free of debris.

4- Trim trees

Trim tree limbs or small branches that extend over the house. A tree branch doesn’t have to fall on your roof to cause damage. Any branches close enough to touch the roof can damage or even lift shingles when swaying in the wind. Dead limbs or large branches that break off completely cause severe damage when they land on your roof — possibly even cracking roof beams or breaking through your roof entirely. Trim your trees annually and keep branches six feet away from your roof. It will minimize the risk of falling branches and keep leaves and other debris from collecting on your roof.

5- Check large trees for age and weakness

Weak or diseased trees can break or become uprooted in heavy winds, so you need to inspect trees near your house to make sure they’re healthy. It’s not always necessary to call in the pros for this. Trees will tell you when they’re unhealthy. Look for signs that your trees are under stress. Deformed or dropped leaves, missing bark, dead limbs, and withered branches are all indications your tree is suffering. If your tree is leaning, it could signal weakness in the root system. The tree might not be strong enough to stay upright in heavy winds and may need to be removed before storm season. Keep in mind, trees don’t have to be next to your house to be dangerous. They’re often taller than they appear, and if they were to fall in the wrong direction, that could spell disaster for your roof. If you see any indications that your tree might not withstand heavy winds or storms, call a tree surgeon. They can help you determine what needs to be done to save the tree or if it needs to be removed to make sure your roof is not in danger.

6- Prevent ice dams

Winter storms can present some of the same dangers as summer storms. Frozen branches can break more easily, even without strong winds. And ice dams can form as the snow melts and refreezes. Preventing ice dams can be your first line of defense, but ice and water shields can add a layer of protection. An ice and water shield is a fully-adhered roof underlayment, which in layman’s terms, means it sticks to your roof. It will not blow away in a strong wind or shift from the pressure of snow and ice if an ice dam forms, an ice and water shield gives you superior leak protection against harsh weather conditions.

7- Buy some traps

After a storm, tarps are a rare find. Home improvement stores will often sell out of supplies like tarps and plastic. Even roofers may deal with supply shortages if the storm damage is widespread. Buy some tarps before storm season and set them aside. That way, you’re prepared to make any temporary repairs and prevent further damage.

8- Secure to store loose items around your house

Patio furniture, lawn decorations, or any loose items around your house can become flying debris in heavy winds. Tie down or store these items to prevent them from becoming projectiles that can damage your home or someone else’s. This can be even more important in areas where hurricanes or tornadoes are common. Flying debris can break windows and create a sudden change in pressure inside your home. The added wind force inside your house can compromise your roof’s stability or lift the roof completely off the house.

9- Check your insurance policy

Review your insurance policy. Please ensure you’re familiar with what it covers and verify it’s up to date. Keep your roof warranty and insurance policy together to make there easy to find. Download a claims form if power outages keep you from accessing your policy online. And take pictures to document the condition of your roof before and after the storm. Proof of what damage was caused by the storm can expedite your claim and ensure your claim gets approved.

10- Program a few important numbers in your phones

You’ll want to file a claim if you’ve experienced storm damage. After letting your family know you’re safe, your insurance agent may be your next call after a storm. The next call needs to be to your service roofer, so any temporary repairs get scheduled immediately. Programming those numbers in your phone can save valuable time. Getting repairs started as quickly as possible prevents further damage from happening before the next storm arrives.

Final thought

Taking proper care of your roof will protect you from any major damage. Make sure you get any storm or hail damage repair done immediately. Get roof inspections done regularly and hire a roof repair company to fix and tend to any roof damage caused by storms and other weather conditions. Ideally, you’ll make it through storm season unscathed. But follow this simple checklist, and you’ll at least know you’ve done all you can to prepare for the storms that do come your way.

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