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10 Most Careless Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making During House Shifting

When you shift your house, there are a lot of presumptions in your mind. These thoughts are topped up with confusion and stress due to the move. Because of this cloudy headspace, there are chances of you making slip-ups. That which is seeming like a trivial mistake now can have some grim outcomes. I agree that it is natural to feel restless before a move but after reading this article, I am sure that you will be relieved. So, here are the 10 most careless mistakes that you should avoid making during house shifting:

1. Not hiring a moving company on time

As you are planning to shift your house, you should decide the three key features on which your move will depend. Decide the moving date, the moving budget, and the way you want to move. If you want to by yourself, it is going to be a chaotic and back-breaking process. You should appoint a moving company for your move.

But you need to talk to them when you have at least a month in hand. If you are not hiring a moving on time, you will not be able to get any free slots for booking your shifting needs. If you are planning to shift in the summer, it is the peak season in the moving industry. You need to book them two months in advance to be able to go ahead with the moving company of your choice.

2. Not comparing the rates

If you do finalise the very first company that you come across the street for your house shifting, you are heading towards a goof-up. You should collect the relevant data of several moving companies through your friends, co-workers, neighbours, and by studying the online reviews of the customers. Call up the numbers and talk to the companies stating your requirements and budget. Ask them to conduct a pre-move survey and send you the cost-quotations. Based on the cost quotations, you will be able to compare the rates of the companies. You should choose the company that offers you the least quotation.

3. Not checking the credentials of the company

You should not make the blunder of not checking the credentials of the moving company. The moving business is full of fraudulent companies who are capable of bankrupting you. Therefore, when you are fixing your moving company, you should visit their office and verify their credentials. Ask them to show their company PAN card, their GST certificate, their trade license, and their IBA authorisation letter.

4. Not de-cluttering the house

If you try to conduct a house shifting without de-cluttering the house, you are doing another blunder. You will have to pay extra more the huge size of the move. There are many things that exist in your house which are not important at all. You need to steer them out of your house before the day of the move. You can sell, donate, or discard them as per their present condition and utility.

5. Not packing the boxes correctly

If you do not pack the boxes in the right way, you will face a lot of problems later. So, make sure that you pack the right things in the right-sized boxes. Pack the heavy items in small-sized boxes and pack lighter objects in the big-sized boxes. This will distribute the weight in an even way and your moving team can carry them easily while loading and unloading. If you try to pack the heavy items in a big box, it will be difficult to move and the box has a high chance of falling apart as soon as you lift it.

6. Not labelling the boxes

Your packers and movers from Bangalore to Jaipur will be packing the boxes with your belongings. As soon as they finish packing each box, you label them using marker pens or masking tapes of different colours. Dedicate each room with a particular colour and stick masking tapes of that colour on the packing boxes. This will help the packers and movers to unload the boxes in the respective rooms without any fuss.

7. Not packing an overnight box

This can be a real disaster if you are careless about packing an overnight box. An overnight box saves you from hunting all the packing boxes as you need some of the most essential things during the first few days after your shifting. Pack some of your toiletries, towels, bed sheets, a few fresh clothes, undergarments, some cleaning supplies, some medicines, etc.

8. Not measuring the bulky items

You should measure your bulky furniture, equipment, and appliances along with the width of your door frames. The bulky pieces should be able to be moved through the doors while they get loaded on the moving vehicle. If they are bigger than the width of the doors, you have to ask your packers and movers to dismantle them before moving them.

9. Not following the moving checklist

When you consider a house shifting, you have to make a moving checklist. It is the best way to programme your preparations before the moving day. If you do not follow the moving checklist, you will be piling up all the necessary tasks at the last minute. This will create a lot of commotion and it will make the moving day a doomsday. You should follow the checklist and finish all the preparations on time to make your house shifting smooth and speedy.

10. Not notifying the utility providers

If you do not notify the utility providers on time, you will have to face some serious consequences. You should notify your current utility providers and ask them to discontinue the services right after you move out of the house. You should contact the utility providers of your new house and ask them to connect you to the utilities like water connection, electricity connection, gas connection, DTH connection, trash collection, and internet connection. They should connect your utilities on the day of your arrival in the new house so that you do not have to be without these minimal facilities.

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The Final Outcome

After reading the entire article on the 10 most careless mistakes that you should avoid making during house shifting, you will be cautious about your preparations and leave no scopes for blunders. I wish you a cheerful move!


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